Hamari Sister Didi 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Khushi runs saving her life to a godown, the men reach there following her. She was worried, and finds a hiding there. The men look for her and were close. One of them points at her, Khushi spills the boxes and cans there and runs away. She goes inside a store-room inside and locks it. They keep on beating it, for her to open. Khushi was worried, they push the door warning her to break the door.
The police vans reach the place, the men hear the sirens and locks the door from outside before leaving. Tanya and Arman come out of the forests and stops the vans. Amrita comes down, the inspector asks Arman what happened to her. Amrita recognizes Tanya, Tanya cries and tells Amrita all the story from the accident to the driver and the thieves. Tanya says Khushi is still in the forest. The inspector asks to go there to the jungle. Khushi tries to unlock the door, there were gas pipe lines. Amrita hears Khushi’s voice, and says to Karan she thinks Khushi is here. He goes into the jungle, Karan stops her then goes behind her. Khushi struggles with the door. Amrita reach the godown, she says to Karan that she has a feeling her Khushi is just here. The gas begin to leak from a pipe, Amrita goes into the godown. Khushi asks for help, Amrita calls Khushi in the godown hall. Karan asks where is Khushi, but Amrita says she feels Khushi is here. Amrita asks Karan to wait and look for Khushi here. She goes calling Khushi.
Khushi begins to cough and pant as her head pangs due to gas. She begins to faint. Amrita goes to the door inside, Khushi faints. Amrita wonders what is the smoke inside, watches Khushi from the mirror lying on floor and tells Karan that Khushi is here inside. Karan also looks inside, and breaks open the door. They both come to hold Khushi. Amrita calls Khushi’s name. She wakes up with a cough, Karan is relieved. Amrita assures that mama is here. Khushi hugs her, they both cry.

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In the hospital, Babay says to Amrita that she is so afraid hearing this. Amrita says she couldn’t forgive herself had something happened to Khushi. She says she doesn’t need any other tests now. Babay says life means ups and downs. Amrita’s phone rings, it was Mr. Singh. She says it isn’t possible for her as she doesn’t has any time. She is so busy at Muskan, and asks him not to call again and again. She tells Babay that she doesn’t want a private job and is happy at Muskaan. Babay says everone cares about diamond, except for some like Dimple. They laugh at her, while Malika tells her that Karan is calling him here.
Karan tells a patient that his condition is getting worse. The man says he is fine, works 18 hours a day and is fine. Karan says his cholesterol is high, and his arteries are blocked. He has to be kept under observation. Amrita hears to this conversation. The man says he has a lot to do, there is a minister on visit he can’t deny them here. Karan is irritated by him. The man asks him for medicine. Karan says he isn’t giving him any medicine. Amrita stops the patient, she tries to make up his mind and says he can do all his work from here, on phone or conference. The patient complains that the new doctor is really an angry man. Amrita stops Karan from saying anything, Dimple watches this and leaves. Amrita leaves, to send the ward boy when he is ready.
The patient is ready in the bed, he calls a ward boy and whispers something in his ears. He even bribes him.
Dimple comes to her office, thinking about Karan and Amrita. She asks Mehr to send Amrita at her office. Mehr tells Amrita about it, it is something urgent. Dimple was walking in her cabin, she shouts at Amrita that she spoiled the new year of her and Karan. She had an excuse about her daughter. Amrita says she can’t do anything about her thinking, she can take Karan. Dimple asks why Karan reach to rescue her everytime. Amrita asks her to question Karan about it, or she can’t else he will know how she thinks. Dimple asks Amrita to leave Karan, Amrita says she hasn’t bind him. She can bind him, doesn’t she know how. Dimple says that it is Amrita who knows all the tactics about binding men. Amrita holds hand on Dimple, then stops. She tells Dimple not to speak rubbish if she can’t think and speak well, else she will have to misbehave with her.

PRECAP: The wardboy brings medicines to the patient. His condition worsen, his wife blames Amrita. Amrita asks if he has taken anything else other than prescribed medicine or food. He denies.

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