Bigg Boss 13 15th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sidharth Shukla wins BB13

Bigg Boss 13 15th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salman comes on the stage and dances on munni badnam. He says I had to handle them in a twisted way. He shows his journey also.

Salman dances with the top 6 finalists on halla duhai. Sid, Asim, Rashami, Arti, Paras and Arti join him in the dance.

Salman comes on the stage and says it’s time to know the winner of this season. He says this season made the audience stick to their screens and you all had a strong opinion. He thanks the audience and says we will find a deserving winner today. He welcomes all the ex-contestants of the season.

In the house:
The inmates are getting ready. Sana tells Sid that I am going crazy. Sid asks her to relax. Sana says I can’t leave like this. Sid says will you smile? Sana says be like this only. She hugs him. Sid says I am like this only. Sana says I am going crazy for you, spend this time with me. They all go to the garden. Salman connects the call to the house. Bigg Boss says you finalists had to spend a lot of time here, it’s not easy and this season had all the flavor. We had friendship, fights, personal lives and love in this season. You people have won many hearts. You will miss this house and this is the night to celebrate. Paras opens the champagne bottle. Bigg Boss says let’s see what your family is saying.
Sid’s mom: She says Sid was a good boy. Bigg Boss is making him work which is nice. I am confident that he will win.
Rashami’s mom: She says we have love and protected her a lot. Rashami breakdowns seeing her. Her mom says I support Rashami otherwise I wouldn’t be here. She has fought and stood stronger than others, you have won life.
Arti’s mom: She says Arti is very sensible and honest. Now people Arti for her.
Paras’ mom: She says was like this in real life too. I was worried for him. I think he will win.
Asim’s mom: She says I miss Asim a lot.
Sana’s mom: She says Sana always wanted to model. Her father said that she wanted to become a model and I used to beat her for that. I am ashamed of it now. He says Sana has made her name.

All inmates clap seeing the clips. Asim says my mom is so shy. Salman connects the call and jokes with them. Salman shows their families sitting there. Rashami cries seeing her mom. Her mom asks her to not cry. Salman says Asim’s mom is crying while looking at Rashami. All laugh. Asim greets his parents. Salman asks Rashami how much time was she away from her? Rashami says after 1.5 years. Her mom says we talk on Whatsapp, she has a lot of work but I don’t. Salman says her work (Arhaan) is gone. All laugh. Rashami says it’s nice to see her talk like this. Rashami says I didn’t get these moments in life, it’s special for me. Her mom says we kept you like a princess but you didn’t understand, I never made you work. Rashami says I like this. Are you proud? She says I was always proud of you. Salman asks who is excited? They all say yes. Salman asks Sid if he is praying for himself? He says yes. Sana says I am numb, if I don’t win then I want Sid to win. Salman says you both were fighting even right now. Sid says we were just talking. Sana says we are normal like this. Salman says Sana will have a show and Sid will host it? Sid says how boring. Salman says we have the trophy with us. Rashami didn’t steal it. Salman says to Sana that you want to win? Sana says yes, I want to win for my fans. Salman says Colors want Sana and Paras to marry separately. Sana says we will continue our friendship there. Paras says I will see the girls there.
Salman shows ex-inmates to the finalists. They all cheer for them. Abu says the winner could be Sid, Asim or Sana. Vishal says I think Arti or Rashami might leave first. Devo says I think Arti has less chance than others. Salman asks Himanshi whose place you will take? She says Paras. Paras says listen dear, you don’t want to marry? Himanshi says no. Salman says Asim is coming out and then going to Thailand.. all laugh.
Salman says to the inmates that big celebrities are following this season. The clips shows Bipasha saying that my favorite is Arti because she has been honest. Sunil mimics the celebrities and joke. All laugh.

Salman asks them to take a selfie. They take a selfie together.

Salman says the winner will get 50 lacs but we are giving you a chance, if you people doubt the possibility of winning then you can take a bag of 10 lacs and leave right now. Whoever presses the buzzer will take the bag, you have 30 seconds. Paras presses the buzzer and hugs everyone. Salman asks him to take the bag and leave. Mahira looks on.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Paras on the stage. He hugs Salman. Salman asks Paras why did you take the bag? Paras says I wanted to go out on my terms. I have a strong feeling that Arti is going to win. His mom says you know what is best for you. Salman says you took the right decision. Tell us what you think? Paras says I think Sana, Asim and Rashami are going out and then Rashami and Arti will be finalists. Salman says Paras’ wedding show will start soon. He asks his mother? His mother says I want a calm girl for him. Paras goes and hugs the his mom.

In the house:
Paras dances with Sana and then Mahira enters. She dances with Paras on dheeme dheeme. Paras hugs her and dances.
Asim and Himanshi dance soniya romantically. Asim sits on his knees and makes her wear a ring.

