Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan leaves the house

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
AJ says to Guddan your friend is with you. I am sorry. Guddan says please. AJ says I know they are only accusing you. Guddan says you have always stood by me. You taught me how to fight and I know how to win this one without letting my family break as well.

Police comes to the house. Inspector says your wife tried burning Durga. Aj says she is fine. Who complained? Kishor says I complaine. Durga was burned with plan. Her life is in danger. AJ says Guddan can never do this. Durga says Laxmi saw the ring there. AJ says don’t say things without thinkning. Durga says if you can stand with me Kishor can stand with me too. Since you are Aj.. durga asks Kishor to take complaint back.

Durga says to withdraw the complaint I will leave this house. Gudddan says you can never do that. I wont let you go. AJ says let her go if she wants to. Vardan says if you don’t trust Durga I will leave too. Guddan says but.. AJ says we wont stop them today. dadi says AJ i know they are lying. Please stop them. AJ says I wont stop anyone. Whoever wants to leave can. Saru says I will leave too then. My husband is abroad anyway. Guddan says please listen.. They step out of the house. Guddan says stop. Guddan says please stop. Guddan says i can’t let you all leave this house. AJ says guddan what are yu doing. She says if someone has to leave this house it will be me. Shantani says finally you realized you are root cause of all problems. AJ says you don’t have to. Guddan says dont stop me.

Guddan packs her bag. AJ says there is not your mistake. Guddan says as MIL I can’t let my DIL go out of this house. AJ says you can’t do all this. She says I have to. Guddan steps out of the room in tears. Her saree gets stuck in AJ’s watch. Guddan says I thought you are trying to stop once again.

Guddan meets dadi. Shantani says you finally realized your true place. AJ says stop. AJ says if guddan leave this house I will leave with her too.
Precap-Guddan comes to the house as a strict wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love akshat action. He’s soo mind blowing . But honestly I’m fed up of this track. Writer please stop this bua track, is not interested anymore. She’s learning her daughter in law how to hate and divide to divide etc. We don’t need that.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    First of all incomplete episode…. secondly emotional episode… Thirdly dragging bua drama too much, and finally kishore and vedanat got dialogues… Fourth I think attack on durga was either done by bua or perv and saraswati…

  3. Important queries 1)How or who Durga brought Durga to d storeroom?
    2) Y didn’t she protest or steam for help when she was being tied 3) Was she drugged n then carried to d storeroom ,?
    4) Is it possible for Guddan to carry her alone by herself to d storeroom ? I personally don’t think so….
    5) one person alone can’t do this in a house full of people….
    The episode doesn’t seem to have any logic,the twist was added just for d heck of it. Had it not been for d super awesome chemistry between AJ n Guddan I wud have long stopped watching this direction -less ( or shody direction) serial.

  4. I think d serial is becoming too preachy (constantly harping about friendship) n boring. It started out with a bang ,had a good story line but somehow d makers seem to have run out of ideas. They had a novel concept,a super starcast n even had d audience hooked but somehow have lost everything in between. Many a times d episodes seem to be incomplete ,they leave tracks incomplete n it makes no sense. They will be completing 200 episodes soon but no explanation for Antara’s death or whose kids r Kishor ,Vardhan n Saru’s husband ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Tbh when I saw this show initially, I knew it will turn out to be like other ITV shows, so I didnt expect anything from this show and wasn’t much interested. It was the episodes after Akshan’s marriage that glued me to the show. What I noticed was this show had a huge potential to be one of the best and most loved shows but then I know this is a not a finite show so this show doesnt have a fixed story or ending so this will not happen(especially when this show is a big hit surely it will go on for quite some time). I still think compared to other non-finite shows this show is still good, but some scenes r really uneeded, but then we cant blame makers cause even they dont know what else to show in this show. At least they r not showing any supernatural tracks or way too unrealistic track so far. Only track I hated in this show a lot was that Angad track(how can a mentally unstable guy have so much sense and so much planning to kill his brother, that track was too disgusting) the other tracks were at least tolerable, this track is tolerable but now its dragging way too much. The reason why I still love this show is because of some of the really good scenes they show of Akshan(like chit scene, cupboard scene never saw such scenes in other shows) I think along with Akshan scenes, Akshat’s character is very well written if not certain scenes are really sloppy here. This show shld have focused on Akshat and Guddan’s story rather than India’s youngest saas concept(these days they r doing so, but too much of Durga) I have no idea why they keep on introducing new tracks instead of giving proper closure to the older ones. Angad’s character was said to give closure to why Antra died, that didnt had a proper closure its yet to be revealed what connection the son’s adoption has with antra’s death and how did antra even died. The biggest problem of this show is not giving proper closure to tracks(either drag them or add new uneeded characters) and too much focus on Durga sometimes.

  5. Kishor , vardhan and saru’s husband they have been adopted. Just like i said before they’re dragging the bua track to long, is not interested anymore only akshat and guddan scenes are good , hopelijk they stop that friendship nonsense.
    Let them lives like husband and wife. Durga is working on our nerves.
    Saru,bua and perv wanted to kill her.
    This show was one of the best show but nowadays it’s very much bored

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    This week’s episodes were way better than last week’s episodes. But what I m not liking is that they r dragging this Dadi Bua track too much

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