Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Baba Tillakkad nath is exposed

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni thinking to make Baba Tillakkad nath’s temple once he marries Vimlesh. He hears strange sound and sees Ranbir, Hritik and Chamchi as ghosts. He runs away scared. Happu comes to Baba again and asks him to do kripa. He says my wife and Amma got possessed by the ghosts. Baba tells that he can see the ghosts in them. Happy tells that some baba came to his house and told that they are possessed due to your solution’s side effects. Baba says my solution for their betterment.

Beni comes there and tells that even his kids are possessed. Baba gives him taweez to be worn and takes 10000 Rs from the debit card. Happu and beni come home. Happu says Baba is very strong and tells that he trusts him. Ranbir comes and stands behind Happu. Beni gets scared seeing him as ghost and asks Happu to turn and see. He sees Ranbir as ghost. Others also come there as ghosts and attack them. Beni and Happu run out of house. Baba’s shishya tells him that they have earned 10 lakh rs in a week. Baba says so many foolish people stay here. happu and Beni come there running and tells that the former’s family has become ghosts and the taweez is powerless. Baba tells that he will give him more powerful taweez. They ask for total 50000 Rs. Happu says I don’t have much money in account now and tells that the money is at home. They ask him to get the money from home. Beni says how to go home and get the money. Just then Amma, Rajjo and the kids come there as ghosts. Rajjo says so this is the baba who disturbed us. Amma says he tried to captive us. Hritik says we will kill them. Chamchi says it will be fun to eat them.

Beni says Chamchi likes nonveg. The baba asks them to let them go and says we fool people and is not baba. Happu asks you was fooling us. Baba says yes. Rajjo says we want to make you confess this. Amma, Rajjo and kids beat them. Chamchi checks their bag and says they have so much money. Chamchi asks her to take their money and give the rest in the police station. Beni and Happu hold him. Beni asks him to arrest baba and her shishya. Amma slaps Happu and beni. Later Happu comes to the Police station and asks Makwana if the thief is caught. Commissioner Resham Lal comes there, Happu asks what is the need to come? Commissioner shows his head and tells that he got hair transplant done. He asks Happu to take out commissioner’s uniform. Happu asks him to let him wear it for some more days. Manohar brings CCTV footage of the goons who got Commissioner’s head shaved off. Commissioner says he will make baba say the truth. Manohar plays the CCTV footage and they see Happu’s face in the footage. Happu accepts to have shaved off Commissioner’s hair on Baba’s saying. Commissioner says he will make him shave off his head.

Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room to celebrate Valentine’s day. Happu comes there and beats him. Kamlesh tells that he came to celebrate Valentine’s day and says I can be celebrated with you, rajesh didi etc. Happu beats him and asks him to go. He asks Kat to sleep. Kamlesh goes from the window, but comes again after Happu goes. He gives card and flower to Kat. Kat wishes him happy valentine’s day. Happu sees him on the stairs again and makes the stairs fall down. Kamlesh also falls down with the stairs. Kat is shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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