Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Rikara’s daughter Radhika’s daughter) — Description and Characters


so Mr varun or ashish’s truth was revealed a few episodes ago and because we all know gul and harneet, they will never give us radhika’s love story. so let’s change this and that….SHIVIKA is ALIVE! just to quickly clarify. some characters in this story are DIFFERENT! so this is continued after varun’s arrest and their divorce (which of course i made up) also no one lives in LONDON and instead of ruvya, we are having RUMYA!





radhika omkara singh oberoi, age: 20: she has recently went through a heartbreak and now has made her point that love is lethal. she works as a makeup artist and is well known for her work. she uses her smile to hide her pain. she loves her parents’ love but hates the idea of getting her own soulmate. eldest child of rikara.

riom omkara singh oberoi, age: 17: he is rikara’s first son and only son. he loves his family and especially radhika. loves teasing her 24/7 but is protective of her. (played by sid

omira omkara singh oberoi a.k.a ira, age: 14: she is rikara’s second daughter. she supports her big sister in everything and wishes for her to get better soon. (played by anushka sen)

omika omkara singh oberoi a.k.a omi, age: 8: she is rikara’s third daughter. she is a easy going girl and very mischievous. (played by harshaali malhotra)

paridhi omkara singh oberoi a.k.a pari, age: 7: she is rikara’s fourth and youngest daughter. not only that but she is the youngest child in the family and is very mischievous. (played by shivika rishi)

mahit khanna singh a.k.a khanna, age: 22: he is khanna’s son. his real name is mahit but everyone loves to call him khanna which he doesn’t mind. he is super dedicated to his work and protecting the family. he loves the idea of love but prefers not to think of his soulmate yet because he wants god to choose the right person for him. (played by anup ingale)

shivansh shivay singh oberoi, age: 24: shivay’s dupilicate only he has a clean shaved face and shivika’s eldest child as well as only son. he is a Bollywood actor and takes life very easily. married to mannat (played by nakuul mehta)

shivani shivay singh oberoi, age: 23: she is now engaged to someone called rahul. she works as a clinical psychologist and is shivika’s second child and youngest (played by pal john)

dhruv rudra singh oberoi, age: 22: he is rumya’s eldest child and first son. he is not at all like rudy though he loves teasing his siblings. he loves doing shayari like om and he makes a living by writing poetry. has a girlfriend called samaya. (played by abhishek singh pathania)

ruhi rudra singh oberoi, age: 12: she is rumya’s second child and only daughter. she is just like somu: bubbly, sweet and helpful. (played by ruhanika dhawan)

naksh rudra singh oberoi, age: 11: he is rumya’s youngest child, second son and youngest son. rudy’s twin. (played by shivansh kotia)


mannat, age: 23 (played by niti taylor)

rahul, age: 25 (played by harsh rajput)

samaya, age: 21 (played by tanvi dogra)

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    rikara’s daughter’s love story.nice idea.as you said in IB they didn’t focus on radhika’s love story at all.

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