Mere Sai 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shantaram Misbehaves With Eknath

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Mere Sai 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eknath tells Nirmala that Shantaram is falling into debt web and he has to save him even if he gets angry. He walks out and asks Shantaram why he wants to take loan, if he needs help he can ask him. Shantaram says he is taking loan to expand his business. Eknath says business should be expanded with profit money and not by taking loan, he will be in deep debts. Shantaram says he is expert in his business and knows what he is doing. Eknath says he is doing wrong and confronts sait/money lender that he will get interest and will not care of Shantaram bears losses or profits. Sait taunts Shantaram that he did not know he is a kid, it is better he does not give loan to him. Shantaram yells at Eknath not to interfere and asks sait to keep documents ready, he will come and sign them and take loan. Sait happily walks away. Shantaram then yells at Eknath to stop interfering in his life as he is not a kid not and knows what he is doing, he is ruining their lives and not letting them in peace; he should understand them first instead of forcing his ideologies. He brings gifts and throws them saying his wife will not wear simple sari and he will not play games.

Eknath feels sad that her son has grown up so big that he scolds his father in front of outsiders. Nirmala suggests him not to pay attention to their son’s words as their son is short tempered and reminds of childhood days when son used to get angry when Eknath used to leave home after finishing leaves. He says that time he used to get sad to leave son, now he is sad with son’s behavior. She says he should not bother as their son is their support in their old age. He asks if she trusts her son so much. She nods yes.

A lady drags his son Bittu to Sai and complains that her son does not want to go to school and is always busy playing. Sai calls Bittu, but Bittu resists. Sai asks lady to bring her husband. At night, lady brings her inebriated husband and says he was deep asleep and she brought him here. Inebriated man says he woke up midway, so he is still inebriated. Sai throws water on his face and asks if he awake now. Man says yes. Sai asks if he knows what he is called here. Man says his son is spoilt and needs proper direction. Sai says they both need proper direction. He explains them that husband returns home always inebriated and wife fights with him, they both ignore Bittu between their fight. A son always expects his father to spend time with him at night, but he is always inebriated and ignores his son. He shows their fight and even mother ignoring son when son wants to show his drawings. He then gives moral gyaan to pay attention to their son. They accept Sai’s gyaan and promise to follow it.

At night, Usha serves food to family. Ananand throws plate saying he will not eat bhindi sabji. Shantaram scolds him. Ananand replies back. Usha punishes Ananand for misbehaving with father. Eknath stops her and asks her to be gentle with kid. Shantaram yells at Eknath not teach them how to behave with child, he has seen how Eknath used to behave and continues yelling. Eknath sits shattered. At night, Nirmala cries reminiscing Shantaram’s misbehavior with Eknath.

Precap: Eknath asks Shantaram that his mother is having high fever, he should go and get holy ash from Sai soon. Sai gives him holy ash and asks him to return home soon without going anywhere else, else condition may worsen. Shantaram thinks why Sai is insisting to return home soon, aayi looked fine.

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