Hamari Bahu Silk 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Baa demands Pakhi to give up her voice


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Hamari Bahu Silk 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The goons intend to harass Pakhi and molest her, snatching her chunri as well. Pakhi was terrified. She finds a steel rod from under the car and fights them. One of the men holds her hand at the back while the other holds her by head.

At home, Baa lay in her bed. Janki brings a cup of milk for her. She apologizes Baa for what happened and agrees her daughter is responsible for all this. Baa asks Janki if she knew about it. Janki steals her looks, then says she and Naksh came to know about it together. They only didn’t want to hurt Baa. Baa says if the knife stabs a chest with the jerk it hurts less. She tells Janki to close the door and take the milk along, she can’t eat anything from hands of liars. She wonders what’s happening to her.
There, Pakhi struggles against the goons.

All at once, someone clutches the face of the one charging Pakhi. He beats them ferociously. The goons flee from the spot. Pakhi runs to hug Naksh. Naksh pushes Pakhi away from herself, hands her chunri and instructs her to get in the car. Pakhi questions why he still cares for her. Naksh says he came here because of her Ayi, and he still cares for the family unlike her. Pakhi gets into the car with him.

At home, Mamta speaks to Baa that she gets strange calls, people wants to speak to Silk or, listen to her voice for once. Ketan says even there has been notes wrapped in stone, to meet Silk. Naksh comes to the room and tells everyone that Pakhi will no more live in the house. He will divorce her. Baa reads the papers. Ketan says it’s the right decision, like they throw away the sour Paneer in kitchen they should not keep Pakhi at home. Baa removes her cannula and walks outside the room. In the temple, she apologizes God and burns the papers. Everyone was taken aback by her action. Baa says Pakhi must be punished, not the values of their family. For her, a piece of paper doesn’t matter; it’s a relationship for lives. Naksh had taken the wedding rounds even when he knew her reality. Naksh says Pakhi married him on gun point. Baa corrects that Pakhi had placed the revolver on her own forehead, he could have let her die. Pakhi was ready for any punishment from Baa, as Baa is her Guru as well. Baa demands Pakhi her voice, get herself operated and give up on her voice. Naksh stares at Pakhi. Pakhi looks towards Janki who wasn’t ready, but Pakhi accepts Baa’s condition.

At night, Baa introduces them to Dr. Aghihotri who would operate on Pakhi. The doctor takes Pakhi’s consent who nods that it’s her own will. Janki asks what she is doing. Pakhi replies she is killing the problem.

In the room, Rimjhim calls Natasha and advices her to find some other work for herself. Pakhi is getting an operation to lose her own voice.

Naksh brings Pakhi aside and asks why she agreed to give up on her voice. Pakhi says she will get this operation. Naksh blames it must also be a game of Pakhi. Pakhi inquires if he is in disbelief or worried. This voice brought them together, and this voice created problems between them. Now, once the voice is gone there will be no problem again. Naksh leaves the room. Pakhi says she wants to continue take Naksh’s name till she got this voice.

Pakhi stood in front of the road side temple. She says she isn’t upset because she is about to lose her voice. But because she won’t get anything even after losing her voice. She tried to achieve a lot through her voice, but always lost. Rimjhim will win over her; if people like Rimjhim should win? Natasha calls from behind that Rimjhim hasn’t won yet. Pakhi turns to Natasha and strictly says she isn’t ready for an argument right now. Natasha says there was a time she wanted to destroy Pakhi, but today she wish to support Pakhi in her fight against Rimjhim. Pakhi can’t fight that Rimjhim all alone. Pakhi pushes Natasha’s hand down, which she had held to hold Pakhi’s. Natasha says she will tell everyone about the torn truth, but in return Pakhi must save her voice. It’s not only Pakhi’s voice, it’s her voice as well. She will help Pakhi, and in return Pakhi must continue to dub for her. Her career is dependent on Pakhi. And Rimjhim is a difficult enemy, she is extremely dangerous and they must unite to defeat her. Pakhi thinks about her family’s point of view.

PRECAP: Rimjhim was uncomfortable watching Natasha at Parekh House. Natasha tells Rimjhim she came here to tell everyone the truth. She dodges Rimjhim and locks her in her car while going into the Parekh House.

Update Credit to: Sona

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