Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Rikara’s daughter Radhika’s daughter) — Chapter 3

after eating her father’s food, she left the empty bowl on the tray, knowing a maid would take it away for her. she stood up from her bed carefully and slowly left her chamber to go to the terrace.

she found the terrace entrance and went to get a peace of mind. it was autumn and autumn breeze was very pleasant. she remembered her father once telling her as a little girl that the autumn breeze is soft, calming and peaceful, the season of which your mind is clear. as she approached the rails of the terrace, she saw a black figure. she moved closer and then asked: who are you?

voice: come more closer to find out.

she knew this voice so she came more closer and slowly slowly found it was mahit a.k.a khanna jr.

radhika: mahit? you here? at this hour?

mahit: i can ask you the same thing. so finally you decided to leave your room.

radhika: haan…voh it is about time i forget everytime and move on.

mahit: good girl. i am so proud of you!

radhika giggling: thanks.

mahit: you know radhika mam….

radhika: mam? excuse me! you already forgot that i am your childhood friend?

mahit: how can i ever forget that you are my childhood friend? thing is that i have gotten so use to calling people ‘mam’ aur ‘sir’.

radhika: accha so because of that, you decided to call your childhood friend ‘mam’?

mahit: maybe…fine sorry. radhika…so as i was saying, you know this autumn breeze has a way of moving your hair, of tousling it into buoyant curls. it carries with it the fragrance of earth, soft after the washing of the rain and a sweet and steady sense of joy. and as it dances with the canopies of flame, it alights both your eyes and soul, yet more as the feeling of a mother’s lullaby, a comforting delight.

radhika smiled and said: awwww how sweet! i didn’t know you could speak like this.

mahit: even i have hidden talents.

radhika: speaking of which…one of your many many MANY hidden talents is cheating to win.
mahit gulped as he very well knew what radhika was on about.

mahit: i have no idea what you mean.

radhika looked at them with dangerous eyes making mahit nervous and frightened to death. she took one step towards him, making him move backwards. she took another step forward, he took one backward. eventually mahit was paralyzed with fear as radhika moved more closer till eventually they were nose to nose. mahit felt scared but he ignored this feeling and kept calm.

radhika: meri dinky cars kaha hai?

mahit in mind: oh damn it! i am dead.

mahit: voh…voh…voh….

radhika laughs and moves away from his. then she starts mimicking him.

radhika: ‘voh…voh…voh…'(she laughs more) mahit, i am not a monster. i just want to know where my dinky cars are which you cheated to get when we were kids.

mahit: voh….i gave them to….

radhika: to….?

mahit: to…

radhika: to….where?

mahit: when you were in Australia, two poor little boys came to this house. i was the only one there at that time. they were so hungry. so i gave them food and thought to give them some toys so i gave them the dinky cars.

radhika looked at him, not even saying a word. mahit started to get more scared.

mahit: radhika? are you angry?

he noticed how her face softly relaxed and how her smile was forming.

radhika: i wonder why there aren’t many people like you in this cold bitter world. most people would turn those boys away but you….you invited them in like friends. how cute! and no i am not angry yaar. i was having fun with my childhood friend.

Ae Humnava, Mujhe Apna Bana Le…
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De
Hmm… Hoon Akela, Zara Haath Badha De…
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De
Kab Se Main Dar Dar Phir Raha
Musaafir Dil Ko Panaah De

she hugs him and as she did, mahit felt so relaxed. the hug was a simple enough gesture – affection. the arms that held him were soft, yet strong. the feel of her body so close to his soothed him more than he had expected.

Tu Aawaargi Ko Meri Aaj Thehra De…
Ho Sake Toh, Thoda Pyaar Jata De…
Sookhi Padi Dil Ki Iss Zameen Ko Bhiga De…
Aaaa… Hey… