Hamari Sister Didi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Khushi says to Amrita that she is leaving for her tution classes, and asks her for receipt. They notice Amrita was worried. Khushi says she promises she will study hard, and won’t let the money waste. Amrita says she doesn’t need to take the tension of money, it is her responsibility. Amrita asks her to start the classes after fifteen days; she is really hectic in hospital. Who will look after Sooraj. Khushi says Sooraj will stay with dadi mummy. Mrs. Kapoor says she has to go to Delhi, and her mama is right. Amrita thanks her in eyes. Mrs. Kapoor keeps hand on her hand. Amrita says she can cover the rest of the course in christman break, Khushi agrees. She asks Amrita about what sursprise she was talking about.
The kids go to have hot jalebi, Sooraj says he thought she wil get his fifa world cup. Amrita makes a foot ball with a jalebi. Amrita asks Mrs. Kapoor to eat it too, as her sugar will get high. Mrs. Kapoor says her sugar will get high. Mr Singh comes there, and asks about what she thought about his offer of her wife. Amrita tells Mrs. Kapoor that he wants her to be private nurse. He says he is giving her double salary, pick and drop as well. Amrita says that to her, Muskaan is everything, Avi’s memories are associated to it. Mr. Singh says that life means to be practical in life, her children are growing up. She must try to make up her mind. Karan calls Amrita, he was angry. She says she did her work, he calls her here. She says it is so late, he asks if there is some problem. She says no, she is coming. Mrs. Kapoor says it must be something urgent, she can go.
In the way, she meets some drunk people. She answers the men to take care their wives, some people may not get them just like they are doing. They go after her, but the signal lights is on.
Amrita comes to the hospital. Karan is frustrated that what she had done. Amrita says she arranged and labeled all the files. Karan says the labeling is off, as well as the arrangement in the file. Amrita looks at her, how it happened. He asks does she want to say, he did it. She says she didn’t say so. He says he has a meeting tomorrow morning. She says she will do it again. He says he can’t afford another mistake of his. She murmurs that she did it all.
Amrita was frustrated that she did it all, and finds a hair in a file. She thinks whose is it, and finds a napkin near the dustbin. She thinks who came after her, and remembers Dimple had it and she came after her. Karan comes with a coffee, and places it on the table. She was about to take the cup, but he picks it up for himself. He complains to Amrita, she says he must ask who did it. He asks why she would do it. She says Dimple did this, and her napkin is here. Karan asks if she is a detective too. She found Dimple’s napkin and put it all on Dimple. He says Dimple comes to her cabin, 10 times a day. He says she does mistakes, but the world doesn’t accept it, they all say pity Amrita. Amrita says she isn’t worth pity, she left her children so late. It is dangerous calling female employee so late. She isn’t saying this for herself, or other females. It is for him, he will get caught if something happens to him. He gets angry again, and says she is doing her job here. He didn’t call her to meet her, she stares at him. He says this is what she wanted, not to do personal talk. He doesn’t want to hear her personal talk, this is her job and she must do it.
Amrita comes out of the hospital, worried, thinking about the ruining of her work. She was angry at Karan, and says she works hard day and night, come to hospital this late because of someone else’s mistake, and he is a really big doctor. She will now show that the Muskaan Hospital always stands with its staff. She writes an email on computer.
Karan thinks he said so much to her, today.
Amrita writes the mail, and then thinks she can’t go to trustees on every petty matter. She gets Mrs. Kapoor’s call, and says she is just coming, without deleting the mail.
Karan watches the time, and thinks she must have gone alone at night in anger. He goes behind her, and asks a nurse downstairs about Amrita who tells him she has left. In the way again, the men drunk men come to Amrita, as her scooty gets off. She tries to start it. They say their wives are safe at home, shall they take care of her. Amrita tells them to leave, and do their work. The men say they came specially for her.

PRECAP: Karan comes to Amrita’s help in the middle of the goon’s attack. He holds one of them from his neck and beats him.

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