Shrenal Happy Family Shots: Shot 1

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the sun rose up and the light rays shone though the window revealing two people in bed. a man on top of a girl and both were covered in a white blanket. clothes on the floor. it was clear both were tired from their love making session.

all of a sudden both woke up and their faces were revealed. shrenu and kunal. better known as shrenal.

kunal: ouch why does my back hurt?

shrenu: your back hurts because of your shameless thoughts and actions mr jaisingh.

kunal: arre how can I keep my hands off you? you are too hot.

shrenu: hmm and this is why your back is hurting now.

kunal: then why do you need to be so hot? and what was the need to wear a bikini?

shrenu: we were on the beach so that’s why. also the kids were watching a movie so I thought it would be safe to wear one.

kunal: and kill me with your beauty.

he licks her neck making her moan. they roll on the bed and soon shrenu was on top of kunal.

kunal: besides I know without my touch, you feel empty.

he runs his hand down her back leading to shivers in her spine.

shrenu: KUNAL…..

kunal: your lips look delicious.

he sucks them as if they were ice cream. shrenu responds to this kiss. just then their daughter munni entered.

munni: mummy daddy?

shrenal broke their kiss and with their bodies hidden in the white blanket, they saw their daughter.

munni: what you doing?

shrenu: kuch nahi munni. go annoy Viren.

munni: okie!

she goes and closes the door behind her.

shrenu: you didn’t lock the door?

kunal: how was I suppose to know munni would come in.

shrenu stands up and locks the door.

shrenu: now do what you want.

she goes back in the bed with him and snuggles with him.

kunal: when should we attend the kids?

shrenu: not now. I only want you.

kunal: see I knew it. you are empty without my touch.

shrenu kisses his neck and then buries her head in his chest.

kunal: oh oh someone is shy.

shrenu: don’t tease me.

kunal laughs and makes shrenu reveal her face. he pinches her nose and leaves trails of kisses on her neck and then bit it leaving a hickey.

shrenu: accha now I think we should attend the kids. besides I am feeling too hot here.

kunal nods and he helps shrenu up.

a while later:

both shrenal came down and saw their kids on the beach.

shrenu: kunal, make me something and kids too.

kunal: why me? you make it.

shrenu: I’m tired.

kunal: same I am.

shrenu: flip a coin.

kunal gets a coin out and says: heads!

shrenu: tails.

kunal flipped a coin and it landed on the tail.

shrenu: yes I win. you make food.

she runs out of the penthouse and goes out on the beach to the kids.

kunal: fine.


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