Hamari Sister Didi 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Khushi comes out to the hall, where everyone gathered. Khushi says that she wants to say something to everyone. Amrita asks what is it about. Khushi says she can’t lie further; she wants to tell them about the truth. She can’t see Kabir this way, it is all because of her and Kabir is innocent. Amrita asks Khushi what she is saying. Khushi says she liked to buy new dresses and shoes. She saw that some children are addicted to medicines, she sold the medicines to her friends after stealing them from the hospital. She says this all happened because of her. Amrita asks is she lying, Khushi steals looks and says she was lying before. Amrita asks Khushi who is making pressure on her, as she knows she is lying. Amrita asks Khushi to look into her eyes, Khushi looks at Kabir’s father. She says Kabir’s condition make him say this, she told him the boys who drink this medicine become a part of cool gang. Amrita says if she was true, she must be looking into her eyes. Khushi asks her to stop it, and complains that she can’t fulfil all her needs. She wants new things too, where would she bring them. Amrita says she is lying. Kabir’s father says that the girl is confessing, and she doesn’t want to hear. Veer asks Khushi to think before she speak, as she will be take to remand house. Khushi says she is telling the truth in the difficult times. Kabir’s father asks Veer to arrest her. Veer says he has to take both the statements. Veer asks if she has to change her statement. Amrita says no. Sooraj says that Khushi is lying, as she only stammers while lying. Kabir’s mother asks if they will get justice. Veer tells the staff to take Khushi. Amrita resists painfully. Khushi is taken into the police vehicle. Veer says to Khushi that she will be kept to children home, until the investigation is done. Amrita comes running and cries, asking to tell the truth. Karan tries to hold and calm Amrita but she doesn’t listen. Amrita runs behind the van, holding Khushi’s hand.
A truck was coming from behind Amrita, Karan saves her. He shouts at her if she has gone mad. She cries that they have taken her Khushi, what she must do. He takes hand to keep on her head, then doesn’t. He says she can’t be weak like this. She can’t lose herself. He says that right now, Khushi doesn’t need her maa, she needs the sister didi. This is the time, to fight and bring Khushi back from the problem. She has to think how to bring her out of this all. She nods, crying. Karan drives, Amrita asks Karan to hurry up.

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In the hospital, the doctor observes Kabir. The staff gathers around. The doctor says he is no well. Babay asks to talk to him, she says there is tip Karan must have denied. The doctor says that this isn’t poisonous wine’s case. Babay says it worked before. The doctor says the senior authority wouldn’t allow them. Babay fears Dimple won’t either.
Karan and Amrita catch the van. Amrita waves at Khushi. A car overtakes them in high speed.
Babay says that life is greater than any rules. Malika and Mehr ask to try it, and request not to tell Karan and Dimple. Aman agrees, Babay goes to prepare it.
Mrs. Kapoor talks to lawyer, she says she wants to top lawyer right now. She talks to Mr. Singh, and asks for a meeting. She asks him to come to Patiala, as they have taken her granddaughter to remand home. She says she would not look after the kids and says she can’t let Khushi in the remand home at night.
Karan’s car is stopped at the gate of children home. They take Khushi inside. The inspector asks who they want to meet. Karan says they want to meet Khushi Kapoor. He allows, Amrita runs in. Khushi asks for her mama, but the lady says she will first be presented to magistrate. Amrita insists upon meeting Khushi, but the inspector says they must meet the head first. They go to meet him. Khushi waits in the room.

PRECAP: Kabir’s father tells the minister that he made Khushi lie, but his son is still in danger. The minister says he must not leave the nurse and hospital and get his justice.

Update Credit to: Sona

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