Everest 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarita asking Anjali to come with her and help in bringing tea. They go to kitchen. Anjali asks what was aunty saying. Sarita says engagement this week and marriage next week. Anjalis ays how can it be, I m going on Everest Expedition this Sunday. They take tea for them. Vidhaan’s mum talks about arrangements and functions. Jagat says Anjali is his only daughter and he will do the best. Vikram says we are planning and no one is asking Anjali. Vikram asks Anjali is she happy. Anjali looks at Sarita and smiles. Sarita says I feel we are hurrying, I know Vidhaan’s posting is there, but we can get their engagement done and then marriage later. She says one year is long, but time passes in marriage arrangements.

Vidhaan’s mum says we don’t want to do one year engagement. Vikram says sorry, but our experience is bad. His mum says we did this with Tina, the guy came India for one month, we made them engaged, he went back, and we came to know he fell in love with some girl and he broke engagement with Tina. Vikram says Tina’s fate was good to get a good husband. Vidhaan looks at Anjali. Vikram says he does not want this to happen with Vidhaan and Anjali. Jagat says Vikram is right. He says its final, engagement on Friday and marriage in one week. Anjali gets tensed.

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Later on, Anjali runs to practice and comes to Maithili. Maithili says she missed sunset again. Anjali asks for water. Akash brings Shikha Maa to a private ward. Shikha Ma rests on the bed. She asks Akash why did he become so stubborn. Akash says you spoiled me, and asks her to see the room. She asks how did you get money, so you are going to Everest. She says Akash, I have…….. Akash says I won’t listen to you, lets promise, we will stay fine here. Anjali talks to Akash and says she has started training, and is he fine, how is Shikha Maa, I m sure she will be fine. Sarita comes to her and sees her smiling.

She says she knocked the door and she did not hear, with whom was she talking. Anjali says no one, did Papa say anything. Sarita says yes, he asked me to start arrangements, we have to go for shopping, he is talking to caterers, I don’t know what to tell him. Anjali says me too, I just know we have to cancel this engagement in 24 hours. Sarita says postpone. She asks Anjali is there anything else, I mean, you have to go Everest, do you like Vidhaan. Anjali says you are asking as I was talking to Akash on phone, he is my good friend. She says she has just one aim in life, its just Everest, trust me. Sarita says sleep now, we will think in morning what to do. Anjali says soldier ready. Sarita says ready, we will win this war.

Anjali rests to sleep and smiles thinking about Akash. Akash comes home and thinks about Shikha Maa’s disease. He sees Gaurav’s pic and says she will be fine, I swear I won’t let anything happen to her, I will never forget this promise, I will die, but not let anything happen to her. Its morning, Anjali meets Maithili and asks her to give any idea. Maithili says leave a letter and write you are going to marry Dhobi’s son. Anjali asks is this her plan. Maithili says she was joking.

Anjali says her engagement is in one day, and does he care for her to go Everest. Maithili asks her to have coffee and eloping idea is not bad, write everything why you are doing this, your dad will be annoyed, once you reach Everest peak, he will forget everything. Anjali says what about his pain, he will never forgive me, think something else. Maithili says I have another idea, you tell him that you love someone else, Akash. Anjali says she is mad, she can’t tell this to dad, and its not true. Maithili says it will be true then, write a letter. Anjali says your letters, mad. Vidhaan calls Anjali. Maithili jokes. Anjali asks him to meet her now. She says she has to say something.

Akash meets Roshni for the session. Roshni asks him to imagine he is on the top of the mountain, and now look down. Akash gets up, and says he has to fight this war alone. Roshni says don’t go, forget this Everest expedition, if anything happens to you, I can’t forgive myself. Akash says he has to go, but he is not sure whether he will be back. Arjun sees his interview on tv about his family. He sees his orphanage pic in his wallet and cries. Pratap comes to Ramesh and says he has some bad news about Arjun. Ramesh says I gave you two months to find out, why now. Pratap says Arjun’s family is not like he said, his parents died when he was 8 years old and he was sent to orphanage, he has criminal record and he went jail many times. Ramesh is shocked.

Vidhaan meets Anjali. Akash comes to see Shikha Maa. Ramesh and Arjun argue about his big lie. Anjali says she will call Abhiyankar and tell him she can’t come. Vikram tells sorry to Jagat and says he should have discussed this before.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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