Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma joins Happu and Rajjo on their outing

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma thinking to scold happu after he comes home for lying with her. She thinks I will see how you go out with your wife. She calls Chamchi. Chamchi comes there. Amma asks her to do her work. Chamchi says I am always ready to do your work. Amma says I know how much you love me and asks her to stand on the gate and drag Happu to her once he comes home. She asks her to make sure that he doesn’t go to Rajjo. Chamchi says I will hold him tightly. Rajjo thinks Happu didn’t come till now and thinks Vanilla will appear as chocolate in night. Hritik comes to her. Rajjo scolds him. Hritik asks can’t you talk to me with love. Rajjo says you are not that party. Hritik says I will not talk to you. Rajjo says you are my loving son. Hritik asks really? He asks her to make him sleep like the babies. Rajjo takes him to her lap and sings lullaby. She asks him to call her when Happu comes, as he goes to Beni’s house directly. Hritik says ok.

Chamchi and hritik are standing on the gate. Chamchi says I will take Papa to Dadi. Hritik says I will take Papa to mummy. Chamchi says I will hunt Papa today. Hritik says Papa is not rat, but an elephant. Chamchi says I will tell papa that you called him elephant. They challenge each other.

Kamlesh asks Kat to look in his eyes and feel the power of the script. She asks her to give the script. Kamlesh says heroine steals the purse in this film. Kat says I never steal anything. Kamlesh says in this story, a soul enters and gives different tricks of stealing. Kat says you are the best writer. Malaika says you can’t study. Kamlesh asks Kat to hear the script carefully and says you and the theft girl are same. Malaika slaps him. Kat says I can understand that you are my mother of writer. Kamlesh says asks her to read it heartily. Kat says I will do and asks him to bring Jai Prakash halwai sweets. Kamlesh says he will bring.

Happu comes home. Chamchi and Hritik hold his hands and say that Dadi and Mummy calling him. Happu asks what is the matter? Hritik says you have to come, gives Rajjo’s swear. He tries to drag him and happu falls down. Amma and Rajjo come out. Happu asks what is the matter? Amma asks him to ask Rajjo. Rajjo signs him. Amma says Rajjo wants to go out. Rajjo says times has changed. Amma says she didn’t go out till 5 years of marriage. Rajjo says times are changed, now bahus go outing. Amma says she will go to temple. Happu says he will take both, first they will go to temple and then shopping. Hritik and Chamchi ask him to take them. Happu asks Amma and Rajjo to get ready. Rajjo says she will apply lipstick and come.

Happu takes Rajjo and Amma out. Amma asks if he parked his scooter. Happu says he is an Inspector and jokes. They stop at the kulfi stand. Rajjo asks about its price. Amma asks him to buy it. He says we will eat milk kulfi and asks which flavor she wants to eat. Amma checks the menu and says she wants to have dry fruits kulfi. Rajjo thinks her plan is ruined. Amma asks why there is no dry fruits outside. Happu says it will be inside. Amma says she is enjoying a lot as they are eating kulfi. Rajjo says even she is enjoying. They miss the kids. Amma says we will go home as kids are alone. Kat is reading the script. Malaika asks her to read the script silently and says my head is burning. Kat asks why you are jealous and burning as I will become an actress. Kamlesh comes there. Malaika asks for the sweets. Kamlesh gives sweets and says Jai Prakash sweets was closed. Kat says you didn’t bring it. Kamlesh asks who is important, Jai Prakash or me. Kat says jai Prakash and says its sweet is good. Malaika tastes the sweets and takes Kat’s sweets as well. Kamlesh tells about the gesture, posture and etc of the robber girl. He checks his purse and says you have stolen my purse. Kat says I didn’t steal it and says it was Malaika. Kamlesh looks at Malaika. Malaika asks him to leave. Kamlesh asks for his wallet. He takes it and asks Kat to practice with his dad’s wallet. Kat says I will steal everyone’s purse and will do hardwork. Kamlesh goes through window and thinks Police’s hand is long.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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