On the stage:
Sunil Grover mimics Amitabh and jokes. Salman laughs.

Salman connects the call to the house again. He says the good news is that one will be a winner but you all are getting a prize go on a Dubai’s holiday with anyone you want. We will give you a free trip.

Salman welcomes Harbhajan and Muhammad Kaif. Harbhajan says we have come to promote our show. Salman plays cricket with Shefali Bagga, Shefali Zari and the cricketers.

In the house:
Harbhajan and Kaif enter the house. Harbhajan dances with Sana and others. Kaif and Harbhajan wish them luck to win. They leave the house.

Salman tells the inmates that it’s time to eliminate one more inmate. Sana says I feel like I am going. Salman says Arti has to leave now. Arti’s mom enters the house. Arti hugs her. Rashami hugs her too. Salman says Arti played really well. Arti hugs everyone and leaves the house.

Salman asks Paras what was your calculation? Paras says anyone can win now. Arti comes on the stage. Salman dances with her. She says I want Sid or Rashami to win but I think Sid will win.

In the house:
Guthi enters the house and dances with Sana. She does Sana’s mehndi. Guthi says Sana is going to marry soon. Sana says I might marry Sid only. Guthi jokes with her and leaves the house.

On the stage:
Salman asks Vishal and Madhu to resolve their issue.

Vishal and Madhu dance with a pan and a slipper. They dance dhantink naach.

Salman welcomes Rohit on the stage. Rohit promotes Khatron ke khiladi. The contestants greet Salman. They joke with Paras by showing him a lizard. Karan Patel jokes with Salman. Salman says Rohit will go in the house and will eliminate one inmate.

In the house:
Rohit meets the inmates. Rohit says one will leave with me today. He introduces his contestants first and says to the inmates that we will play a task with you. He makes them sit under rats’ boxes. Sana is scared and hides under the box. She screams and runs away. Rohit asks her to not worry and makes her wear the goggles. Another contestant plays for her. Sid puts his face inside the box and the rats are there. Karishma takes out the rats from his box. Then Rashami and Asim put their faces in the box. Rohit takes out the cards from their boxes. He asks them to open their boxes. Sana is safe. Sid opens his box and he is safe. Asim and Rashami open their boxes and Rashami is eliminated. Rashami hugs Asim, Sid and Sana. She leaves the house.

On the stage:
Salman asks Rashami if she is shocked? Rashami says I thought I would be evicted before but this is good. Salman says we hope you have a good life. Rashami says I am clear now. He connects the call to the house. Rashami says this is difficult, Asim is not coming, Sid is not coming out. I think Sana has earned a lot so I think.. Sana says I have won the title by sitting between the guys. Rashami says I think Asim will win. Salman asks Sid how is Rashami looking today? Hot or very hot? Sid says Sana will break my face. Salman asks Sana. Sana says super hot. Sid says I can’t repeat this. Rashami says I pity Sid so don’t ask him. Sid says Rashami has changed. All laugh. Salman says we like Sid and Rashami’s chemistry a lot. Let’s see their performance.

Rashami and Sid start their performance. The camera starts so Rashami and Sid romantically dance on Ang lagade re. Rashami pushes Sid on the bed and dances with him. Then the camera turns off and they both re-enact their fights by Sid calling her that type of a girl. They both have a pillow fight and dance on bajne de. They dance romantically again on ang lagade re.

On the stage, Rashami hugs her mom and greets everyone.

Salman says Asim, Sana and Sid that you played really well. you made this show very popular. Nobody knew Asim and now everyone knows him. Sid has been the center of this game. We didn’t get any inmate like Sana before. Salman says Shehnaaz Gill is eliminated. Sana hugs Sid and Asim and leaves. Salman says Asim and Sid are our top two.

Salman says we have live voting so vote for them.

Salman welcomes Sana on the stage. Sana hugs him. Salman says you wanted Sid on the other side but we will see you on another show. Sana says I can flip easily there. Salman says let’s see SidNaaz’s story. The clip shows Sana and Sid in the house, Sana always running behind Sid. The inmates talking about their innocent romance, them always looking out for each other.
Sid and Sana dance on dil diyan gallan. Sid dances on Channa meraya. Then Arti enters the scene, they dance on jaane kyun log pyar karte hain. Sana runs behind Sid and he goes to Arti. Then Sid becomes a sardar and dances with Sana.

On the stage, Sana says I want Sid to win.
Salman connects with Sidharth Dey who is on the Filmfare stage. Varun Dhawan says I want Sid to win. Karan Johar says this season was a blast. Ranveer says I hope the best person wins.

Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says Asim and Sid were friends but then they became enemies. Now the audience will watch your performance.
Asim starts his performance and dances with passion. Sid dances and gives a powerful performance with a sword. They both stand in front of each other. They both run toward each other.

