Sinhasan Battisi 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,samrat shows the mountain to chitralekha while chitralekha says tat this is a huge mountain and how r we going to find rushi there and samrat and chitralekha are travelling to reach the mountain after a while chitralekha says tat we have went round the entire mountain but have not found rishi vashishtha and samrat then says the gods have told the address to reach him and they wont guide us wrong and then he tells chitralekha tat we have to pray from our heart and then only we will be able to find him and they pray with all their heart and then they see a way in front of their eyes to a cave and samrat then takes chitralekha to the cave and then their arrives their rishi vashishath and then samrat greets rishi on behalf of chitralekha and him and tell tat they want him to do a dashashvamed yagya the rishi then says tat he will do the yagya but for this the couple i.e husband and wife should have a good relation like ram and sita and for this he will ask 3 questions and if they answer right he will do the yagya and rishi asks first question for a husband and wife wat should they take care of in their relation they answer selfrespect the next question is wat is purak between a husband and wife they answer karma and the last question is wat should be the strong base between a relation of husband and wife and they answer its trust rishi then agrees tat all the answers were rit and he will come along them to do the yagya .into old fort ambila tells raja bhoj tat now they will start the yagya but the horse will play the role of samrat on his journey Rishi is doing the yagya and tells tat now he will start the yagya and asks them to bring the horse tat we r going to send to do dashadisha Brahman and then rishi says tat after doing some pooja all the power in samrat will be transferred to the horse and then they leave the horse to go for the journey the horse reaches Magadh and raja naresh welcomes the horse which is samrat and doesnot stops him and let him go further and then further he is been stoped and attacked while with his powers the horse defeat them all and goes further to Patal where narkasur stops him and attacks while the horse with his powers defeat him and goes further to swarglok while samrat is telling all doing yagya where is the horse and in which area.later narkasur after defeat says tat one fine day he will conquer swarglok. The horse reaches swarglok all the god sees it and greet while a rishi comes and says to god indra tat wat has happened to him has he become so weak tat he cant fight with the power of humans and god indra tells him tat they have choosen samrat for the representative of god on earth while the rishi vishva says tat u all don’t know wat the human kind is and they should not do this and stops the horse and then targets the arrow towards palace which hits the exactly where samrat is doing yagya along with message for him and samrat reads it and the letter says tat I have stoped ur horse and I challenge u to come and fight with me while rishi vashishtha says to samrat that he has to accept this challenge and defeat him so as to complete the yagya and samrat then accepts the challenge Later rishi vishva is seen taking the horse away while he meets narayan and then narayan asks him is this the horse of samrat vikramaditya and then rishi says yes it is the horse of samrat and narayan asks this horse is send for the dashashvmedh yagya following dharma while the rishi says tat he is stopping it because ince samrat gets power he will become egoistic and this will in future damage or will unfollow dharma while narayan tells him tat u r a rishi and samrat follows dharma so he wont attack a rishi and rishi then says to narayan tat he gave him a good onformation which he can use it and then the yodha decides to get back into his avtar of a kshatriya and he leaves further while narayan says tat now they can witness to see a fight for dharma.into old fort raja bhoj shows his worry about the fight as the yodha is strong ambika also says tat yes it is point of worry and narrates further. Chitralekha is seen making samrat ready for the fight and samrat sees tat chitralkeha seems upset and then asks her wats the matter and chitralekha says tat she is not afraid but worried as they have never heard about this yodha before and ur powers are already with the horse which have not worked on him so how r u going to defeat him and samrat says tat even he don’t know how but he will definitely find a way ou and all the people of Ujjain and rishi vashishtha wish him good luck while rishi ask him to defeat the yodha or he will be the one who will rule the the three lok.

PRECAP:– The yodha and samrat are seen fighting with each other and later samrat is seen accepting the defeat and is captured and seen walking in Ujjain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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