Hamari Sister Didi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan shouts at Amrita in his office, that they can’t stay here in the hospital. Amrita argues that the environment isn’t favorable, they can’t be let out. He says that they have responsibility towards other patients. All the staff, and Seema and Alok listen to the conversation and are worried. Amrita asks for some time. Karan asks has she taken a degree in psychology. Amrita requests Karan for some time, He says he can’t as she is not doing fair to the other patients. Amrita says she is taking this couple along with her.

Amrita comes to Alok and Seema and asks them to trust her, and let’s go with her. Karan stops her; he says it is dangerous outside. Amrita says I am sorry doctor, but she isn’t on duty today. She takes them downstairs. Alok says to Amrita that there is a lot of trouble in the way, she says they will go with the other side way. Karan stops Amrita and tells her she is doing a mistake. Amrita says she is doing what she feels as right. She says it is about love, which he doesn’t understand. He says he does. She says he never understood love, this is what he used to say to Avi as well. He is quiet. She asks doesn’t she know, if he could he had separated her and Avi; he never accepted her as I took away your friend. She says he had left Avi as well. Amrita says she isn’t like him, he must take care of his friend’s hospital and she will take care of her.

Karan keeps calling Amrita. He recalls when he made fun of Avi for marrying that nurse and disapproved it.

Avi replied that since he met Amrita, he doesn’t want to go anywhere. Karan asked that if he had to go the reunion of their college, will he be able to take her. Avi said that he loves her, and this all doesn’t matter to her. Avni had said that he will live happily till the end of his life. Karan stood still, outside the hospital.
The men look for the couple.

Amrita recalls the time he left Avi at the time of his wedding. Avi had asked him to become his witness but Karan denied. Avi told him that his mom is also annoyed. Karan told him that this nurse will take away all the relations from his life, and insisted upon him to go back as he was doing a big mistake. Amrita had heard all this from the back of the door.

They were worried to see, the group finding Seema and Alok. The taxi driver protests and asks what is this all happening, as Amrita asks them to hide down beneath the seats. Seema’s uncle watches Amrita, and says she is trying to hide herself, where is she going. He asks his men to follow this car.

Amrita asks the taxi driver to move fast, Alok asks where they will go, she should hand them over to them. Seema says that they are her enemies, so she should go to them. Amrita tells them both to stop. The taxi driver comes out of the car, and says he won’t take them and asks them to come down. Amrita sits on the driving seat, he resists; and then frustrated he sits on the other seat. Seema asks where they must go? Amrita thinks they must go somewhere they don’t find them.
Inspector Veer comes to hospital. Karan scolds him that there has been no law, Mehr tells him that sister didi left with the couple. He asks where she could go?
The news channel shows about the couple. Karan calls Mrs. Kapoor to ask about Amrita, he tells her the whole story. Babay comes to meet kids. Mrs. Kapoor is worried, Babay asks her what has happened. Mrs. Kapoor tells them that Amrita must be in danger. Babay says Amrita will never come here, she will never put you or children in danger. The driver creates panic in the car, when Amrita gets Mrs. Kapoor’s call. She tells her that she is going to the ware house outside of the hospital. Mrs. Kapoor guides her to the shortcut of ware-house. She asks is she with her? Mrs. Kapoor is quiet.

PRECAP: In the ware-house some men breaks the door. Amrita holds a stick and says she won’t let them kill their love.

Update Credit to: Sona

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