Namah 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Devi Shakti Is Humiliated


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Namah 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prajapati Daksh sends invitation to Narayan and devi Lakshmi to attend his maha sabha and participate in yagna. Devi Shakti asks messenger where is her invitation. Messenger walks away silently. Devi Lakshmi says they cannot deny invitation, but also cannot see Mahadev’s insult. Mahadev asks not to worry about him and to attend yagna. Devi Shakti requests Mahadev to let her attend yagna. He says she shouldn’t as she is also not invited. She says she cannot go as a wife, but as a daughter and she can get closer to her father again. Mahadev says even fate doesn’t want her to go. Devi Shakti insists and Mahadev permits her. She walksa away smiling at Mahadev. Narayan asks Mahadev to stop devi Shakti. Mahadev says let her go and as they both are one.

Devi Shakti with Narayan

and Lakshmi walk to her father’s town and seeing Mahadev’s effigy on town main entrance thinks her father is honoring Mahadev, she herself will ask her father. She walks to Daksh who extends his hands and when she walks towards him he ignores her and greets Narayan and Lakshmi, under Kali’s influence. He asks them to take their seat as he was waiting for them. Lakshmi thinks if Daksh cannot see that his daughter is here. Narayan tells Daksh that he came here as devta’s presence is important in yagna and why he forgot that without Mahadev’s presence, yagna is impossible, so he should send an invitation to Mahadev right now, else he will not take his seat. Daksh says its okay if he doesn’t take his seat, but he will not invite Mahadev.

Devi Shakti asks Daksh if he didn’t notice her while greeting Narayan and Devi Lakshmi, he should realize that his yagna is incomplete without Mahadev and should invite him soon. Daksh shouts if she came here as Mahadev’s wife and not his daughter. He continues insulting Mahadev. Narayan warns if he is not afraid of Mahadev’s anger and fear his life. Shakti says as a guest he doesn’t have right to question the host, but she is not an invitee and can question her father. In Kailash, Mahadev tells Nandi that he should have respected Devi Shakti’s wish and compromised with Daksh. Daksh continues insulting Mahadev and says Mahadev is fit to be his watchman and asks Shakti to leave. He even asks Narayan to leave. Shakti walks away saying she is breaking up ties with him forever.

Precap: Mahadev gets angry after Daksh insults Devi Shakti.

Update Credit to: MA

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