Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra stops Vaidehi from entering the storeroom

Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi coming to the storeroom. Chitra attacks here before she could come inside the storeroom. Vaidehi starts shivering and is about to go back. Chitra comes infront of her and makes her and the puja thaali falls down. Vaidehi also falls down. Chitra slaps her repeatedly. It is 6 pm. Chitra says your yantra Surya Kawach can protect you only in the day time and not in night. She says what do you think that I will not know, says days will be yours and nights will be of mine. She says lets see who wins at the end. She tries to suffocate her neck and makes her fall down. Vaidehi feels pain. Chitra takes the surya kawach and breaks it, says I broke it easily and asks her to play with it. Vaidehi gets up. Chitra asks her to do whatever she wants in the daytime, but want you will do in the night. She says nothing can save you from me. She ties her with the magical rope and then frees her. She beats her badly. Vaidehi shouts and feels pain. Chitra says you might have known that all your efforts have failed, I ruined it all. You have no other way than to leave Madhav. She asks her to leave from Madhav’s life.

Vaidehi says I used to regard you as my elder sister, used to respect you from my heart and want to become dutiful wife like you. She says you are not that Chitra whom Madhav had loved and says you hurt everyone and don’t think of anyone betterment, not even Madhav. She says I would have left him happily if you had asked me once, but now I will not leave him as I don’t trust your evil intentions, you can harm Madhav or anybody else. She says I will shield him like his protective shield and refuses to leave Madhav and her. Chitra says what will you do and asks if she will take yantra again or will meet Pujari. She says from today, day will be yours and night be will mine. She says I will see how you stop me from going near him and today is their wedding night. She says she will unite with him and says you are nothing infront of my powers. She says Madhav and I will unite for many births today. Vaidehi says no.

Narayan calls Madhav and asks where is he? Madhav says I was worried about Vaidehi so left for home and says Sangram will take you home. Chitra enters Vaidehi and wipes her tears. Madhav comes home and says where is Vaidehi? Chitra in Vaidehi’s body runs infront of him and hides. She then comes to him. Madhav looks at her. Chitra gets romantic surprising Madhav. Song plays……lo aayi raat hai yeh…Chitra hugs him. Madhav holds her. He lifts her and takes her from there. Sangram brings everyone home. Jaichand asks Rani to make tea. Anuradha thinks to check on Vaidehi and Madhav. She comes near the storeroom and sees the pot on the floor. She thinks to search Vaidehi. Pandit ji calls Anuradha and says I want to tell something to Vaidehi and says Surya yantra can be used only during day time and not in night. He says Chitra is very successful and his surya yantra is not competent to protect her in the night. Anuradha gets worried for Vaidehi, knocks on the door, but it is locked from inside. Madhav kisses on her forehead. Chitra turns towards the other side. He sees marks on her back and asks about it.

Precap: Chitra tries to kill Anuradha. Vaidehi keeps knife on her neck inorder to protect Anuradha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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