Tantra 15th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi to identify who had Tantra; Niyati or Akshat

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The soul questions where Akshat’s soul is. Kanchan watches Akshat’s soul entrapped and calling Niyati for help. She replies Akshat is fine wherever he is. The evil soul in Akshat’s body agrees to help Kanchan, and vows they will decide on Holi day who wins and who won’t.
Sumati comes to Niyati in the room and says if Niyati had let her talk, Akshat couldn’t have played. Niyati tells Sumati that Dr. Daksh is hopeful of finding a solution by Holi. She requests Sumati not to tell anyone till Holi. Prithvi comes there and asks them about the matter. Sumati tells Prithvi that Tantra wasn’t done on Niyati, it’s on Akshat. Akshat hears this from downstairs. Sumati tells Prithvi that Niyati wanted a solution of the problem. Prithvi asks Sumati to look at Niyati well, he understands Sumati loves

Niyati a lot but Niyati has been affected by Tantra. Sumati tells Prithvi that Akshat behaved like a wild animal. He turns so powerful that Prithvi won’t be able to lock him into the room like he is forcing Niyati.
Akshat comes downstairs in the hall and calls Prithvi. Prithvi says today, he will know who got the Tantra. Niyati requests a single day from Prithvi. Prithvi comes to Akshat and asks what condition he is in. Akshat says it’s Niyati. A Baba promised him a miracle if he goes to the temple. He offers Prithvi Prasad and ties a thread into her wrist. He hugs Prithvi and asks why this happens to his family. Prithvi asks Akshat he also wonders why this is happening to his family. Akshat says he met a few Tantric who handled such cases earlier. He smirks before going into the room.
Prithvi calls Sumati and Niyati downstairs. He says its Holi tomorrow, Niyati has 24 hours to prove Tantra has been done on Akshat. Else, until Akshat finds someone to treat Niyati she will stay locked in the room. No one will be allowed to meet Niyati, not even Sumati. Sumati wish everything is well. Niyati calls Dr. Daksh that everything is at stake now. Dr. Daksh tells Niyati that Akshat attacked him. He says he found a remedy to free Akshat by calming the soul inside him.
The next morning, there were Holi celebrations at Jalsa. Niyati couldn’t find Akshat anywhere in the celebration. Sumati looks for Dr. Daksh. Akshat comes near to Niyati and offers her a glass of Bhang. He sips from it himself and says it’s not poisonous. A drummer passes from between them and turns to be Dr. Daksh who vanishes at once. Akshat turns to Niyati who was also not in place. Akshat wonders who this idiot was. Niyati goes looking for Dr. Daksh. He drags her into a corner and says he was the first one to come over. He gives Niyati a red bag with a gulaal done with 1 lac mantra. She must throw it over Akshat, and the evil soul will reveal itself. Niyati takes the bag, hides it under her dress. Akshat was dancing with the family.

PRECAP: Akshat twists Sumati’s arm behind her and says Sumati must be punished for what she did. He cracks her bones. Niyati comes to attack Akshat with a wooden rod. Akshat turns around to hold the rod.

Update Credit to: Sona

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