Hamari Sister Didi 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Amrita says to Dimple that she is a weak player, that she left proof. Dimple says she isn’t afraid of anyone, it is on front of anyone. Amrita must keep the napkin, and asks Babay to come to gyanae ward. Babay goes behind her, a girl complains Dimple that a nurse sent her away when Babay comes in. She asks you, Babay says she came for an abortion. Dimple asks Babay not to speak like this, but Babay says we won’t allow her to get the abortion. Amrita comes there too, Babay says she got abortion. Babay watches sindoor in her head, and asks that she told them she was unmarried. The girl still says she is unmarried. Dimple asks Babay not to inquire like in police station. Babay gets hyper, that she won’t let her abort. Amrita takes her away. Babay cries in the corridor. Karan comes there, Babay asks him not to let this filth happen here. Amrita says she is adult, and abortion is illegal here. Babay says she is lying that she is unmarried, and she has got sex checking test. Karan says that is illegal. Babay says she can tell that she is atleast 3 months pregnant. Karan asks Babay if she is sure. Amrita says Babay is not normally wrong in such cases. Dimple comes there. Karan stops her and says it is a sex determining case, and they have to inquire before abortion. He assures Babay about it.
The lady asks Amrita in her room, not to send that nurse. Amrita says she won’t come. The lady asks when they will start. Amrita says till the OT ends. Amrita keeps something into her bag, and tells the lady to take rest. Malika waits out, Amrita sends Malika inside. Malika comes looking for her watch inside, she asks has she seen it. Malika drops the bag deliberately, the watch comes out. She accuses the lady about stealing and calls Amrita and Babay inside. The lady denies but Malika still blames the lady. Karan also comes there, Malika tells him she stole her watch. Karan asks Malika to complain in police. The lady says she owes to herself and her husband that she hasn’t stolen anything. Babay asks husband? The lady cries and says yes, he is there outside. They can ask him, she isn’t a thief. Babay says she was saying she isn’t married, and asks what it is about. Why she wants to take the child’s life. The lady says she doesn’t want to, but she can’t help it. She doesn’t want to leave, Babay says she has to stay and asks Amrita to call her husband inside.
Dimple comes looking for the reception to be empty; she watches Amrita’s email account logged in. She watches Amrita has written complaint against Karan, but hasn’t sent it. She sends it, saying she must help her.
Babay says in our country, they kill many girls before they are born. The husband comes inside. Babay is shocked to see the man. The lady says that she didn’t say a word, but the man asks Babay to say what she wants to. He asks will Babay question him, he is standing in front of her. She has got much courage, what has happened to her now. He takes Babay’s hand, Babay runs from the room. The man turns to his wife, while Karan also goes behind Babay.
Outside, Amrita and Karan ask Babay why she ran watching the man. Babay says that she is a lady who couldn’t save her child. She came in her family’s demands and killed her child. She cries, Amrita hugs her. Babay says they all say she is infertile. She isn’t infertile, she could be a mother
She was becoming a mother of a girl, her husband and her mother in law made her abort her daughter. She says they destroyed her motherhood, and made her infertile. She couldn’t be a mother again. She says that her husband married thrice again, and says Kamal is his third wife. They were shocked. He is Babay’s husband. Karan says he will just call police, he can’t do so. Bobby comes to tell them that Kamal and her husband and run away. Amrita asks what the security was doing. Babay asks Amrita to save her. Amrita consoles Babay.
Karan leaves, Amrita and Babay run behind him. Downstairs, Karan asks Mehr to give him Kamal’s file. He takes Bobby along. Amrita stops him, and says if he thinks he is police. He says some people aren’t worth been treated in a straight way. He leaves.
Karan takes the car.
Babay was worried, and says she is afraid. Amrita says she didn’t know how he will react. Dimple asks where he has gone. Amrita says she isn’t his secretary.
Karan and Bobby take the ambulance into the city.
Kamal said to her husband that she fails pain. He says he will go to jail if got caught, she must not have opened her mouth. Karan and Bobby find the couple. Kamal asks for auto, her husband drags her. He takes them, Karan catches the man. Kamal requests them to leave, Karan takes him to police. He deters Karan, Kamal stops him. Karan says it is illegal, the man says he has a high approach. Kamal requests but Karan takes him to the ambulance.

PRECAP: Dimple brings Karan a letter from trutees. Karan calls Amrita, she says she didn’t sent the letter, he throws the table that he apologized her many times.

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