Dil ding dong ding dole – Ragsan 4

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Sanskar and jai shocked to see Ragini in cabin. She was sitting on sanskar’s chair and playing with things kept on table.

San angrily: how did u….

interrupt by Sujata.

Suj: how careless u r sanskar? You left her in the middle of road? Thank God I was going through that way and saw her.

San: y did u bring her here? (Being calm) mom. I agree that I said yes to ur friend abt Ragini. But sry she can’t b with me. Tell sry for aunty from my side.

Suj: no way sanskar. After many years we met. She just asked a simple thing, not any property. Can’t u do that much for our friendship? And wat she did that u r doing like this?

Jai: aunty she told that sir will be gotak. It means..

Again she interrupt

Suj: stop now. U just met her before an hour. How can u decide like this? Give sometime.

Sanskar was abt to say, this time Ragini interrupts.

Rag: yes sanky, u shud try wat ur mom is telling. U shud give sometime to me.

She raised her eyebrows with broad smile.

Jai audible to San: killer smile sir.

Sanskar glares at him. He kept quiet. After a little pause.

San: ok mom. But she shud follow some rules.

Suj: wat? Rules? She is my friend’s daughter.

Rag: let it be sanky mom. I’ll handle.

Jai: suppressing laugh: sir was abt to handle u till now. But just went opposite.

He stopped seeing sanskar glaring him.

Suj: now m going home. Ragini, u be with him. He gets angry soon.

Rag: don’t wry sanky mom. M with him.

Sujata left from there. There was a silent in cabin.

Rag: let’s start work. What’s my work sanky?

San: to shut ur mouth.

Rag: hehe nice joke.


Sanskar sitting and doing his work in cabin. He feels very silent everywhere but after sometime he felt something and goes to check staff. He was shocked to see no one there. He searched around and found a group of his staff surrounding Ragini. He goes near.

Ragini sitting in middle with paper and pen.

Rag: next whose name?

Two of staff comes front. A guy and a girl.

Ragini did something on paper.

Rag: u r enemies. Try to b good friends. Ok. Next pair.

San: Wats going on here?

Everyone goes back to their place seeing him. Ragini stood.

Rag: I was playing flames. U know sanky 90 percent of ur staff r lovers.

San: who told u?

Rag: I checked by doing flames. U don’t play that.? U know I checked urs and mine. It’s friends. It’s true na.

San: u came to work under me. Not for playing flames.

Rag: chill sanky. Don’t get hyper. Let’s eat something. M hungry. Jai, show me canteen.

Both left. Sanskar was standing there only and was angry on Ragini.


Sanskar opened his file to see his appointment list. he took the list in hand. He called one staff. She came in.

San: how u prepared list? Who’ll type it in colour?

Girl: (scared) I just typed. Ragini ma’am formatted it.

San: this girl. Ok u go

She left. He throws the paper angrily.


They left for home. As usual jai was driving car. Ragini was humming song. Sanskar was serious. It was enough for him to bear her for single day. They reached ragini’s home to drop her. She got down from car. Just then janki came out from home.

Rag: hi mom. Thanks for this job . It’s really gud.bi enjoyed whole day. M going to kitchen to make coffee. Come soon.

Saying so she went inside. Janki slowly sees sanskar. She was little tensed. She saw him serious.

Jan: slowly: sanskar. Come inside. Have coffee.

San in serious tone: some other time aunty. I don’t drink coffee.

Jan: but sans…

San: jai, drive to home.

They left.

Jan: this girl din’t spare him also. Wat if he tells to Sujata. Wat she’ll think of me.
I’ll talk with her.

She called Sujata.

Jan: suji. Actually my daughter is..

Suj: ur daughter is naughty. That’s wat u r going to tell na? Don’t wry. Girls shud b naughty. U forgot that I was also naughty. Stop getting worried. (She saw sanskar is coming) ok janki, sanskar came, I’ll call u later. U don’t wry. Bye.

She cut the call.

Jan: u r telling not to wry. But I know my daughter.

Sanskar entered. Sujata comes with juice glass. Sanskar was drinking juice.

Suj: how was ur day sanskar?

He stopped drinking. He kept glass and goes to his room without saying anything.

Screen split into two. One side angry sanskar. Other side Ragini wearing headphone and dancing holding cup of coffee.

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