Hamari Sister Didi 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Amrita and Karan were taken aback. Amrita runs out in shock, Karan stops her. The inspector says the car is empty, they might have left after the accident. Amrita sits nearby, Karan says this is good news. This means they arent hit, he asks the inspector where they might have gone.
Sooraj bids farewell to his friends. He asks Mrs. Kapoor why didi hasn’t returned yet and asks to call Khushi. Mrs. Kapoor says she will come back, and must be busy with friends. Sooraj asks her for milk with chocolate, Sooraj calls Khushi’s number, it was out of reach. He calls mama, Amrita talks on phone that they still doesn’t know about Khushi. Sooraj asks what has happened to Khushi, he wants to talk to her. Amrita says he must sleep, she will just bring Khushi home. Mrs. Kapoor takes the phone and asks if she knows about anything. Amrita says they have come to police station. Mrs. Kapoor says it is about a girl, they must take action at once.
Sooraj says to Mrs. Kapoor that they are all liar. He runs out, dadi mama stops him. He cries that their mama used to say papa will come back, but he didn’t. What if something happens to didi, Mrs. Kapoor hugs him and says Khushi will come back soon.
Amrita waits while Karan talks to the head of police station. He was shocked when he comes out. Amrita asks what, he couldn’t say anything. She asks him, he says they found two dead bodies of children in jungle, they have to identify them. Amrita sits, taken aback. She says nothing can happen to Khushi, Karan says they have to go there. Amrita denies, that it isnt Khushi. She say she won’t go there, tears fill her eyes. She leaves the place.
They come to the venue. Two bodies lie on the road side. Amrita walks heavily. Karan goes to the bodies, watches them and is nauseatic. He goes to stand holding the car. Amrita cries, and runs to Karan and holds him by collar asking whay. Karan smiles, saying it isn’t Khushi. Amrita is relieved, and hugs Karan.
The cab driver stops the car, Khushi asks him why he stopped the car. He says he will just be back, Khushi calls at him to come soon. Khushi asks Arman if he is alright. Tanya asks Khushi what is the time, Khushi looks the time, it is 1.30. The driver comes behind the trees and calls a friend, saying he has got two girls and a boy, and they have much money and expensive phones. Khushi looks at the shadow of the man, and asks Tanya didn’t he say he has no phone. She says something is wrong, they have come into a wrong taxi. She gets worried, that she doesn’t even know what to do. Khushi says they must remain ready for whatever happens. Arman nods, in pain. The taxi driver tells the friend about a farm-house adress.
The driver comes to the cab, Khushi watches him coming back. He tells them to check about the water in car, and opens the bonet. Khushi wonders what he is doing.
Amrita and Karan get into the car, Amrita gets a text message. Karan asks who is it. It was Arman’s number, Amrita calls the number. Khushi picks the call. Amrita asks where she is. Khushi talks aloud that yes comissioner uncle, we are in our way. They driver get worried as she hears this. Amrita gets something is wrong, Karan takes the phone and puts it on speaker. He asks Khushiwhere she is. Khushi says to Karan that they have will reach the hospital in ten minutes. If they don’t reach in ten minutes, is he sending the police vehicle then. The driver gets worried, so does Karan detect the danger. The inspector nods at Karan, and Karan tells Khushi tell her location. She looks around, she says she doesn’t know. Karan asks to look around. Khushi says she is looking around, and see a post office indication, she tells him that there is a post office near old pritampura.
The inspector gets the location, and goes to trace the location. Amrita talks to Khushi and says she must not worry, they are coming to her soon. Khushi says alright, so he is coming to the hospital. Amrita says she is in a problem, and asks the number of the car she is in. Khushi says she will just ask the driver uncle, and asks the driver about the car number. The driver regrets, clicks open the knife and comes to open Khushi’s door. Khushi screams.Tanya says, aunty he has a knife. Amrita panics further.
The driver throws away the phone, and deters Khushi telling her to sit quietly. He calls the man, and informs that there is a change in plan. He is coming to him. Amrita and Karan hurry with the police. The cab driver asks Khushi and kids to come out. Khushi argues that she won’t come out, he pulls her out and asks the three of them to come out. Khushi asks him to let them go, he has taken their jewellery and everything, now he must let them go.
Karan and Amrita arrive at the place with police. The phone rings nearby, as Amrita calls on it. The inspector says it is a straight way ahead and goes to check. The other man comes there, and says they must leave them here. The driver says they have seen them, they need to be killed. He points the gun at Khushi, she throws sand in their eyes and takes hold of the gun. She tells the man to back up, and put the knife down. Khushi says she will shoot them, and tells Tanya and Arman to go behind. The men tell her not to shoot, suddenly her foot slips and the gun fell down. They move back towards her, Khushi is afraid.

PRECAP: Khushi is caught in a godown, gas pipe runs leak there. Amrita and Karan were out, Amrita goes inside to look for Khushi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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