Bigg Boss says we have two finalists with us now. They both were brothers at the start and then they fought for their positions. We wish that you become friends for life. You both will turn off the lights and come out of the house. They both turn off the lights. Asim says thank you Bigg Boss. They look at the house one last time and leave.

Salman welcomes the two finalists on the stage. All clap for Asim and Sidharth. Salman says the winner is… Sidharth Shukla. All cheer for him. Salman gives the trophy to Sid. Sid hugs Salman and Asim. Salman takes a selfie with Sid. Salman gives the trip prize to Rashami, Asim, Paras, and Sana. All the contestants congratulate Sid.

Sidharth Shukla wins the trophy

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It was an interesting season! I am happy that top 3 were: Sid, Asim, and Shehnaaz!
    Congrats to Sid!

    Paras did a good job taking the money, he knew very well he wasn’t going to win. I think he figured that out a week or 2 ago.

    One thing I am mad about is that Aarti really did not deserve to be top 6, let alone top 5. Even though Paras was smart for what he did, he deserved the title more than Aarti. They kept making her feel special, only because of her relationships.

    I still think Shehnaaz made a big mistake with the swayamvar. The finale was based around the swayamvar too. It got boring.

    See you all next season maybe! Stay healthy!

    1. Artifromiran

      Can you tell me what went wrong with Shenaz? I do not fully understand the terms and colloquialities of the Hindi language. thank you

    2. She is doing Bachelorette kind of show. These kind of shows don’t have very nice repo in Indian audience and her fans are worried this show might hamper her reputation and thus her career.

  2. Sad for Asim… But he has won the hearts ???…

  3. Congo Sid!!!

  4. Finally Sid has done it. Most deserving candidates of BB.

  5. I really want to know this thing.
    What is the most important factor in judging a person in bigg boss, not in real life ?
    Emotions or intentions or personality or smartness or which ever criteria you prefer.
    What is Shukla lacking in game ?
    Whatever may be the list, he tops it max times. Grabs the max attention.
    Every tag line wants to make a pair with his name.
    Every comment about BB13 wants to have his name mentioned.
    Every complaint/accusation becomes his household thing.
    Every compliment adheres his presence.
    Show me a person in bigg boss 13 who is not friends with Shukla at any stage ?
    Show me a person who has not planned against Shukla ?
    Show me a person who hasn’t praised him at least once ?
    Show me a person who hasn’t cursed him ?
    Show me a person who doesn’t share any bond with him ?
    Show me a person who thinks much more logically & practically than him ?
    How many misunderstood him and regretted their judgement ?
    How many friends turned into enemies ?
    How many enemies turned to his best well wishers ?

    Bottom line is, be it good or bad.
    Shukla’s name always tops in this season. He is a complete package and stood in top 3 since day 1.
    He has his short comings and never denied about that or tried to cover them up. He max showcased himself as real self only, be it positive things or negative things.

    So, he for sure deserves the title among the lot available. No matter how many say biased, favoured.

    1. I’m sure that if Shukla finds anything fishy behind the screen, which he is unaware of will definitely addresses it.
      And I don’t think a channel will keep whole season & channel’s reputation at stake just for favouring an employee or individual.

  6. Since its last day, I want to open up about HM’s short comings.
    Everyone in the house is a very good actor while portraying as if it’s their real life.
    But some do it naturally and some do it artificially and some keep full effort but we easily picks them faking. I wonder how would be their real life’s in real ? May be this journey defines some part of their reality but not completely though.
    Take the finalists only here now.
    (I am not saying all are fake emotions but when they really want to fake emotion just for the sake of they are on screen and being recorded)

    Keeps full effort but fails miserably while faking the emotions. Most confused and less strategic player. Doesn’t keeps a filter to her emotions, so sometimes we feel real also as fake only.

    Very good in tactics and thinks creatively but can’t adopt to the changes in the strategy. (Presence of mind lacks in strategies) His argument skills, a big weak point in his display of emotions. Good actor but not a great actor.

    Rashami & Shukla
    Great actors literally. They live in the roles and we can’t even have a rare thought of faking. Difference is rashami acts practically and Shukla acts logically. Both just flats the audience with their acting skills and are matured enough to judge where to go extreme and where to stay low in emotions.

    Asim & Shehnaz
    Don’t know why but they always look like players only naturally. We can’t imagine them as real life roles at any level. They do it so effortlessly but it lacks reality. Game is their only emotion. Difference is that Asim does it with brain and shehnaz just loses the plot & goes with the flow.
    Asim doesn’t have the art of presence of mind while shehnaz is a pro in it. ( While being caught faking)

  7. This forum gave me the most memorable times to express myself without any hesitation or fear of being judgemental.?

    Best lines I heard in this show,
    “You like me, its good.☺️
    If you don’t, very good for you.”?

