Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayank apologizes to Ishqi

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla saying Ishqi always does the drama. Ishqi runs outside and cries. Ahaan and Kartik come to her. Ishqi says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Ahaan says it was mehendi artist’s mistake, I will talk to Mayank, don’t worry, I will sort it out. Ishqi says sorry for the drama. Kartik signs Ahaan to console her. Ahaan says you didn’t do anything, its not a big deal, don’t worry about Mayank, you apologized to Sarla for his sake, you kept your self respect aside, I understand, you still did that, you do a job, I feel your family is your priority, you could have forced Mayank to argue with Sarla, but you didn’t do it, marriage means responsibility, Mayank should understand you, name will be erased in few days. She asks what if it doesn’t get erased. He says you have to erase it, Mayank’s name is written in your fate. He goes. She asks why did I say Ahaan’s name. Kartik says its in your heart, so you said so. He goes to Ahaan. Ahaan says we will go and talk to Mayank. Kartik teases him about marriage list. He says you just told all the points to Ishqi. Ahaan recalls his list. He sees Ishqi. She leaves.

Ahaan says Isqhi got all the ticks of my list, she hates me, she got angry seeing my name, shall I ask her. Ishqi sees his name on her hand. She thinks I have made the mistake. She sees her list. She says he can’t tick the list, why did I tell his name to mehendi artist. She recalls Ahaan. Mahiya….plays… She says think of his bad points, what’s in your heart. Ahaan says Ishqi can’t make that mistake to get my name written, its not that, she doesn’t like me, she can’t tell my name, why do I care if she likes me or not. She says I have to think of Mayank, not Ahaan, Mayank doesn’t care for me. Maasi comes and shuts the door. Ishqi asks did uncle come, why are you scared. Maasi says no, you caught bad sight, I will ward off bad sight. Dadi comes to Ahaan. He says I know about your mood. She also drinks with him. He says I don’t want to talk today.

She says that girl isn’t right, Ishqi, she got your name written on it, stop all this. He says nothing is going on between us. Dadi asks really, why did you apologize to Sarla. He says for family’s sake. She says fine, if you don’t do this, then she maybe doing this. He says she isn’t such, Mayank won’t marry any such girl, I told you about my GF Riya, I invited her in Sonu’s marriage function, she is coming. Dadi gets happy. Kartik looks on sadly. Ahaan asks him to meet Riya. Dadi says stop joking now. She asks him to sing for Ahaan and Riya. Maasi wards bad sight. Ishqi says its fine, Sarla does drama, Mayank should support me. Suman asks Mayank to see reception ideas. Ahaan asks him to see. Mayank says I don’t care, I don’t want to do this. Ahaan asks do you want to marry or not, we can see you and Ishqi aren’t talking, if you love her, talk to her and sort it out. Sonu says yes, you have to patch up, I think you should go and talk to Ishqi.

Ishqi coughs by the smoke. She goes out to throw the chillies. Mayank comes. Ishqi says very sorry, I didn’t know you are coming, come in. Mayank asks what was this, I had come here to talk to you. Maasi says Ishqi did that by mistake. She asks them to talk. She goes.

Ishqi tells about mehendi mistake. She asks Mayank to sit. Mayank says I m really sorry, I didn’t pay attention to you, mehendi mistake wasn’t a big issue, we can forget things and make a new start. Ishqi says yes, we can. He says good, see you at sangeet rehearsals. He leaves. Ishqi says we had a small fight, I should have tried to end the matter, it was my mistake, why did I take Ahaan’s name. She cries.

Its morning, Kartik rehearses the dance. Sonu’s friend say songs are old, sorry, what will Sonu do on these songs. Kartik says we will make the steps difficult, Sarla will be out. She says you are such a genius, if I have a breakup with my BF then I know whom to call. Dadi says she is openly flirting. Sonu comes and hugs Nisha. Mayank and Suman come. He says I have called Ishqi here. He asks Sonu where is Raj. She says he will come late. He says we will do dance rehearsals till then. Ahaan comes. Chacha asks him to dance with him. Ahaan says I can’t do this well. Nisha shows the steps. Mayank says I think Sonu should rehearse this with Raj. Suman asks why don’t Saas Bahu dance together. Sonu says no. Ahaan waits for Ishqi. Kartik says she didn’t come yet. Ahaan says I m not waiting for that girl. Kartik says I m talking of Riya. Ahaan says everyone’s misunderstanding will end, I have no interest in Ishqi. Kartik asks you love Riya.

Ahaan sees Ishqi dancing. She calls Ahaan for help. She gets stuck in lift. Ahaan sees Riya with her. Riya hugs him. Ishqi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So finally realise ho rha h dheere dheere!!

  2. Today’s episode was a bit dull/boring.

    One thing that I don’t understand in hindi serials, why do they have the women cry for little things. We women are strong, smart and capable of handling all types of situations. I hope the writers stop depicting women as cry babies, coz we aren’t!!

    But I still love this serial and hope future episodes dont be as dull as today.

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