Bepanah Pyaar 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati cares for Raghbir

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Bepanah Pyaar 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati tells Raghbir that he can join business again to forget his past. Raghbir shouts at her that who said I want to forget my past? my past was Bani and she is my life. Dont try to be my wife, nobody can be like my Bani, dont wear her saree again and leave me alone, he leaves.

Aditi tells Mama that she has found proposal for Priya, he is CA and rich, she leaves. Bua tells Mama and Mami that she will be happy there.

Pragati sees Priya crying and asks what happened? Priya says doesnt concern you and leaves.

Pragati is sleeping in her room when she hears someone. She sees a shadow outside room and goes to check but doesnt find anyone. She hears someone screeching luggage on floor. She starts following but Aditi comes there. Pragati says I saw someone.. Devraj asks what happened? Pragati says I saw a shadow. Aditi says you see something everyday. Pragati says trust me, I saw someone with a luggage. Aditi is shocked and recalls flashback how Bani and Raghbir were leaving house. She brought her printed suitcase and says I love it. Flashback ends. Aditi says it must be nothing, they hear a noise. Pragati says see? lets go and check. Pragati goes in basement and looks around. She sees a shadow throwing suitcase at her, she is shocked.

Raghbir gets drunk and says wish she didnt leave me.. I miss you Bani. He drinks more and recalls flashback how Bani said that we are going on vacations? She hides something in luggage. Raghbir tries to check but she doesnt let him. Later police tells Raghbir that they couldnt find Bani’s body in jungle after she fell from cliff.

All family members come in basement. Pragati says I saw Bani’s shadow. Look at this suitcase, I saw Bani, there is something there. Bua says you are hallucinating, calm down, this suitcase is empty. Harshit asks her to calm down and go to sleep. Pragati is tensed and says I heard something so I woke up but you people are awake at 2AM? why? Aditi glares at her. Pragati says sorry, I shouldnt question, she leaves.

Scene 2
Pragati comes to Raghbir’s room and sees him fallen on floor and wound on his head. She runs to him and wipes his wound. She recalls how he said to not be his wife. She bandages his wound, saathiya plays. She puts him in bed. Raghbir murmurs Bani.. Pragati says you both love each other so much that Bani is here too.. if its Bani’s soul but why do I see her? I thought someone wants to scare me in this house but its a soul.

In morning, Pragati tells her father that she saw Bani’s soul. Father says I am scared, you cant go there. Pragati says no, I have to go there because.. Father says because Raghbir is there, you cant leave him? why you care about others so much? He doesnt care about you but you.. why? Pragati says I cant leave Raghbir sir alone, he is lonely with his family too, everyone has problem with his anger, drinking and bitter tongue but nobody understands him, his pain is still in his eyes, his memories doesnt let him live, dont know if he living or dead. Father says you understand him there only? Like you care for him, I care for you, Pragati says that soul doesnt want to hurt me.. that bag fell on me but it didnt hurt me, I think Bani’s soul wants to say something to me, maybe she wants me to look inside that bag, something that others dont want me to see.

PRECAP- Pragati says to Raghbir that I wanted to say.. Priya looks tensed, she doesnt seem happy with his proposal and said yes under pressure. Later Raghbir asks Priya if she is happy with this proposal? Family says she is happy, why are you questioning her? Raghbir says because Pragati told me she is not happy. Pragati looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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