    A very big THANK YOU to all of you, for the feedback which helped me to have a reality check and self analysis. Be it positive or negative, a feedback is must. ??

    Moving on into the LIFE ahead and beyond bigg boss, as suggested by many.??

    Good luck to all of you with the real life bigg boss.?☺️?

  8. The best player won without sympathy KING SID RULES

    1. Best player won without dignity

  9. Most biased season of previous seasons contestant were thrown out on basis of small violence but this time they make him winner.aur 15 din aaram se bahar sir secret room me bhi ghumaya damad ki Tarah . It was all predicided. Btw paras has taken good decision on nick of time.

  10. Sofiane

    I can’t believe actually for the first time i watched the season from the start
    First time in biggBoss history, a woman abuser, a mentally ill, an aggressive druggie, woman beater, violent animal won..
    Sorry for the words and yes ! I can’t deny asim made mistakes but he said sorry and was always bad threatened in Weekend days but sidharth was really bad i know he’s a good player but the way he misbehaved and abused and threatened the HMS was wrong.. pushing omggg !!!
    @imrealasim was the only thing that made this horrible season worth watching. He was the shining star of the show. I am so proud I supported #AsimRiaz. God has great things in store for him! I loved him a guy with gold heart surely support him for the futur..

    1. So true,agree with you

    2. And the most biased season of bigg boss comes to and end.
      The fixed winner Shit Shukla has won (which we already knew).
      The most popular and viewer’s choice contestant Asim Riaz has come 2nd (which is actually #1 if we go by who won the hearts of most of the people).
      FakeNaaz became the 2nd runner up and finally we don’t have to watch her fake drama now (there is no way I am gonna watch that crap show of hers).
      All in all this show has proved to be the most biased season in Bigg Boss history,also making it one of the worst seasons ever (because of use of cheap langauge, aggressive behaviour, pushing, using force, performing poorly in tasks, trying to cancel a task if you are losing in it,biased host, biased channel,biased bigg boss, fixed winner,no value of audience votes,stupid eliminations,stupid proxy shit,stupid connection shit, protecting that old druggie again and again, tolerating his cheap language and his disrespect for women,abusing another contestant’s family again and again repeatedly)

  11. Okay so I’ve just been reading all comments on this site and was waiting for the finale. So umm I was Team Asim so kinda disheartened at the moment but the winner was way too obvious anyway. Thanks to all the promotion Sid received. Peace out y’all and yes y’all are awesome.

  12. Well, that was no surprise! Whether this season was scripted/ rigged or not, Siddharth winning this trophy is a slap on intelligent people watching or following the show.. If it was rigged, then audience has wasted 4 months watching, analyzing and obsessing over a show where the winner was fixed from day 1. If this is actually the result of voting, I feel sad for my fellow people who think that a regressive, aggressive, chauvinistic and abusive man deserves to win anything in life.

    And looks like the television audience will be gifted with more of Shehnaaz’s presence. Yaay for us !!

  13. A goon won. No surprise there. It was fixed from the moment he entered the house. Next year, maybe a person who beats up someone in the house will win.

  14. Phew! and the wait is finally Over…?
    No More VENOMOUS Fights
    Looking forward to KKK?

  15. Your Comment congs sid though i wish Asim had won more instead and Rashami in top3 but that’s how the played

  16. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Congrats India…
    – – –
    You made a women parasite win…
    Thanks, Rajat Sharma for decoding him…
    Thanks, Shilpa Shinde for unraveling him…
    – – –
    Now I can openly say- Shukla used Sana for the game only.
    Sana being inexperienced of such womanizer, fall into the trap.
    Shukla made sure Sana’s image gets darker where his image gets brighter.
    Hence he never made his equation CLEAR with anyone.
    – – –

    1. Youbare just wasting your time even if you curse from day to night it wont change a thing cause other people see beyond what your brain and eyes can decode so we understood his game clearly better than you. And for asim i havent seen anything that keep him in the lime light without fighting with sid that was the only thing that kept him in the game . But a prince cant dethrone a king easily as the king is always experienced and knowleadgeable of thing around him while a prince always goes with the gut only

    2. Shilpa Shinde ki baaton pe maat jao. She is mentally unstable, kahi pe kabhi bhi kuch bhi bol deti hain.
      Finale tak kyun nahi kuch bol rahi thi ?

  17. Chantie


  18. Congratulations sid

  19. I am so disheartened with the biasedness that I feel like being done with Bigg boss. Throughout the season voting amounted to nothing, favored contestants were given, violence was made a norm just to favor a particular contestant. One of the most terrible season in the history of Bigg boss. This is the only Indian tv show i watched since years but am done now. Will try my best to not watch the further seasons.

  20. Amal

    As if we didn’t know Sid would be the winner ? I’m glad I didn’t watch it but just read it ??

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