Beintehaa 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surayya reminisces being harrassed by police on Aaliya’s complaint and Usmna’s death and thinks she will not let Aaliya back in Barkath Villa.

In the morning, Aaliya happily looks at Zain’s love notes. She sees her parents looking at her and says she knows that they are thinking and would have feared like them, asks them to believe her. She says she wants to go back with Zain to her parents. Shabana gets angry hearing that. Aaliya says it is god’s wish that I should rehabitate mamu’s house, mamu’s would have been happy seeing that if he would have been alive. Ghulam agrees with her and asks Shabana to pack their bags also.

Zarina sees Surayya tensed and asks her about it. Surayya says her biggest fear is coming true, Zain is taking er Aaliya

with us to Mumbai and is planning to remarry her. Zarina asks them not to worry, she will find some way. She sees Bilal coming and tries to scold him, but stop seeing Rahma coming from behind and hides her face. Rahman greets Surayya. Surayya replies and says Zarina that she invited her to come to Mumbai with them. Rahman says he did not want to come with them, but feels he should come to correct his family, especially Bilal. Surayya says she will ask Fahad to book his ticket. Zarina says Rahman is a bad guy. Surayya says she does not want to separate herself from her husband. Zain comes and tries to speak to her. she says they will speak in Mumbai.

Zarina asks Rahman if he is not ashamed to stay in in-law’s house. He says he has come to correct her ways and will not let her ruin Aaliya’s life who is like his daughter. Zarina thinks she is serving Surayya since 1 year and will not let Rahman ruin her plan.

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Zain calls Aaliya and says he is going to Mumbai and will meet her there. She asks if he is nervous. He says he is and asks her to pray for them.

Surayya reaches Mumbai with Zain, Fahad,s h Bilal, Zarina and Rahman. Nafisa and her children greet Surayya happily. Fahad introduces her to Rahman and she greets him salaam. Zain tries to talk to Surayya and asks why did not she speak to him and says he wants to bring back Aaliya to their home. She slaps him and asks if he has forgotten his dad’s death. Zain says he is fulfilling Usman’s promise to bring back Aaliya. Fahad says he was against his divorce, but he went with it and now he wants to bring back Aaliya, why? Zain reminisces Nafisa’s confession.

Nafisa takes Aaliya’s side and says Aaliya has already been punished. Surayya asks what is her mistake to lose her husband Usman. Zain says even he lost his dad. Fahad asks how can he think of getting back Aaliya who is the reason for Usman’s death. Surayya says whoever wants to bring Aaliya can get out of her house and she does not want to hear Aaliya’s voice in her house.

Surayya in her room says Zarina that Zain wants to remarry Aaliya, why. Zarina says this marriage will not happen as per islamic rules and tells her the rules. Surayya gets happy hearing that.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya promote their new time slot of 11 p.m. Surayya says Aaliya has to perform halala nikah and marry someone else and divorce him to remarry Zain.

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  1. ooooo
    v nyc

  2. Dhamakedaar epi

  3. I think rehan will help by marrying and divorcing her to bring her back with zain. Hope that happens

  4. ya i think rehan’s children will misunderstand and for them aliya will not divorce rehan

  5. Not to complicate issues I think zarinas husband should marry aliya n divorce her that will be the only solution,rehab should not marry aliyah because the divorce will not be easy ooohh.

    1. zarinaz hubby iz aliyaz chachu
      r u mad or what
      how can u say that he can marry aliya
      u dont have any sense jennifer

  6. M sure….aaliya will marry rehan nly n den she’ll gt divorced….

  7. Bt it can hav twist also…….aliya can marry bilal also…nt sure……

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