Sinhasan Battisi 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj enters along withhis soldier in ashram and asks his soldiers to search entire ashram as they will find y did gautami left the ashram and a couple who are caretaker of ashram are seen talking tat they knew rushi gagangiri wont keep quiet and they decide to escape as they run the pots fell and raja bhoj sees this and follows but finds no one and then he sees the hut of devi gautami and sees tat there are no idols of god and predicts tat she has left by her own choice he then hears tat his soldiers has got hold of someone they introduce themselves as the care taker of ashram raja bhoj then asks wat are they hiding they then tell tat rushi purshotam went away to a village for doing pooja and he return back in just one day and ask gautami to come along with him as he is been appointed as Raj rishi of a kingdom and then he asks the caretaker to help her in packing gautami then packs the idols of god and tells mali to take care of ashram until they return back and the mali then tells tat he and his wife left gautami at the gate
Raja bhoj returns to palace and asks his soldiers to get hold of rushi purshotam seeing this purshotam gets angry and asks raja bhoj how can he do this raja bhoj then tells tat his ashrams caretaker told tat he came back to ashram to take back gautami rushi purshotam then tells tat he has gone to a magadh to do a pooja raja bhoj then calls the mantra of magadh and wen mantra enters the palace he greets raja bhoj and also recognizes rushi purshotam and greets him too seeing this raja bhoj asks mantra tat how he knows him mantra then tells tat he has been to our kingdom for performing pooja raja bhoj then asks mantra to stay as guest and take rest then he thinks tat this means it was someone else who take gautami away in the face of his husband rushi purshotam
Raja bhoj then asks rushi purshotam tat does he reminds any incident where gautami was complaining then he tells tat once wen she went to take water from river a insect started troubling her she ran towards the ashram and told purshotam tat the insect is troubling and chasing her he then requests the insect to go away or ge will kill him and the insect flies away he then also tells tat after this incident he didn’t allowed gautami to take water and sent the malin instead and once wen she went to pluck fruits from the nearby forest saw a bird who was calling her name and asked the bird tat who is he and appears a man out of it and introduces himself as raja sudarshan and raja says tat he is fan of her beauty and is in love with her and wants to marry while gautami is shocked to see and listen and says tat she is already married and ask him to go away but raja sudarshan follows her she rans away to ashram raja bhoj then asks purshotam to which place raja sudarshan belongs he tells tat he does not know.
Gautami is seen tired and asks her husband tat they are walking since 3 days wen will they reach he then tells tat soon they will reach and he will giver her all the luxuries of life there .
Raja bhoj asks brahmdat tat wat kind of a knowledge can make a person turn into another persons personality it is kayakalp raja bhoj then asks which must be the place of raja sudarshan brahmdat then shows the place in a map the place is bang and also tells tat it is a magical place and so cant be even seen
And gautami reaches the bang palace of raja sudarshan wher he tells gautami tat she is the queen now and can rule like a queen listening this gautami says tat we are simple people and don’t deserve to sit on the place of king and she will also not let u sit but then he says tat its nothing like tat she senses that something is wrong and asks who is he and comes in front raja sudarshan gautami is shocked to see him and says tat now she will not stay here for a minute also and leaves but she cant move from her place with the help of majic raja sudarshan does not let her move and calls the dasis and ask them to take her away
Maharani vallari is giving wishes to raja bbhoj as he is ready to go to find gautami she then explains her worry about the magical land and its stories while raja bhoj then says tat these are just false stories and then maharani applies tika and says tat it is protection tika and it will always save him and the places the mukut on his head and he then takes his sword and leaves .

A man is seen hitting raja bhoj when he enter bang pradesh while raja bhoj asks him tat y is he hitting him and y does he wants to kill him and raja bhoj is seen fighting with them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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