Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu gives fake bablu to Amma

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma asking the guy to whom he gave to Bablu. The guy says I gave to her. Amma says if he is referring to your mummy and calls Rajjo. Rajjo closes the windows and door and thinks if I go out then he will identify me. She thinks what to do? and gets an idea. Amma asks Chamchi to call Rajjo and sends her. Chamchi says bedroom is locked. Amma asks what she is doing inside, Happu is not here. Rajjo says I am coming. Rajjo comes out with her hairs open and face pack on her face, The guy sees her and calls her chudail, and runs away. Rajjo asks Amma why did you call me? Amma says that guy run away. Rajjo says happu brought face pack for her. Rajjo asks Chamchi to see if he is standing out and goes to room. Amma thinks she has gone mad.

Happu calls Beni and tells that

he is standing holding the cock. Beni asks do you want to eat it again? Happu scolds him. Beni says I didn’t eat it alone. Happu asks him to paint the cock and make it like Bablu exactly. Beni says how to make it black and says you would have brought black cock. Happu says he could found only white cock. Hritik brings black paint. Beni says how to paint the cock. Happu says you are master in painting. Beni says then he would have been a painter and praises Vimlesh’s painting art. Happu asks shall I call Vimlesh and asks him to stop talking and paint the cock same way. He holds Bablu’s pic wile beni paints the cock.

Malaika tells Kat that she is having the feeling that she knows about Bablu. Kat asks her not to beat Kamlesh as he has no knowledge about Bablu. Kamlesh asks Malaika not to beat him when he comes there. Malaika asks her not to interfere. She asks what did you talk standing infront of gate. Kamlesh says actually. Kat nods no. He says seriously they are missing Bablu and cries. Malaika asks him to stop crying and don’t show crocodile tears. She beats him. Kamlesh asks her not to beat him and asks Kat to stop her. Kat says this is not right, he didn’t do anything. Malaika says my eyes are on you and I will make you confess the truth. Kamlesh says bablu uncle what is this? She gives him pillow. Kamlesh says feeling good.

Amma is sad and asks hritik to stop playing the song. Dada ji asks why are you shouting at kids. Amma says they are troubling and even their mother. She tells that Rajjo came covering face pack on her face and made the guy run away. Rajjo comes there. Amma tells that she has a doubt on beni. Rajjo asks if pita ji is here. Amma says yes. Rajjo touches his feet. Dada ji blesses her. Rajjo asks what did he say? Amma says he asked you to be in limits infront of outsider men. Happu calls Amma and says I brought Bablu with me. He says I found him in the lane. Hritik brings bablu. Amma asks where did you go leaving me? Happu says Bablu is smiling. Rajjo says I told you that bablu will come to you. Amma shouts and tells Dada ji that Bablu is found. Dada ji asks her to keep bablu away from him. Amma says I didn’t understand why Bablu didn’t come here. Happu says he might not be in mood.

Kamlesh says our bablu uncle came back and says this is happy moment. Happu says I searched it hardly and finally found it. Malaika says what I couldn’t do, how you and Bapu did. Beni says we have searched. Malaika suspects him.

Precap: Malaika suspects Beni and Happu. She is watering the plants and water falls on Bablu. It becomes white. Happu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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