Hamariwali Good News 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Renuka’s operation gets successful

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The Episode starts with Renuka saying I don’t want to get any tests done. Adi says its the legal document, sign this and calm my heart. Nurse comes and says Renuka isn’t cooperating, you have to come with me. Mukund goes and stops Renuka. He asks where are you going. He takes her to the temple and asks her to have faith. He says trust me, we don’t want to hurt the baby, we have to save the baby. Navya scolds the nurse. Mukund gets Renuka back. Mukund and Adi go out. Adi says relax, its good that mum agrees for the operation. Nurse asks Adi to sign on NOC. Adi takes Mukund’s sign on the papers. They sign on the NOC. Renuka and Navya go for the operation.

Hamdard hai….plays…Nurse asks Adi to complete the formalities. Adi goes. Mukund sits recalling Renuka. FB shows Renuka asking Mukund to get medical tests done. He refuses. She says I have given my blood. He says I won’t give my blood, I m young, I don’t need these tests, I workout an hour every day. She gets his test done. Mukund says I can’t lose Renuka. Alok comes and asks will Renuka and baby get saved. Mukund says nothing will happen to them. Adi comes and thinks Alok has come here again, don’t know what new confusion he wants to create. Alok says I m explaining Preeti the same, she is crying a lot for Renuka, she wanted to come, I asked her to stay home for the sake of kids.

The media is at the hospital. The reporter tells about Renuka’s kidney transplant operation done during her pregnancy state. Alok says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Mukund and Adi come. A paper falls. Alok steps on it. Doctor says operation was successful, we will see Renuka has to accept the new kidney in the body. Alok gets shocked seeing the papers. He keeps it with him. Yash says Renuka got famous, what happened to her. Preeti says nothing. Kusum says she is very brave, she will be back soon, we will pray for her.

They pray for Renuka. Doctor checks Renuka. Mukund asks how is Renuka. Doctor says its a bad news, she needs blood, we can’t take Navya’s blood. Adi says Preeti’s bloodgroup matches with mum’s blood group. Alok says I will call her. He calls Preeti and asks her to come to the hospital. Mukund prays for Renuka. He goes to see her. Doctor says congrats, mother and baby are safe, operation is successful. Renuka gets conscious. Mukund asks her to see Navya. Renuka smiles. Renuka holds her hand. Doctor says everything went fine. Adi asks Renuka how is she. He says I was too worried, I m proud of you. Preeti comes and asks are you fine. Renuka smiles. Mukund thinks how will Renuka get saved from Adi’s plan, Adi has become very selfish.

Adi asks for ten lakhs to run the shop. Renuka asks Mukund to give it. Mukund gives the cheque. Renuka sees the cheque torn and asks what’s going on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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