Laut Aao Trisha 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Amrita and Pratik coming back home from courier office. Gaurav asks what did they find. Amrita says Trisha had sent gift 3 months back. Sonali says that means Trisha planned 3 months ago to trouble us all. Amrita says how can she tell that. Sonali says she is telling fact. Pratik asks what fact she is talking about. Sonali says Trisha loves playing pranks and she even played prank with me many times. Pratik asks Gaurav to control his wife. Amrita says Sonali that Trisha is missing from 3 months and she is not playing prank this time. She then asks Pratik to respect Sonali as she is bahu of this house.

Lavanya wakes up in the morning and gets tensed not finding Kushan in room. She reads his message that he will come back home. Meghan comes there with sleeping pill bottle and asks her not to interfere in her personal life, else she will take all the pills. Amrita promises and says she is doing this as she loves her. Meghan asks where was she when she needed her and says she just cares about her prestige and status and not her children.

Abhay asks Kabeer why did Trisha book gift 3 months back, if she was planning it from before. Kabeer says there are 2 possibilities that she knew it and she did not knew it. He then reminisces Prem leaving party in the middle and says they should keep an eye on him.

Amrita looks at Trisha’s pic and thinks her daughter is not wrong and she will prove it. She looks at Trisha’s tab and checks her personal diary in it. She then calls Kabeer and asks if he is busy. He says he is not and asks how is she, then says he asked her wrong question as she gets hope each day and it breaks everyday. Trisha says she is hoping that Trisha will come back soon and answer everyone who is questioning her. She then says Sanya told about trisha’s internet diary in which she used to write everything. Kabeer asks what she knows about that diary. She says she searched it on internet, but does not know about it or its password. Kabeer says they can hire professional hackers and find it. She thanks him.

Amrita then meets Sanya who is busy checking he gifts. She happily shows everyone’s gifts and shows Meghan’s makeup kit gift. Amrita says she has to grow up to get make up. Sanya then shows Kabeer’s gift and says sh eliked it. She then sees Sonali’s tab gift. Amrita gets worried seeing that. Sonali comes there and asks if she likes her gift. Sanya says it is the best gift she got. Amrita takes Sonali from there and asks what is she trying to do. Sonali says she heard Sanya asking you to get her tab, so she bought it. Amrita says kids get adamant, but it is not necessary to fulfill their demand. Sonali says she forgot that she cannot bought up children and only she can, says she gave gift to Sanya and will not take back, she can throw it in dustbin if she likes. Amrita says Sanya that tab is bad for her eyes and once she grows up, she will buy her tab. Sanya says she will complain papa, runs towards Pratik and complains against Amrita. Pratik asks Amrita why is she stopping Sanya from enjoying tab. Amrita says we cannot fulfill children’s demands. Pratik says she is my daughter and can enjoy anything. Amrita says she has to correct her mistakes which she did with Trisha. Pratik asks what is wrong with her and asks her to stop talking like middle class mother, says Sanya is a Swaika and will live like Swaika, daring and forward. He asks her not to talk about it again. Amrita says sanskar is sanskar and she knows what decision to take for her children’s good upbringing and he has to accept it.

Sanya hides her gifts seeing Amrita. Amrita asks mala to get choc milkshake for Sanya and apologizes Sanya. Sanya says she will talk to her only if she permits to use tab. Amrita asks if she plays with tab, when will she play with her. Sanya agrees. Amrita goes to bring game. Pratik says if she thinks she is right and he is wrong, then she is thinking wrong and says he is also responsible for his daughter’s upbringing and will not let her force her middle class values on Sanya. Sonali hears their conversation and smirks.

Pratik is busy in a business meeting. He is engrasped in Trisha’s talks. Client asks Pratik to stop his snacks and goodies and asks him to call his architect and show his designs. Pratik says he does not know where his architect is, calls him, but he does not pick his call. Client says he is wasting his time.

Kidnapper opens door and enters Trisha’s hide out place. Trisha is seen weeping.

Precap: Prem tries to kiss Lavanya, and she pushes him. Kushan sees them both together. Trisha asks kidnapper why did not he let her attend Sanya’s birthday party. He throws birthday party pics in front of her.

Update Credit to: MA

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