Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari Alleges Yogi

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi signals Khushi how can he ignore his loving and caring family for a girl. Khushi says she knows. He signals she is his best friend. She says she knows and asks to return her money. He returns, gets Gunjan’s call. Khushi picks it, but Gunjan disconnects it hearing her voice, then messages if it is Chavdibazar Yogi’s number. Khushi excitedly says Bhabhi messaged. Yogi signals her to message his parents name and address. Gunjan video calls him and chats. He signals to meet him. She says she cannot as she is taking Suman to City Hospital. Yogi signals he will meet her there itself.

Pari over phone shouts at her father not to call her again and cries. Yogi notices that peeping into her window. Rani catches him and warns that Prakash will punish him if Pari complains.

Yogi signals that Pari was crying. Rani says let us check and they both peep into Paris room and sees her weeping on bed.

Prakash meets Shiv at his office. Shiv gives him government order and says his shop will not be evacuated now. Prakash excitedly says he will inform Moin and others. Shiv asks him to have tea first. Prakash senses him tensed and asks not to worry about Gunjan’s wedding. Shiv asks if he is not tensed. Prakash says not at all as its third wedding in his house. Shiv’s distant relative walks in with his son and explaining their relationship says his son appeared in government exam and requests to select his son. Shiv says there is a plan for selection and he cannot help. Relative gives bribe in sweet box. Shiv angrily orders him to get out. Son says h is father is tensed regarding his selection, but he is sure he will be selected. Shiv asks to take his bribe box and leave. Prakash asks Shiv to calm down. Shiv says relative dared to bribe him. Prakash says he is proud of his loyalty.

Yogi gets ready to meet Gunjan. Kabir, Vivek, and Rani taunt him and revolve around him singing a song. Khushi requests them to let Bhai go and meet Gunjan bhabhi before papa/Prakash comes. Prakash enters and asks if they are playing antakshari at this time and where is Yogi going. They lie that Yogi’s friend’s mother is having dengue, so he is going to donate blood. Prakash praises Yogi’s thinking and sends him with Khushi. Yogi reaches hospital and sees Gunjan with Suman and Gautam, then sees Pari there clashing with someone and hides. Suman sees him and Khushi and calls them. Khushi acts as surprised and chats. Yogi greets them and asks if Suman is fine. Gautam yells mom came for routine checkup. Yogi walks with Gunjan when Pari clashes with her and shouts he is following her even here. Ksuhshi says they are not. Pari continues yelling she will complain Prakash. Suman asks if she knows Prakash. Pari shouts Yogi follows her always. Yogi warns that he is not following her. Suman looks perplexed.

Precap: Yogi signals Gunjan that he will give happiness of whole world. Rani scolds Moin for taking Pinky with him. Prakash scolds her that nobody spoke rudely to Moin in this house till now.

Update Credit to: MA

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