Hamari Bahu Silk 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Baa convince Naksh to leave Rimjhim

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Hamari Bahu Silk 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the room, Rimjhim was happy that Naksh cares for her. Naksh clarifies to Rimjhim that he helped her only because he is against Pakhi. Rimjhim can never be his wife. He might never be able to love Rimjhim and give her the right. Rimjhim smirks then says she never wanted to hurt Naksh. She only wish to be a friend. Pakhi had broken the door open. She finds Naksh and Rimjhim holding hands, then drags Rimjhim downstairs. Naksh follows and questions how Pakhi dare do all this. Pakhi replies one gains the courage when self-respect is hurt. The family gather in the hall. Naksh questions what she considers herself that she dragged Rimjhim out of his room. Pakhi replies she is his wife. She remained silent when he called Rimjhim his wife. She can’t bear him take another girl to his room and celebrate

the wedding night with her. Naksh asserts that Rimjhim is his wife, she will stay in his bed room. Pakhi tells him to make an attempt, she will go to any extent to stop him.

Baa tells Naksh to leave Rimjhim’s hand. She says is hardly, but Pakhi is right. Naksh says he insisted even when Baa wasn’t happy with his decision. It’s his life, and he considers Rimjhim as his wife. Baa says alright, she accepts it’s his life, his room and his rules. There is still something in the house which is hers; her Achaar Senkta (Rule Book). She brings the book and says maybe it’s the root cause of all problems of the house. She decides to burn it once and for all, he can then live his life as he desires.

Baa was about to throw a matchstick over Achaar Senkta. Naksh and Pakhi both place a hand over the book and prevents it from being burnt. Rimjhim was irked as Pakhi placed her hand above Naksh’s. Naksh jerks her hand away and holds the book. He says alright then, there will be no sin in the house anymore. If she doesn’t want Rimjhim to live in his room. But he has a condition, Pakhi won’t either come to his room. Baa walks out of the hall. Everyone follows. Naksh walks to Pakhi and says he hates her immensely. She shouldn’t consider it her victory at any cost. Pakhi silently thinks that today a wife has won.

Janki brings tea for Baa in her room. Baa asks why at this time? Janki says the day was tiring, and night isn’t over yet. She brought tea so that she gets rid of her tiredom. Baa nods and asks her to sit. Janki presents the cup of tea to Baa saying she has put ginger and black pepper, it will relieve her head ache. Baa takes a sip and nods. Janki says till yesterday, she had been begging for her daughter and Baa is against her grandson. Baa says they are both with the right. Janki joins her hands and thankful for Baa’s favor for accepting Pakhi. Baa says two things remain with a man; morals and beliefs. She can’t forget her morals, and accepting Pakhi. She was relieved that Janki feels bad for Pakhi’s acts. One thing she would never lie, she will never accept Pakhi as his daughter in law. Baa says anyways Janki makes good tea.

Pakhi stood in front of mirror, taking off her jewelry. Naksh stood in the balcony door. Both think about their love. Pakhi also comes to her room’s window. Pakhi and Naksh confront each other. They recall their promises of married life. Pakhi says she won’t accept defeat so easily, she will prove that Rimjhim is dodging everyone at home.

PRECAP: Mamta thinks of Mosmi during morning Pooja. Pakhi says Mosmi is back. They all turn to see Pakhi bring Mosmi’s medical bed with the paramedic staff.

Update Credit to: Sona

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