Sinhasan Battisi 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj asks how did she get so close to adityanath and then dhvani tells tat she did not limit her till the dance room but started entering every place in the palace and raja adityanath went on getting attracted towards her and one day adityanath did not came to the room so i went to look out for him and i saw tat adityanath expressed his love to chandramukhi and then chandramukhi says tat if he loves her then he has to marry her and then i entered and said to chandramukhi tat she has gone mad and starts scolding her but then adityanaths stops her and scold her for behaving so badly and then tells tat he loves chandramukhi and now she can go away forever and calls the dasis and ask them to take her away and leave her out of town raja bhoj then says to dhvani that he promises her tat he will bring back adityanatha nd give her rights.

Baluch rajya 10 years back was a small village raja bhoj asks how did such a small village get so big and then brahmdat tells tat first these rajas attack other places and then send a friendly invitation ad then send a vish kanya to their place and then raja bhoj says tat this means tat chandramukhi is a vish kanya and then chandramukhi is seen going towards a cave with her face hiding and after reaching the caves she calls all the snakes out to give her the power with their venom all the snakes then come out and give her all the venom she then gets up and says tat she is the vish kanya and will kill all with her venom raja bhoj then says tat this means she will kill his friend adityanath brahmdat then tells tat before this the rajas were killed by a snake venom who were sent by the raja of baluchrajya then raja bhoj says tat now he has two responsibilities one to give his bhabi dhvani her rights and save adityanaths life and then adityanath is seen asking his soldiers tat were is chandramukhi while they say tat they have searched everywhere but did not find her and he then asks them to go and find her again and there comes chandramukhi and asks who is he searching for adityanath then tells tat he was searching for her where was she and chandramukhi then says tat she was here only and adityanath is seen drunk and says tat she should not go away from him as he loves her very much chandramukhi then asks him tat who will he save between himself and me adityanath says tat he will save her she gets happy listening to this andthen adityanath demands to see her dance and then she asks adityanath to go the rangshala she will be back in few minutes
Chandramukhi comes to the room and starts dancing and adityanath is enjoying her dance while raja bhoj tells dhvani tat he will go to bring her husband and his friend adiyanath back to reality but dhvani says tat she will come with him but raja bhoj and maharani vallari tells he tat if she goes there now everything will get more worse and dhvani agrees to it and raja bhoj tells tat he has to save adityanaths life dhvani asks wat wrong with his life raja bhoj then tells tat chandramukhi is a vish kanya and she is there to kill him and he then promises them that he will save him as once he reaches kapilraj.
Chandramukhi is seen dancing and entertaining adityanath while bhoj is seen entering the raja adityanaths palace the soldiers stop him saying tat raja has asked no to let anyone in and raja bhoj gets angry and asks do they know who are they talking to the soldier who doesn’t know raja bhoj and then raja bhoj orders them to let him in and then they allow him to go but at that time the ghungroos of chandramukhi scatter and broke she then asks raja adityanath tat the ghungroos are broken so she will be back soon with the other one and there enters raja bhoj he is shocked to see adityanath so much drunked and then adityanath sees him and gets happy and welcome him and then asks him to come and lets have some lunch raja bhoj goes with him and chandramukhi is trying to see tat who is this adityanaths friend she then again follows them to lunch room but couldn’t see him and then a dasi come and gives chandramukhi a letter she then gets shocked to see tat raja baluch is here and then in to the waiting room adityanath and raja bhoj is seen where raja bhoj asks about dhvani and adityanath is avoiding it a dasi comes and tells them tat lunch is ready and raja bhoj then asks again tat call dhvani and we will have lunch together but then adityanath then tells tat dhvani is not here raja bhoj asks y where is she and adityanath tells tat she is now not a part of his life and raja bhoj then shouts at adityanath how can u be so mad to leave ur wife for a dancer adityanath shouts tat she is not just a dancer but he loves her now raja bhoj then shouts at him tat how could he be so blind for a dancer listening to this adityanath get very angry by listening his words and attacks with a sword on him.

Raja bhoj sees a lady going towards a snake cave and then he gets to know tat chandramukhi is a vish kanya and then chandramukhi is asking Brahman has he found out an exact time for their marriage but the Brahman says no and then raja bhoj says tat he knows one technique by putting the silver coin in milk bowl and chandramukhi is seen a bit scared to do this and as she enters her hand along with adityanaths the milk changes color.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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