Hamari Sister Didi 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita tries Karan’s number and worriedly looks for him. He was sitting on his resting seat in his residence lawn. She runs to him, and asks has he gone mad. He asks why she has come here. He begs her to leave, as he can no more bear her. She scolds him for coming there, and drinking. She asks with whose permission he has come here. She asks what he thinks about hiself. He asks someone would have killed him at the most. He came here hiding from her, won’t let him rest and then say that this is what happens in the small cities. Dimple come there with the staff. Amrita says Karan doesn’t need anyone, they must leave as she will look for him. Karan says he must go from here too. Dimple says that she asked her to be in the ward, and this all has happened because of her. Amrita asks Dimple not to involve hospital politics between her and her patient. Amrita scolds Karan for doing what he did, and leaves. Dimple asks why is she behaving so hysterically. Karan says she mustn’t ask. The nursing staff comes behind Amrita, who was in a panic. Amrita thinks about the events with Karan. Malika tells Amrita to leave it all. Amrita says they can’t leave a patient, without healing; what if he starts to bleed again, he doesn’t see his own mistakes. She asks what does the security personel do? Bobby brings water for her. Babay asks what does security has to do with Karan, she looks at Veer and says this is what she has been thinking.
Karan laughs, and says to Dimple that he doesn’t need anything. He tells her that they must think about another way to raise fund. Dimple says that she will manage everything. Karan thanks her, for managing everything; she has no comparison in management. He hugs her laughing, drunk.
In the hospital, Lalit comes dressed up and says you people have saved his life and given him a new one. He must have given his relatives such pain, that they head to kill him. He won’t ever run after money anymore. He apologize Amrita and Karan for the bullet. Amrita says he must not blame himself. He says he can never forget her, she tells him to look after him in the new life. He says he had to thank Karan, but he is a bit tensed today. Lalit says he has to check the bill, so that he doesn’t keep any penny from your bill. He prays for the hospital, and leaves.
Dimple stops Karan from drinking. He laughed continuously, while Dimple looked at him. Veer comes to stop Mehr. He says that he has listened to the change in management, and about the risk of their jobs. If she needs anything, she must ask him. Mehr says they never discuss their problems with anyone else. She says she thought he would employ anyone else on duty after knowing the truth, her groom returned groom from stage after knowing her truth. Who would marry a handicapped like her, this is her truth and she has to live with it. He no longer needs an excuse to meet her. Malika listens to everything.
Karan has a dream about the call from Mumbai’s hospital. He wakes up with a jerk, Kaka tells him to relax. He brings him soup, and goes to prepare for his sponge bath. Then says he must take a bath. Karan asks Kaka to leave for village, he must leave. Kaka asks is he making him troubled. Karan says it isn’t like that.
Amrita brings Karan’s medicines, and finds Gobi Kaka leaving with bag. She asks him where he is going. He says he had to go to village, Karan is not letting him stop. Now she must look after him. She says she will miss him, and to return soon. Karan was having wine, when Amrita comes in and says she has come here for dressing. She says she knows he doesn’t like watching her face, so she has brought a way out. She wraps her head, and face with a veil. He takes a promise, to keep her mouth shut. She asks him to take his shirt off, he felt pain so she helps him. She unwraps his bandage. He takes his drink, but she stops him and asks him to behave like a patient. He looks at her, keenly. She looks back at him.

PRECAP: Karan takes Amrita’s hand, and throws her out of her house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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