Hamari Sister Didi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hamari Sister Didi 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sooraj tells her granny that he was waiting for her for a long time; she notices all the staff staring at them. She says to Sooraj that people are waiting for her, as she has work to do. She promises him that she will meet him when done with her work and tells him to play.

Khushi comes to her mom and says that Sooraj has no self-respect. Amrita tells her that she promises him to come meet him. Khushi says she doesn’t care about us, Amrita says she just doesn’t know to show her love. Khushi says you never sees her reality, and takes the resisting Sooraj along.

Khushi asks Sooraj to play a game with her, but he was in a bad mood. Amrita asks where is Sooraj, as someone made him eat the cake and is now playing. Sooraj asks Dadi mama left? Amrita says that dadi mama went away with Dimple aunty? I didn’t hear what she said. Amrita says she went to get him gift which she forgot, she bets him upon it. Sooraj gets happy. Amrita asks does his mama ever lie, she looks at Khushi who didn’t believe her.

Sister didi is called to the medicine inventory, Mrs. Kapoor has called her. Amrita asks Sooraj for a kiss. Sooraj tells Khushi that the ward-boy told him that dadi mama has a big house in Delhi. He says there must be so many swings, and new computers there. Khushi gets him involved in the computer.

The sister says to Amrita that Dimple makes us do the inventory twice as she thinks we take the cotton along us home. She says that Dimple keeps stick on with Mrs. Kapoor. Amrita says she was with Avinash in the class.

Amrita checks upon a patient. She prays to have the courage to comfort Avinash’s family. The widow asks her about him as she can’t go inside. Amrita takes her to the glass and tells her showing the ECG machine that until these lines are moving her Avinash is fighting, she must talk to him. She recalls her Avinash was here once, and fought, recalls as he said and thinks this time she is determined not to let this Avinash leave.

A girl comes to the hospital for child birth. Amrita goes to take her blood pressure and medical history and asks the other sister to call the doctor. She tells the patient if it will pain. The patient begins crying when she asks her family history. She says that she has been alone for nine months, as there is no elder along her to scold her and tell her something. A sister tells Amrita that her parents died in a car accident, she ask is her husband in army? The girl cries that she doesn’t know how to take care of the child. Amrita says that a child gives birth to a mother. Harpeet cries that this child’s Dadi lives in the same city but doesn’t even come to meet her. She cries. Amrita says that first we must perform some pre-birth rituals. They all celebrate in the hospital.The girl begins to feel the pain, and is worried. Amrita takes care of her; they take her into the room.

Amrita comes on scooty to a house, and asks an old lady that she came from a polio team. She says your son told us about the dates of his wife. She asks her for some water, comes inside and says that she thinks that old lady has arthritis saying she will take the water herself. She asks the lady does she has pain in her knees and joints. She tells her that in their hospital, a new treatment has been introduced and takes her to the hospital along her.

Mrs. Kapoor shows Dimple a file, she is elated to see this. Mrs. Kapoor says that he is coming as he promised me. Dimple says that she hopes he will change the hospital’s discipline and will teach Amrita what are rules and authority.

PRECAP: Dimple tells Amrita that the new resident doctor coming is Dr. Karan Obroi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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