Gustakh Dil 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode stars with Inder saying she is my daughter. Barkha and everyone are shocked. Nani says what are you saying Inder, we did not know about this. Inder says you thought I have an affair with this girl, but trust me. Barkha says trust? I thought you have an affair with someone, and now I come to know you have a daughter from that affair, who is 19 year old and you have hidden this from us all these years. Inder is ashamed and tries to justify himself. Rancho comes home to Lajjo and tells her how Jasmine created a scene at Nikhil’s place. Lajjo says its true she came to Agra with her, but she is not important in our life, nothing. She says if she fills his ears, will he agree, no Rancho, he does not trust her more than me.

Barkha asks Inder not to cover up his mistake. Rancho says I feel Jasmine is linked in this matter. Lajjo says Nikhil knows that Jasmine is mentally unstable. Rancho says I did not feel she is psycho, she was behaving normal and trying to act innocent. Lajjo says we should not think about her, she did not blame me, she did not say that I have an affair with Sagar, its told to me by my husband. I m sad for this. Rancho says maybe Nikhil was angry so he told anything. Lajjo says when he was angry, and later he becomes calm, he apologizes, Nikhil had a doubt on me and Sagar, Jasmine gave air to this fire. She has made his doubt solid. My love is so weak. Rancho holds her.

Barkha is sad. She thinks about Inder’s words. She cries thinking that he broke her trust. Inder asks Barkha to think, whats the girl’s mistake in all this, it was his mistake, and he can’t leave her now, she is his daughter. He says I m sorry Barkha. He says whatever happened was my mistake. She says all this story came out today, why were you quiet for 19 years. He says I was scared thinking I will lose you, I thought I will make things fine. She says fine, you could not tell me. He says how could I tell you and when, believe me, I tried hard to tell you many times, but could not have courage to tell, I thought when everything becomes fine, I will tell you. She says that day came today, after 19 years. He says I m really sorry Barkha. I did not know…… She says that you have an illegitimate daughter, who will walk back in your life.

She asks him to move away and cries. Sagar and Lajjo have a talk. Lajjo says I trust you, I know you since long time, we were helpless to stay in one room. It was Nikhil’s mistake to say anything without thinking. Sagar asks her to forgive Nikhil. Lajjo smiles hiding her tears. She says she can’t forgive him. He says think being in his place, he came to surprise you from so far and saw you with me in that off side. She says but I did not cheat him. He says yes, but he does not know this, a man is insecure when it comes to a relationship with his wife. He says every man is jealous.

Lajjo says she can’t forgive. Adhiraj and Ayesha come home and Gunjan and Rishi welcome them. Ayesha says she came to surprise them. Nikhil comes home. Rishi says Lajjo went to Agra for her show and Nikhil looks upset. Ayesha asks why is he angry. Sagar comes to meet Nikhil to talk about Lajjo. Nikhil says Lajjo is not at home. Sagar says he came to explain him the whole truth. He explains about the rooms unavailable and everything. He says she slipped and I held her, nothing else. He says I have seen it and done now. He says we have relation like student and mentor, trust me. Nikhil tells about his wife’s death and Jasmine. Sagar says who, Adhiraj’s sister. Nikhil says yes, she came to me and saw you and Lajjo, and the girl whom you molested. Sagar is shocked and says what?

Nikhil asks Lajjo to apologize. He taunts her about Sagar. She asks him to leave from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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