Hamari Maa Aur Hum: aisa kyun maa?

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rikara entered the living room only for gauri to be showered with roses.

gauri: what is this?

the entire oberoi family comes in front of her.

anika: a mother is someone who can sacrifice everything for their children.

somu: a mother is a goddess who is always with us when god can’t be.

shivay: a mother is a teacher.

rudy: a mother is our country’s pride.

prinku: a mother is a pillar of strength.

ranveer: and a mother is someone who loves you enterally. a mother is someone who even though had enough, still raises their children with love.

gauri: what is all this?

om: even those elder than you consider you their mother. gauri, you weren’t just blessed with five kids, you were blessed with 12 kids.

gauri: who’s the twelfth?

om: me.

gauri slaps his cheek lightly, smiling.

jhanvi: gauri, when we first met you, you were pregnant with om’s child and we all wanted you to abort the baby because we thought you were too young to raise a child along with om but when we got to know that you raised your brother all by yourself with the identity of both as his sister and mother, there was no point in aborting the baby. we knew that you could handle the responsibility.

gauri smiles with tears in her eyes.

ranveer: I remember when I was scared, you would console me. when I failed in my exams, you made me study even harder. you never scolded me didi maa, you only loved me. why did you raise me with so much love didi maa when you knew I was always going to be your annoying brother?

gauri: kyunki you were my only family, we lost everything and we only had each other. you were only 8 and you were so scared that I chose to raise with love only.

ranveer hugs gauri tight.

later on that day:


anika and somu’s mother came for the celebration also a lot of guests came with their mothers. as ranveer and gauri saw everyone with their mother they couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous. they lost their mother and now on this day, they wanted her back badly.

anika went on the stage and said: hello everyone. how are you all? so a very happy mother’s day to everyone here. today our mother earth, our goddess….. sorry sorry I mean everyone’s mother gauri will sing for us. now before anyone asks how is gauri everyone’s mother, well she raised her younger brother ranveer for 18 years of her life. still counting. she gave up everything only for ranveer and his future. now she is a mother not to five children, not six even but to millions kyunki whenever she is with us, no sadness just love and happiness. so please welcome gauri.

everyone claps and gauri goes on stage.

gauri: bhoojal, what is this?

anika: chalo devrani maa, sing.

gauri smiles lightly and grabs the microphone. as she faced the audience, she felt nervous and tears rolled down her eyes. she saw her mother in the audience and was shocked with happiness.

A aa e ee oo uu ri ae ae..
O oo ann ahaa
A aa e ee oo uu ri ae ae..
O oo ann ahaa
Ka kha ga gha da
Ch chh ja jha
Ta tha da dha da
Te tha da dha na
Pa pha ba bha
Mai yay ray lay vay
A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..
O oo ann ahaa

gauri’s mother: laado!

gauri wiped her tears and started singing: Ungli pakad ke phir se sikha de, Godi utha le na Maa.. Aanchal se meri munh ponchh de na, Maila saa laage jahaan.

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..
O oo ann ahaa

gauri: Aankhein dikhaye mujhe jab zindagi. Yaad mujhe aati hai tere gusse ki. Daata bhi toh tune mujhe, phoolon ki Tarah. Kyun nahi maa saari duniya teri Tarah. Maatha garam hai, subah se mera. Rakh de hatheli na Maa. Tune kuch khaaya? Der se kyun aayi? Koi na poochhe yahaan.

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..
O oo ann ahaa

she remembers her mother consoling her when she was upset. she remembered when her mother made her hold ranveer for the first time. she remembered her mother making her learn. she remembered her mother making her walk for the first time.

gauri: Heera kaha, kabhi nagina kaha. Mujhe kyun aise paala tha Maa. Teri nazar se mujhe dekhe na jahaan. Duniya ko toh daantegi na, daantegi na Maa.

outside a lady heard gauri’s voice. she got tears listening to the world’s most beautiful voice.

lady: yeh… laado?

she slowly walks in the house. gauri and ranveer felt weird as she entered but so did this lady.

gauri: Teri nazar se mujhe dekhe na jahaan. Duniya ko toh daantegi na, daantegi na Maa. Mujhko shiqayat karni hai sabki. Mujhko sataate hain Maa. Ab tu chhupa le
Paas bula le, mann hai akela yahaan.

A aa e ee oo oo ri ae ae..
O oo ann ahaa

lady whispering: laado?

gauri was done but as she saw the lady who was at the entrance who call her laado, she gets a little shocked.. her hands trembled. when the lady saw gauri, she was memorized hearing her voice but just then she fainted. gauri dropped the microphone and runs to the lady. everyone follows her.

gauri: aunty, wake up please. mishti, water?

misthi: ji mama.

she goes to the kitchen running.

gauri: omkaraji, doctor.

om: ji.

he gets his phone out and quickly calls the doctor.

a while later:

the lady was being checked and then the doctor came out.

doctor: thankfully she is fine but she hasn’t eaten for a few days now. do feed her.

ranveer: thank you doctor.

om escorts the doctor out and ranveer and gauri rush inside.

as soon as they entered the room and saw the lady, they felt safe for some reason. they felt like happiness was flying in the room.

lady: sorry for the inconvenience.

gauri: it’s okay aunty. please don’t say sorry.

the lady smiles.

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