Tum Aise Hi Rehna 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria informs Abhi that she has to resume her duty in the hospital as Dean sir called her. Abhi says what will happen if Maa comes to know about it now. Everything will end. Ria tells him about taking oath when she became doctor. Abhi says he is trying to find a way out so that they both are happy. Ria says I am sure and hugs him. Rukmani does the puja. Dadisaa asks about Ria. Revathi says she might be sleeping. Rukmani says Abhi left for work then why is Ria sleeping. Dadisaa says Ria might drop Abhi till the door. Rukmani gets irked. Ria wakes up with a ring and wonders where is Abhi. She sees Abhi’s letter saying he has to go with Raman Chacha and will try to find a way. He promises to send her to hospital anyhow. Ria rushes to go to have puja. She asks Kanha ji to show her the path. Rukmani gives the aarti thali to everyone. She asks her not to make any plans to go out as there is some work. Ria gets tensed. Client says sorry for calling him urgently. Abhi tells him that it is his father’s dream project. Client says we will discuss about your Safari project idea. Abhi looks at his phone to call Ria. Raman looks at him.

Raman asks him to concentrate on work and says Ria is with family. Abhi gets worried for Ria and hopes Rukmani shall not know that Ria is a doctor. Mona calls Ria and asks her to come to the hospital. Ria asks her to handle for some more time. Mona says she will faint if continues to work and is tired. Ria says she will try to come as fast as possible. She disconnects the call. Ria thinks she has to make dalya for Papaji. Ria gets worried for Abhi. Rukmani tells her that Abhi will be back in the evening. Kailash tells her that Abhi went to the site as client came to see the presentation. He says his phone will be unreachable as there is no network. Rukmani tells Kailash that he doesn’t need to tell everything to Ria. Kailash says she is our daughter in law and needs to know everything. Ria wonders how to go to hospital. Abhi tells the client that he will give presentation and asks his client to give his phone. His client says network is not there. Abhi wonders how to connect with Ria. Pinky comes and informs Ria that Mrs. Bhalla came.

Mrs. Bhalla sees the variety of sweets kept for her and gets tantalize. Ria gets tensed and hopes Mrs. Bhalla don’t say anything to Rukmani. Rukmani wonders who is she? Mrs. Bhalla is about to say that she is her patient, but just then Ria says she is doing PhD with her. Ria messages Mrs. Bhalla not to tell anyone about her being MBBS doctor.

Abhi tells the client that he incorporated his safari idea and this resort will be no. 1 in Jaipur. Client praises Abhi and says you are dedicated. They seal the deal. Raman thanks the clients and says this deal will be beneficial for us. Abhi says Bauji must be waiting. Client says your wife too. Abhi thinks he can’t fulfill his promise and wonders what Ria might be feeling.

Rukmani asks about her research subject. Mrs. Bhalla says she researched on human relations. Rukmani says I am hearing it for first time. Mrs. Bhalla says she researched on husband and wife relation after marriage and says husbands change after marriage. Rukmani asks are you doing research on love marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Rukmani says I was sure that’s why love is called blind. She says wife changes husband after marriage. She says it will not happen in my house as I don’t let it happen. She asks is this your first pregnancy. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Rukmani asks about her lady doctor. Mrs. Bhalla says yes and wonders what to say. She takes Ria’s name to seek her help. Ria gets tensed.

Raman sees Ria with Mrs. Bhalla outside the hospital and shows to Abhi. Abhi gets worried.

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