Bepanah Pyaar 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Harshit’s new plan to trap Pragati

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Bepanah Pyaar 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badi Ma says I will keep a grah-shanti puja for both of you. You both will sit in the puja. Raghbir asks her why it necessary is. She says it is. So many accidents are happening. I am telling you and not asking you. Pragati says it isn’t possible that he will say no to you. Badi Ma smiles. Harshit leaves for his meeting.

Harshit reaches an isolated site. He is hesitant as to how he will handle the situation today. He removes his stick after making sure no one is around.

Pragati’s father meets her. Why dint you tell me about the accident? She assures him she is perfectly fine. It was the chance I was looking for. He is puzzled. She says I found out what I wanted to. Raghbir loves me a lot. He isn’t that mystery guy in the hoodie. It is someone else. She is reminded of her father’s

words. You were right. I was wrong to doubt Raghbir. He only loves me. I found out yesterday how much he loves Baani. He loves me equally now. He was completely drunk last night but he does not remember anything that he had told me last night. Even I am confused. He tells her to tell Raghbir everything. She says will I tell him that I am Baani and I dint tell him because I doubted him. Her father tells her that truth is powerful. He will understand and accept you. It is highly wrong to hide the truth after knowing he is innocent. Hope this delay will not separate you two.

Shefali is worried that the class would be hour long. She tells her friend that she wont be able to sit for an hour straight. She changes her mind the moment she notices that Raghav in the clas. She wears her specs and enters in the class. She pretends to drop something. Shefali and Raghav steal glances at each other. He asks her to sit next to him but another girl sits on the bench. They start talking to each other. Shefali munches onto chocolate unhappily. A guy announces that the lecture has been cancelled. Shefali begins to go when Raghav tells her to sit next to him in tomorrow’s lecture before some other girl. She smiles cutely.

Everyone is busy making preps for the puja. Aditi is irked that no one asked her for her help for the puja. Even Shalu has changed colours. Nakul and Priya are keeping the water bowl. Dev suggests keeping it in the right direction as per Vastu. Badi Ma and Nakul are pleased to see him. Priya asks Nakul to give her another matchbox. Nakul tells her to fix another date with Dev. She is hesitant but he points out that girls are taking initiatives these days. Don’t think so much. He hands her the matchbox. Priya asks Dev for a dinner date. He happily agrees. Nakul smiles at Priya.

Everyone is seated for the puja. Pundit ji chants a special mantra for the couple during the puja. Raghbir tells him to read it especially for Pragati. She enjoys getting into problems. Pragati looks cutely at him. They do the puja together. Pundit ji explains the significance of the puja. You both will take care of one another and of yourself as you are life partners now. Pragati notices a hoodie guy at the door. Harshit is seated on the sofa. Raghbir notices Pragati tensed and asks her about it. He follows her gaze but the hoodie guy has disappeared. What did you see? She shakes her head. Pundit ji gives her a kalash to keep next to the Tulsi plant. Harshit looks on intently.

Pragati folds her hands in reverence. I must catch this guy at any cost! She opens her eyes and finds herself staring at the hoodie guy. He is also wearing a mask this time. She tries to go but is surrounded by 4 hoodie guys from all 4 sides. They take out knives. Her eyes widen in shock. She covers her face and Raghbir pats at her shoulder. She hugs him out of fear. The hoodie guys have disappeared. They were right here! He says no one is here. How will you live if you will get so scared all the time? She replies that she cannot help it. He tells her to get over it and takes her inside.

Badi Ma and Devraj are relieved that nothing will go wrong with their family anymore. Devraj gives credit to her. Aditi walks away in a huff. Pragati is still tensed. Raghbir asks her to tell him everything clearly. Harshit looks at them. Raghbir asks her what the problem is. They hear Baani calling out for help. Harshit smirks. Nakul brings few gifts. This sound is coming from one of these gifts. Raghbir finds a beheaded doll inside a box with Baani’s saree. Who did this? He stomps on the doll angrily and leaves.

Raghbir is unable to shake out the memory from his mind. Pragati asks him if he cannot sleep. He asks her if she will put him to sleep. She says maybe. If only you will share your problem with me as a stranger if not a friend. Sometimes that eases out the pain too. I know you have a lot going on inside you. Say it. You will feel better. She gets up to go when he asks her if she will be able to make him feel better. There is a lot of pain but I think life has become like this now. She says I understand. I have been through something similar. He suggests that they should start from her. Tell me what it is. She shared that she saw ghost near Tulsi plant. He is surprised to know that she is afraid of ghost when you yourself are one. You are scarier than a ghost. She goes to make tea for him. He thinks to sleep instead but then goes to kitchen. Humans drink tea and I am human being. She stares at him. He tells her not to scare him. She suggests playing a game called Guess What. She is about to start the game but he is curious to know about her. She ends up saying “you” when he says the word love. They share an eye lock. She tells him to have tea. It will turn cold. He takes a sip. Add little rum in it? She looks at him pointedly. He says I was kidding. How do you know that I drink lemongrass tea? Only Baani knew this. She calls him forgetful. You only told me once when you were drunk. You told me a lot more. He wonders what all he has told her. Did I tell her what I shouldn’t have? Pragati thinks you have also told me that. They both drink tea silently.

Pragati thinks he has also begun to consider me as his friend or he wouldn’t have told her anything. I will also do my bit very soon by becoming your Banai. She notices a shadow outside and opens the door only to find Badi Ma standing outside. Badi Ma tells her she is very worried for Raghbir. You know he still hasn’t forgotten Baani. Please help him understand that past never comes back. Make him realise how wrong he is by not accepting you. I have something for you. She gives her bangles. Pragati remembers Raghbir gifting her one when she was Baani. Badi Ma says this belongs to Baani but you have a right on it now. Pragati denies. I cannot wear it till the time Raghbir accepts me fully. Badi Ma insists while Pragati keeps telling her against it. Raghbir notices the bangle and tells Pragati to move her hand aside. How dare you touch my Baani’s bangle? No one can touch it. I don’t like it at all. Badi Ma tries to say something but he does not let her complete her sentence.

Precap: Pragati says I cannot live with hatred and neither can I bear it. She leaves the house. Badi Ma tries to make Raghbir understand but in vain. Everyone has gathered downstairs. Badi Ma says Raghbir shouldn’t have done it. Pragati comes to her home teary eyed. Raghbir imagines Pragati everywhere.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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