Hamariwali Good News 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund sights Renuka

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The Episode starts with Mukund consoling Bharat. He sees Renuka’s pic. He says I know you will come back to me. He makes Bharat sleep. Wind blows. Mukund puts Bharat down. He goes out. He sees Renuka dancing in some dance class. He gets shocked. Woh kisna hai….plays… He smiles seeing her back.

He says I knew it, you are here, you didn’t die, you will meet me some day. Sumitra scolds the driver. Driver checks the car. She gets angry. She asks him to hurry up. Mukund takes a flower for Renuka. Sumitra also comes to the same place. Mukund sees her. He gets shocked. Renuka turns away. Mukund hides. He says what’s Sumitra doing here, did she know about Renuka, no… He sees Renuka gone. He thinks sorry Renuka, Navya made me promise, else we would have united today. He recalls Navya worrying for him when he went out of the house to buy toys for Bharat. She took his promise to not risk himself. He thinks how shall I go to Renuka, that Sumitra doesn’t see me. A dupatta falls over his face.

Navya comes home. She doesn’t find Mukund. She gets worried. She says it will be a big problem if anyone sees him. She calls him. His phone rings at home. She prays that he stays fine. Sumitra talks to Adi and Akki. She says driver couldn’t fix the car. Renuka leaves from the class. Mukund worries. He goes and takes Renuka aside. Renuka shouts for help. Sumitra turns to see. Mukund says its me, Renuka. Driver comes to call Sumitra. She leaves. Renuka runs away. She leaves in the car. He asks her to listen to him, he is Mukund. He says why is she scared and running away, thank God she is alive. He smiles. He comes home. Navya says you left Bharat alone, you are imagining mum, she isn’t alive. He says I have really seen Renuka. She says this ad is a proof that Bua has come here, I don’t want Bua to know about us. He says I have seen Sumitra today. She asks what, did she see you, who was with you. He says no, she didn’t see me, I have hidden Renuka too, its impossible to find us in a big city. She says we have to stay careful, I will make tea for you. She goes to put garlands on Renuka’s pic. Mukund stops her. He says I have seen Renuka alive. Navya says you know the evidence. He says I have seen her alive, this dupatta also belongs to her. He gets hopeful. He says she is in this city, she is alive. Navya cries.

Navya meets someone/Ritvik. Adi says I didn’t find Navya, I don’t think she has money to stay here. He turns and doesn’t see Navya.

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  1. Hello everyone .. Just a question what’s going on .. I don’t watch this show but hai saw a snippet in the zee.tv page .. What kind of son is adi .. Why he got so mean to his parents and Navya .. If anyone can summarize for me what has happened since the beginning .. Thanking you in advance

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