Satrangi Sasural 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
Granny carsees arushi’s face in admiration after they finish their prayers. she leaves. After she is gone, arushi tells her mother to manage from hereon, as she has to go to Vihaan for some important work. She smiles and agrees. Arushi leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Arushi comes to meet a waiting vihaan, and apologises for being late. She says that she is very hungry, but refuses to sit in his car and go there, as the roads are very dingy. she hollers at rickshaw fellows, but nooone is interested. vihaan sees this and smiles. Just then, someone hollers at arushi asking if she would go to chandni chowk. Arushi turns around to find that its vihaan, who has rented the rickshaw, for an hour, for her and her hunger satiation. She is awkward and visibly embarassed that he is doing this, but he coaxes her into greeing. she sits and he rides off. Both are very happy. She says that she is feeling very bad for telling the granny so many things, and that she was her granny’s age only, and she feels sorry for scolding her. He however assures her that she did the right thing. gattu finds vihaan and arushi eating snacks by the roadside, and progresses towards them angrily, as he is unable to stand the two of them together. Vihaan and arushi are oblivious. But just then, an auto comes in the way, and the driver bears gattu’s fury. After he is gone, gattu is surprised to find the both of them gone. He gets angry at vihaan for keeping eye on his girl, and decides to teach him a lesson.

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Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother comes back with mili, and tries to give prashad to him. Prahlad gets angry at her, and throws the entire plate away. She is surprised, as he grabs her by the hand and takes her inside. He shows her the empty box, and she is equally quizzical. He grabs her by the throat and asks her where is the jewellery, while she says that she has no clue. He starts thrashing her, and dadaji slaps him. he says that she is the one who is shrewd. Dadaji says that they are with him, in the banklocker, as he knew that his evil eyes are on them, and they would come out the day when arushi gets married, and that he wont even tell anyone which bank is it in. He helps her get up and leaves. Prahlad is angered.

In the evening, all wait for prahlad to come back. Arushi’s mother tries to ask them to eat, but arushi says that they should wait to eat as a family. Dadaji vents out his frustration at prahlad, and leaves. arushi asks whats the matter, as everything is right now. Arushi’s mother says that financial crisis ruins families, and that he only fights with her for money, and today again. Arushi is surprised. Her mother says that poverty is the monster, not him, as she doesnt have any hopes for him, but Girish should support the family along with her, and hence asks her to find a work for him, as if he too gets addicted, then the family shall be ruined forever. arushi comforts her saying that she shall manage everything.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence and Bar
Vihaan comes back to overhear granny telling arushi’s tale of good heart and good nature, to everyone, and praising her. He remembers hearing this from arushi. priyanka asks if she didnt feel bad. Granny says that she didnt, as she was right and she herself was wrong, and that even her attitude and the tone was also right, full of manners. One asks if she liked the girl. granny says yes. They all smile, and vihaan is overjoyed. Narmada asks harpreet if they can talk about marriage then. Vihaan is sure that she is the one meant to be their bahu, and he only waits for the proposal. Harpreet asks granny if she took the number or address. granny asks how can she do that for a stranger, as she liked her as a person, not for bahu. she gets tensed and leaves. they all get tensed too. vihaan is tensed still.

While prahlad and girish are tensed in the bar, as to what to do next, to keep their addiction alive. Gattu comes and leeringly thinks of the girl, and then he sits down with prahlad and girish. prahlad starts talking as to how things arent going smoothly. gattu asks girish to be out to work. Prahlad asks who would give him work. gattu presents himself and girish excitedly complies. Just then, Girish gets arushi’s call asking where he is, and he gives an excuse that he has come for group study. after she cancels, he starts cribbing at her call, and gattu gets angry at him, asking him to do what she says. Girish is tensed.

Meanwhile, Arushi thinks that she would have to do something. She thinks that she cant see her family in anymore trouble. She gets the editor’s call, who insists her to come back, and start writing again, as her admirers have driven her crazy. she agrees saying that he would get the article tomorrow. He hesitates and says that he wants a nice comeback for her, and if she likes the suggestion that he has, then she can go ahead, but not get angry at him. She gets boggled, and asks whats the proposal.

On the road, sarthi collides with girish. Sarthi bends down to pick the phone, but when he looks at the face of the person, who he did this for, he is shocked to find that its girish, and remembers his attack on Vihaan’s car. He asks girish to run away now, as he ran away that day, after hitting the car. Sarthi tells girish that today his family shall know what he is upto. Girish in ego, says that he doesnt know who he is. Sarthi says that now his own family shall not be able to recognise him. Girish gets angry and tries to hit him. But Sarthi overpowers and beats girish to pulp. Girish finally runs away.

The next morning, all treat girish, and are concerned for her, not knowing whats the matter. Just then, prahlad comes in with gattu. He leers at arushi, who is angered to see him. The screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: Vihaan’s mother prepare him for his meet with dilwali Kudi. meanwhile, at the office, arushi gets a list of the people that she has to meet today, and when she hears the third name, Dilwala Munda, she starts coughing in shock.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. This show is toooooo slow! My interest keeps dwindling.

  2. This serial started on a slow note and doesn’t have strong characters. The concept is good but executed wrongly. Script writers should look into get inspiration from daily life and all different cultures

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