Hamari Bahu Silk 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh frees Janki from Jail

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Aakash was angry that Natasha didn’t let him know about her plan. Natasha says she will make Pakhi cry blood, and will destroy the one who disgraced her work.

Naksh tries to convince the inspector that may be some thief had placed the gold chain. He can’t keep that lady in the police station without a lady constable. He takes the responsibility that he will bring that lady to police station tomorrow. A junior inspector takes Naksh’s responsibility as he recognized him as son of Parekh family. Naksh was relieved. The inspector signals to spare Janki. Pakhi was thankful.

At home, Mamta was sitting at Baa’s room. She says sometimes we do not recognize the behavior of people, like Janki. Baa regrets she had trusted them in the first place.

Outside the police station, Pakhi considers herself responsible for Ayi’s arrest. Ayi says they have been unlucky, and left roofless in this world. They were unfateful that her father died. Pakhi hugs Ayi. Naksh calls Mamta and says he got Ayi out of jail, but can he bring them home. Mamta speaks symbolically that climate is too warm and there is no air. She walks outside and explains to Naksh that Baa isn’t ready to see Janki’s face. Pakhi asks Naksh if they can come to live at his place again. Naksh was silent. Pakhi says it’s alright, he has already helped them enough. She has seen some ads, and they will find a place for themselves to live. Naksh stops Pakhi.

Naksh brings Pakhi and Ayi to a friend’s place. Sumit was busy dancing around with his friends. Sumit was shirtless and says he didn’t know that girl is such a b*t*h, she bit him on his hand. Naksh tries to silence Sumit, then gives way so that he could see Pakhi and Ayi. The boys hurry to get into their clothes. Naksh introduces Janki and Pakhi to his friends, and say they will stay here for a while. The boys assure they don’t have a problem, and Pakhi and Ayi can stay here till they want to. Downstairs, Pakhi tries to thank Naksh. Naksh claims Pakhi to be extremely filmy, but straight away say a thanks. Pakhi wonders how she would return this favor. Naksh replies he would surely get her a number of chances. They laugh together, followed by an awkward silence. Pakhi requests Naksh’s favor to find the girls who got Ayi caught in jail. Naksh says he must do that, after all he promised the police. Pakhi forwards her hand for friendship. Naksh instead slaps it, and says they first need to prove Janki innocent.

Mosmi (Mamta’s daughter in law) creates a romantic atmosphere in the room. Ketan was instead making bill of grocery. Mosmi makes him write increased rates of everything, she wanted a commission. Mosmi offers to play a new video of Natasha but there was a knock at the door. Ketan runs to cover Mosmi under blanket. It was Baa, demanding the bills for today. Ketan says some work is still remaining. Baa notices Mosmi was sleeping with makeup on. Ketan explains she was tired and couldn’t change before sleeping. Naksh passes by from behind. Baa and Ketan stop him. Baa asks Naksh what the matter is, he has so much of time to wander around with his friends. She can’t let him behave unjustly to his brother. Naksh doesn’t pay any heed to Baa’s words and leave. Ketan locks the door at once as Baa leaves.

Pakhi dubs for Natasha’s intimate scene. The boys on set discuss Pakhi creates such variations in her voice, she must definitely have been linked with such business like Natasha. Pakhi wakes up from the nightmare. She pours a glass of water for herself, trying to calm down. She gets a call from Natasha. Natasha appreciates that Pakhi got her mother freed from police station. She tells Pakhi to come over. Pakhi says she has some important work today. Natasha says it seems Pakhi didn’t read the contract well, she has to be here on her single call. Pakhi was tensed that she has to prove her Ayi innocent first, how can she go to Natasha.

PRECAP: The inspector came to Naksh to take Janki to police station. Pakhi thinks she can’t let her Ayi to jail again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hope that Pakhi and Naksh find the real culprits Natasha and her squad. You hear about evil minded women who take advantage of defenseless persons. Natasha is an evil shameless woman who will sell herself to gain fame and glory. Waiting for Pakhi to deal with the evil Natasha and not be abused , dehumanised and demoralised by her.

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