Sinhasan Battisi 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat is telling the importance of friendship and suddenly wind starts blowing like a stormy weather and suddenly caps of some soldiers fly in air and two soldiers a re seen forced to hit samrat while samrat protects himself and the soldiers fell down and tell samrat tat they didn’t do it purposely some thing forced them while samrat calls out to who is there around and searches around in the palace varhamirji says tat there is no one here around but samrat says tat he feels tat someone is around and also varhamirji sees something and shouts who is there but sees no one and then varhamirji says tat this kind of incidents never happened in palace before and he will find it out and suddenly feels someone around and he again shouts to warn him and come in front senapati asks who sis he see while varhamirji says it may be tat magician and he needs to find this out soon
Samrat is seen having dinner while chitralekha is serving him she then says tat everyone is disturbed by these incidents and he shouldnot worry there will be a solution soon and suddenly samrat sees tat rice served in his plate which was cooked turns into raw rice samrat and chitralekha are surprised to see this and gets frightened and then they see tat all the plates with food item fly in the air samrat asks him to come in front and stop this and then samrat and chitralekha call varhamirji and tell him tat this all needs to be stoped and varhamirji tells samrat tat this is no magician as it is troubling all in palace and same complaints are been heard from other places then varhamirji tells tat it is a ghost chitralekha gets frightened listening to this and samrat and varhamirji goes in a corner to talk while chitralekha looks fightened .
Samrat then asks wat can be done to stop this then varhamirji tells tat people have complained of seeing a white shadow around roaming and troubling and there is one baba named trikal who can help us and then samrat orders to cal him soon baba trikal arrives and says tat he knows the problem and soon he will capture the ghost in this bottle and sees a shadow behind the singhasan he then asks the ghost to come in this bottle or he will trouble him while the ghost gets angry and troubles baba trikal the baba then gets so much frightened tat along with supporters he runs out of the palace samrat is now much worried and thinking of how to get rid of this
Into old fort matire tells raja bhoj tat everyone in palace was disturbed and raja bhoj asks wat kind of ghost was it and then maitre tells tat one thing happened such tat it made samrat to take some steps and then she narrates further samrat then lets chitralekha sleep ppeacefully and then samrat thinks about it and hears chitralekha sound for help he then sees tat chitralekha is flyin in the air and may fall he calls varhamirji and at one point the ghost takes chitralekha very high and then samrat asks him to leave her as the fight is with him and so do not trouble his maharani and the ghost leaves maharani and samrat like a hero catches her and maharani faints.
Samrat then follows the shadow and the shadow then tells samrat tat if he wants to know who is he y is he doing then he has to come to the crematorium on the full moon day and then samrat agrees to it and also sees the shadow going maharani is seen treated by doctors where the doctor tells tat she has been fainted due to shock and fear and she will soon get up samrat then talks to maharani and asks her not to get firightened as he is there with her chitralekha then gets up and opens eyes and she is so frightened tat she says tat there is something near tat window but samrat tells tat there is nothing to be feared of and she is a brave woman and she should not fear but then chitralekha is still frightened.
Samrat then decides to go to the crematorium on a full moon day varhamirji tells tat he should not go as on this day ghosts,and negative powers are activated during this time but samrat tells tat no he has to go maharani chitralekha listens this and come and tells samrat tat he should not go she will life time live in fear but she could not loose him samrat then assures her tat he will be back and she should not worry and samrat leaves while maharani wishes him luck .
Samrat goes at midnight on a horse and wen reaches the border of crematorium his horse stops and doesnot moves forward samrat couldn’t understand this and then sees some bats troubling him he then gets down and goes walking and he thinks y the horse is not moving and then understands tat the animals can sense such kind of powers so they must have not come ahead he moves further and a stormy wind cyclone lifts him up he tries to rescue but couldn’t and then samrat shouts tat whoever u r come in front and then he sees tat white shadow which says to samrat tat he may be the raja of ujjaini but he is the king of this place and his name is vetal he then says tat he will kill him and then leaves samrat .samrat then hides behind a rock and warns himself tat these powers are activated hear an he has to be very carefull from vetal as he seems to be very powerful.

Samrat sees all things in his palace are disturbed and looks like mess he wonders who did this and he calls the dwarpal but no one replies and then he sees maharani and other people in palace which are behaving weierdly chitralekh in a weird voice welcomes samrat.while samrat looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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