Hamari Sister Didi 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Karan watches Amrita, as Khushi excitedly goes to him. Babay just comes there, Amrita points at her not to tell Khushi anything. Khushi tells Karan that she has specially come to meet him. Amrita asks Babay for a file, Khushi says she is on leave. Amrita says when she is here, she must do some work. Khushi laughs that this hospital is her third child. Karan gets lost for what she says. Khushi gives her the card, he asks is it for him. She nods and asks him to open it. She says to the best uncle, who has help her out with all the problems, thanks a lot for being with me. Karan is silent, he hugs Khushi. Khushi says thank you. Karan asks her to leave her school, but Khushi says she will go with her friend nearby, hands her mobile to Amrita and runs. Amrita looks at Babay, smiles and leaves. Babay stops her, Amrita asks please, don’t say anything.
Babay was still curt at Karan. He asks her, what she must have done had that Sonlal sued her in court. She would even not have got a job anywhere else, they don’t think about him. He leaves, angrily, disturbed.
Amrita gets a call from Mr. Singh. He says the private nurse job that was available is vacant. Amrita cries and says she can join from today. Mr Singh says they are reputed people. Mr. Gupta tell Mr. Singh that she could have come tomorrow, and won’t she run in a day. Mr. Gupta tells his maid to ask her come tomorrow. Amrita rings the bell, he looks at her through the wall and calls her inside. Amrita comes inside, and says she is Amrita. He says his name is really beautiful. She asks when does he needs the duty. He says she can join from tonight, as he needs night duty; during the day her wife is taken care of by his family. She thinks she just has this opportunity, and says she will come at night. Mr. Gupta thinks Mr. Singh has sent an outclass nurse this time. Mrs. Kapoor prays for Amrita, she comes to tell mummy ji that she has got a job. She is happy and says she didn’t know what she will do. Mrs. Kapoor says everything will now be fine, and asks which hospital is it. Amrita says it is a job of private nursing. Mrs. Kapoor asks where? Amrita says it is a Mr. Gupta, a reputed lawyer; his wife is ill and needs nursing. Mrs. Kapoor asks if the people are good, has she inquired about them. Amrita says she went to their home, she thought them fine. She tells her Mr. Singh referred her to this job, he used to call her for this. She used to deny him everytime, as she had never thought she will have to leave Muskaan. She tells Mrs. Kapoor that it is a night shift duty, it is good in a way that she will get time with her and children.
Everyone gathered in Dimple’s office, she comes in a cheery mood and says she wants to says something to them.

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She announces that she has talked to the trustees to arrange a pick and drop sevices to them both. She tells them excitedly that she had to fought for them. She also announces that there is another right she got them, they will get their double over time. She asks if they are happy. Malika says she wants to call her Dimple didi today, Dimple says she can call them anything what she likes. She asks them to write their duty timings so that pick and drop can be arranged for them. Karan hears the staff making fun of Dimple, that she will take the place of Amrita.
Amrita sat lost in her room, when Mr. Gupta calls her and asks her to come a bit early as he has some urgent work. Amrita says she will be there in a while. Amrita tells the children she is going to hospital as there is some emergency. She tells Sooraj to tell her teacher she will pay for the camp fee day after tomorrow. The children cheer. Mrs. Kapoor gives her food packed. She says to Amrita she dislikes it that she isn’t able to help her at this time, had Avi been here. Amrita says she see Avi in Sooraj and Khushi, she wants to bring them up the way she had brought Avi up. She asks her to sleep, while she is away.
Karan was in the cabin and thinks about calling Amrita as she is tensed. Amrita looks at the name on her cell phone and angrily disconnects the call. He thinks he must call the land line. Sooraj picks it up, Karan doesn’t speak. He thinks may be Amrita hasn’t told him anything. Dimple comes to him, and informs Karan that the staff is so happy at bonus that they have started to call her Dimple Didi. He was holding his head, she gives him file to sign. She asks if he is staying at the hospital, he says yes. She says she was also thinking about the same, she will get some coffee with him and check a few files as well. She leaves cheery while Karan thinks Amrita should have taken his call. He was just trying to help her.
Karan comes to Amrita’s home, and thinks he is sure she won’t like his face even, what is she fights with him. He thinks about meeting her once, he has come to get a sign and not meet her. He knocks at the door. Mrs. Kapoor is shocked to see Karan.

PRECAP: Karan shouts at Amrita at Mr. Gupta’s house, for giving the lady self medication. He tells Mr. Gupta to send her home as he is appointing his hospital’s nurse here.

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