Hamari Sister Didi 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita comes to the room crying. Babay comes to her with Mehr. She asks her to stop crying. Amrita asks Babay to leave her alone. She was crying. Babay asks how she can leave her alone, Amrita looks into her eyes, hugs her and cries. Babay tells her to be quiet, she is here with her.
Karan comes inside, people talking about him. He comes to a patient, the patient says he disliked it. He didn’t see sister didi sad, as Muskaan becomes a home. He calls the nurse, but she also doesn’t listen to Karan, and says will he shout till everyone will start crying here.
Amrita asks why he degrades her, and makes her realize that she needs his favour. She doesn’t need any favour. She was managing her life, before he came to her life. She just wanted in life, the peace for her children.

She doesn’t want herself to be talk of the town, because of her. Mehr asks what he said so, Babay forbids her. Amrita says to Babay that he will now only be Dr. Karan Oberoi for her.
Khushi waits for Amrita, saying Sooraj’s mood improved with a lot of effort. Amrita composes herself to enter the house, calls Mrs. Kapoor. She forbids her to take her name, as she doesn’t want the children to take her name. Sooraj asks is it mama, Mrs. Kapoor says it is her friend. Mrs. Kapoor asks the children why they are crying while waiting for mama. Mrs. Kapoor says she is also getting bored, and switches on the radio. It was Amrita on the call, the children get excited. Amrita apologizes the children, Sooraj smiles. Amrita enters the house, kids go to hug her. Sooraj poses to be angry, Amrita kneels down and takes her ears. He smiles and hugs her. Mrs Kapoor is also happy, watching them. They dance together; Amrita makes a bon-fire to fight the cold weather. They all sit together and enjoy.
Karan fells down at home, drunk. He says he don’t care if she doesn’t. Babay listens the noice, and goes to see Karan. He says he doesn’t care also, and struggles to stand up. Babay helps him, he gets rid of himself. Babay asks if he is drunk. He denies, and asks why she has come here. Babay stops him from drinking more, he fell on the sofa. He says she is stubborn, she must ask her why she is so stubborn. Babay asks who, Amrita? He says yes, what he did. He is Dr. Karan Oberoi, he hasn’t care for anyone till today, this is happening to him for the first time. He just went to help her, is he a stranger to her. Babay was quiet.
Amrita makes the kid lay on bed. She comes out of the room, and sits on the sofa worried. She thinks what had happened to her and Karan and Sooraj’s blame. She was about to go inside, when she notices Mrs. Kapoor there. Amrita asks why she is awake so late, Mrs. Kapoor asks the same. Amrita says she was just arranging the house. Mrs. Kapoor notices her wariness, Amrita heads to go to sleep. Mrs. Kapoor says she can share her heart with her. Amrita says it is nothing like that. Mrs. Kapoor recalls her that they have to find their past life, and now is reluctant to tell her worries, even. Amrita cries, and hugs her. She says she is tired, alone. Mrs. Kapoor says she must not let herself be alone, she must share her advice and brought up with her children. She takes her to the sofa, and asks is it about the children or hospital. Amrita looks at her and says it is about Karan.

PRECAP: Amrita asks Dimple about her overtime money and increment. Dimple says hospital is having financial problems, they will get it next month. Amrita says she can’t wait, but Dimple says she must find another job. Karan tells Amrita to put an application for it like the other nurses.

Update Credit to: Sona

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