Hamari Sister Didi 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita thanks Karan, he says he would have left her there, the way would have been much easy. She asks was she conscious. He tells her he had to tie her to get her here. She asks did she say something bad to him. He recalls she had said she likes him, and says she was murmuring something he didn’t listen. Amrita says sorry to Baba ji, and wonders she must have said something to Dr. Dian, the reason he is behaving so weird.
Babay tells Vaiju that she knows there is a lot of work at hospital, still she must do the duties with Mata ji as well. The duty chit slips from her hand, and Dimple picks it up. She asks them what is this all, no one answers. Malika appreciates that she has got a handwriting, even a doctor doesn’t understand. Dimple asks what is written here, Babay smiles that this is her grocery list. Everyone disperse. Dimple tells them all to head to their work, and says something is cooking here.
At home, Sooraj played video game with dadi. They come to hug Amrita when she comes back. Khushi says she told her that kurta and jeans are very comfortable. She says it was just a bit cold, had Sooraj been there, she must have hugged her. Amrita says she brought marbles for Sooraj, and forbids her to put it in his nose. Mrs. Kapoor says it is a good way to make up children’s mood, give them toys so that they doesn’t realize her absence. Amrita says you have bought them toys too, but today a lot of missing things are left.
Lalit says to Karan, that if he wasn’t here he could have given him a leave. Karan is irritated, and says he was on medical camp. Lalit says they make up money some way. Karan says he went to give medicines to poor people. Lalit resists injection. Amrita comes saying to him that stock market has fallen down, and points at Karan to administer injection. He does, while Amrita plays TV for him. Karan says thanks to Amrita, and says he thinks there is something else cooking with him as well. Amrita says his secretary wants information of everyone. Karan says they must keep an eye on him.
Amrita asks Karan about yesterday. He says he even feels ashamed thinking about the other day. He says he is quite professional, and runs upstairs laughing. Amrita follows, while Dimple catches her and says she knows everything, she was drunk and fainted. Amrita says that she knows Dimple for years, and she would have told everyone in the hospital had she known.
Amrita asks doctor about Kiara. He was quiet, and asks Kiara if she feels something in her leg. He tells Amrita he needs to keep her under observation. Amrita notices Mehr extremely tensed. Kiara tells them that next month, she has to run Indian National Championship. Amrita tells her to get physiotherapy, and makes her relax to sleep. Dr. Samar tells her he isn’t much hopeful, but they must observe her. Amrita says they must never leave hope, and promises Mehr that they won’t let disease win this time.
Babay prepared halwa, and fears Karan doesn’t come here. Amrita tells her that Mata ji will keep blessings, and he won’t come.
Dimple tells Karan that she told Avi, but he never listened. Now, they are hardly being able to take salaries of staff. Karan says this is a big problem, and they must tell the staff about it, and says he will discuss it with Amrita. Dimple objects that Amrita is incapable of this. He asks her if Halwa is cooking somewhere, and heads to watch it.
Amrita tells everyone she is going for round and watches Karan coming. She hits him deliberately. He asks where is she running, she argues he is running and shouts his name. Babay is worried, that he will take her life this time. Karan asks Amrita is someone making Halwa here, he is feeling dizzy. Amrita says she doesn’t feel it. Babay and the staff hides the Halwa. Amrita says that it is time for Namratri, so Halwa might be cooking at different places. He heads to the kitchen, while Amrita indulges him in argument. When she notices the place is cleared, she stops it.
Babay says to the staff that they were saved this time. She says what Malika knows about the taste of Halwa.
Amrita says to Karan that his nose is big, so he notices the smell which she couldn’t. She leaves, while Karan calls that his nose is just fine.

PRECAP: Mehr watches Kiara’s leg from under the sheet and runs to call Amrita in the corridor.

Update Credit to: Sona

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