Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu tries to cover up Amma and Rajjo’s fight infront of Gunjan

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ayushman reading the book while Ranbir and Hritik are playing. Chamchi brings pastries and says it got stale so mummy asked to throw it. Malaika says I will show you where to throw it. She throws it on Ranbir. Hritik asks who threw cake pastry on my brother and asks them to come infront. He asks Ayushman about whom he was talking about? Beni comes there and talks to Hritik. Malaika tries to throw pastry on Hritik, but it falls on beni’s face. He asks who is there? Kamlesh comes and asks Malaika and Chamchi why they are hiding. Malaika takes him inside. Later in the night, Happy comes home. Beni asks him to handle his kids as they threw cake on his face today. Happu says they would have smeared your face with cow dung. Beni says you are proudly favoring your kids’

wrong doings. Happu says you didn’t return my lungi till now. Beni says you didn’t return my ancestral nail cutter. Happu says I will throw on your face and throws it on floor. Beni says I don’t pick anything from floor. Happu says I am sure that you will eat the throw away pan. Beni asks him to get lost and eats the pan.

Kamlesh tries to make a call to camp using different combinations, as Malaika gave her incomplete numbers. He finally makes a call to the camp and asks the man to give call to Kat, but the man on the call couldn’t hear him rightly and ends the call.

Happu tells Rajjo that he asked her not to fight with Amma for few days until Gunjan is here. Rajjo asks him to make his Amma understand and asks him to ask Gunjan. Happu asks shall I tell her that this is ghar ek mandir going on here. He says commissioner will run after me taking towel and Manohar is dreaming to become an Inspector. Rajjo says you would have talked to Amma. He asks her to turn and covers towel and wears lungi. Rajjo says she is not habitual to fight. Happu asks them to fight and cut each other hair infront of Gunjan. Rajjo says she will have maun vrat from now. Happu asks her to do whatever she wants after Gunjan leaves. He says he couldn’t make one cat understand, then how to tie the bell in other cat’s neck.

Dada talks to Amma. Amma says she will get angry and pushes him from the swing. Dada ji asks why? Amma says your bahu kept cockroach in my food. Dada ji says I will not come to you and goes. Happu comes and sits on her feet, massages his feet. She says you are massaging at wrong point, my neck is here. She says your wife sent you to make me understand. happu says Rajjo is feeling bad. Amma asks him to tell that she is also regretting and feeling bad. Happu laughs. Amma slaps him and says if you think that I will say this, then you have not recognized your mother well. Happu asks her to tell if he shall keep buffalo or cow at home. Amma asks from where it came? Happu says he has to buy them and says Gunjan is seeing Mahabharat here so when Commissioner comes to know about it, when Gunjan refuses to marry then he will fire me, so I will keep cowshed for their household expenses. Amma asks him to make his wife understand. Happu says he made her understand and came here. He asks who made him educated and made him inspector. Amma looks at him. Later everyone is having food. Happu says food is tasty and asks Amma’s opinion. Amma says yes. Happu says if Rajjo makes such tasty food then everyone will become balloon and will fly in air. He says nobody will laugh and they are happy family. Gunjan asks did they have a fight. Happu says no and asks Rajjo to give dal to Amma. Rajjo keeps dal for Amma infront of her. Happu gives her dal.

Chamchi asks Hritik to give water. He opens the bottle and splashes water on her face. Gunjan says they will fight now. Happu says it is their brother and sister’s love and says if she had opened the mouth then would have drank the water. He tells about the joke which Manohar told and laughs, but nobody laughs. Happu says he saw a lady going and saw her wearing the similar saree which Rajjo gifted Amma. He tells Gunjan that Rajjo gave many sarees to Amma and Amma gave her many more sarees in return. Amma asks which saree. Happu says she gave many saree, how many you will remember. He says he saw a saas and bahu and remembered them and says such love…Amma says God shall not show anyone. Happu says she wants Rajesh to be no 1 and keeps others on no. 2. Gunjan and others have food. Commissioner calls happu and asks about Gunjan. Happu says she is fine and eating food. Commissioner asks how is the environment at home. The kids laugh. Commissioner asks him to make Gunjan see the good effects of marriage and says your marriage is sure. Happu thinks if she stays for more days then will think of divorce before marriage. Beni comes there and throws his lungi on Happu’s face. Happu is shocked and tells Gunjan that Beni is his childhood friend and wants him to wear it around his neck while having food. He laughs.

Precap: Doctor checks Rajjo and says blood doesn’t comes out when snakes bites. Amma appreciates Rajjo for saving her and hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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