Hamari Sister Didi 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita tells Khushi, in the hospital, that no one can question Dr. Avi’s broughtup. They all feel pround. Khushi asks to meet Kabir. Kabir apologizes Khushi, Khushi says no sorry, he has been caught so bad. He doesn’t know about Kapoors, now his addiction will be treated in sister didi’s style. Amrita asks her to speak now, and says they must both listen to their punishment. They will make a project on drug abuse each week, each month they will go to community centre and teach the children there to stay away from drug, and they won’t both lie in a life time. They all smiles, Babay asks Amrita to go home with Khushi. Amrita says thank you to Dr. Karan. Dr. Karan offers to drop her home, as her scooty is out of order.
Sooraj takes Khushi inside, Karan tells Mrs. Kapoor to take care of herself. Amrita thanks Karan again, Mrs. Kapoor hears the conversation. He says why is she being so senti. She says she had lost, he brought her back. He says bringing her back was his tragedy. They both laugh, and Karan takes a leave. Amrita watches him go.
Mrs. Kapoor shouts at Amrita that she doesn’t have a control on herself, why she took the minister inside. Is she teaching children this. Amrita says Khushi didn’t do it deliberately, it was the minister’s mistake. Mrs. Kapoor says she must not cover her children’s mistakes, she must have kept an eye on whom her children meet. Khushi was crying in the room, she comes out and asks dadi mama not to scold mama, but her. Amrita asks her to go inside. Khushi says mama always taught her the good things, it was her mistake. Amrita asks Khushi to go inside, she resists but Amrita doesn’t listen to her. Amrita looks at Mrs. Kapoor.
Karan stops the car, as he watches Amrita’s phone in the car. He reverse the car, and go back.
Amrita says she is right, it is her fault. She must take care of whom Khushi is meeting. It might not have happened, had she took care of her. Maybe her motherhood lacks something. Mrs. Kapoor says it isn’t her motherhood, but her brought up that has to be blamed. Amrita says she is alone, and the mothers who do single parenting often lack brought up. She says she is their mother and father both. She says when Avi was here, she always did all the work himself, she still couldn’t learn about living without him, fulfilling responsibilities without him. She tries to fill his place, but she can’t do it. Sometimes she feels that there must be someone, a partner, a friend, a guide, a shoulder on which she can cry.
Karan heads to knock the door, but stops at Amrita’s voice. She says she wants someone to teach her the correct path, Karan keeps the mobile on a shelf outside the door and leaves.
Amrita says that it can be no one but her (Mrs. Kapoor). Amrita says only she can take Avi’s place in their lives, holding Mrs. Kapoor’s hand. Mrs. Kapoor tells her to go inside, the children need her. She keeps her hand on Amrita’s shoulder, Amrita smiles. Mrs. Kapoor goes inside.
Sooraj tries to cheer Khushi, but she keeps on crying. He says he will bring the ghost he brought that day, but she doesn’t listen. He says he will also begin to cry. Amrita comes to the room, watches Sooraj. She asks Sooraj to place everything on the cupboard, the kids ask why. Amrita says flood is coming. The kids question, but Amrita says Khushi is crying so much. She hugs Khushi, and Sooraj.
In the morning, Amrita feeds Sooraj. Mrs. Kapoor brings Sooji ka halwa. Amrita looks at her in awe, happily. Mrs. Kapoor asks will she need to give her an invitation, Amrita says she will eat later but Mrs. Kapoor asks her to sit quietly and eat. Amrita abides and sits on the table. The kids are quiet, Mrs. Kapoor asks about the comments. Sooraj says it is really tasty. Amrita asks did she make it. Mrs. Kapoor asks can’t she make it. Mrs. Kapoor says she got it delivered. Sooraj says that is why it is so beautiful, but Mrs. Kapoor says it is really made by her. Amrita says it is really tasty. Amrita looks at Avi’s photo and smiles.
Khushi thinks about Kabir’s father and says she doesn’t want to go to school. Amrita says why, she must go to school. Khushi says she isn’t in a mood. Amrita says she can’t miss school, else Sooraj will also want to be at home. She says they must go to school, from hospital.
Sooraj tells Babay in school, that he doesn’t like Dadi mama’s cooking, that is why he hid the lunch box. Dimple comes there, and asks them to finish their picnic. Babay takes Sooraj inside. Dimple tells Malika that there will be a new patient of chemo therapy, they must take care of her well. Dimple watches Khushi in the hospital, and thinks if she is stealing again.

PRECAP: Karan finds Khushi under the table. Dimple asks what she is upto, and blames her. Amrita and Karan also come there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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