Hamari Sister Didi 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vaijanti was alone in the café, when Amrita comes and asks why she is closing back the lunch box. Amrita asks won’t she share her lunch with her, and calls her to sit with everyone. Amrita asks Mehr to share something with her. Malika tells her to go away. Amrita asks shall she leave too. Malika says she did blunders. Amrita tells Vaijanti a story, that there came a new nurse, she was asked to bring the mobilize when she brought the strethoscope. Mehr adds that she even checked the patient with a broken stethoscope. They all sit, when Karan calls Amrita.
Karan gives Amrita the notes of the rules to be stuck on all the notice-boards and rooms.
Amrita asks is it important to make such rules. Karan isn’t ready to accept, saying he didn’t ask her for advice. Amrita says that if you want to bring the change, bring it slow. Karan says it doesn’t have to be changed, but to be made better. He says those who disagree might leave, he will hire new people. He asks will she do it, or may he ask someone else. She goes away.
Malika and Mehr were worried, that Saturdays are working while there shall be one nurse on nursing station. Malika reads that no worker will do another’s duty as well.
Pinky aunty gets worried reading the new rules. Amrita comes to ask how she feels, when she asks what is this. Others come to the ward too, and asks what this all is. Amrita says she has read it. Malika suggests to do strike, while Amrita is shocked and gets annoyed. She asks doesn’t she know they won’t strike in the hospitals as the strikes are done by other’s not the family members. Vaijanti says it is all my fault. Amrita says she must think something, and says she has an idea.
In the morning, Karan asks Amrita what is this all. One week vacation in a year; a whole day leave on Sundays, and increase in salary. He says that he must discuss it with the management, but Amrita insists that she wants the answer now. Karan says she is exaggerating the thing, but she says that Avinash had a vision taking the hospital; that everyone should stay happy here either patients, doctors or nurses. She says that when the policies are being changed it should be on both sides. He says that those changes are necessary. He looks at the paper, and asks that two years ago this pay scale has been revised by the govt., weren’t your salaries raised? She says no. He asks why didn’t you people strike? She says that nobody strikes in their own home, but when the home isn’t their’s now, they must think. Karan stops her when she heads to leave, and tells her to read the duty list; her duty is with Mrs. Kapoor. She begins to argue, he says that her condition is critical and needs the best care and you must not forget that for 12 hours a day you are a nurse. Amrita keeps hand on the door, he asks if she is ok. She nods, he asks if you want to sit. She says she is ok, and leaves.
Sooraj shows his drawing to Mrs. Kapoor. Khushi was also there. Dadi mama appreciates his drawing. Khushi teases Sooraj, dadi mama tells her that one shouldn’t make fun of each other. Amrita comes to the room. Amrita tells the kids to go to Babay for lunch, and do the homework. Khushi also insists and takes Sooraj out. Mrs. Kapoor asks Amrita is there something important, she says she has to check her BP and give her medicine. Mrs. Kapoor tells her to send another nurse. Amrita asks her not to take stress. Mrs. Kapoor says that I know you saved my life, but this doesn’t mean I have forgiven you. Mrs. Kapoor shouts to call Karan, but Amrita takes her hand and asks her to let her check her BP. She shouts that she doesn’t want any medicine from her hand. She tells her to go out, she has come to Sooraj and Khushi’s life, and this doesn’t mean she will adopt her. Amrita says she know she was always annoyed, but this is hospital not home. Mrs. Kapoor denies having any relation with her. Amrita asks her to check her BP, as Dr. Karan has given her this responsibility. Mrs. Kapoor shouts, her condition worsen and she feels pain in her canula. Amrita shouts at her to be quiet, and cleans her blood from her hand. She gives her medicine to her, and heads to leave. Mrs. Kapoor was lost, then says that you filled this injury but what about that 14 years ago when you snatched my son from me twice; you are still not done and want to finish me too. It’s a lifetime wound on which you have come to put the medicine. If you really want to see me relaxed go away from me.
Amrita leaves the room. She comes out and rethinks all her words. She was out of balance, and cries. She says that she doesn’t want her to look after her. He held her head, when someone places hand on her shoulder. She fells into Karan’s chest and he hugs her.

PRECAP: Karan tells Amrita that she lost her son. She asks didn’t she lost her everything. Karan tells Mrs. Kapoor that he will send the nurse. Mrs. Kapoor says that she doesn’t want Amrita to come here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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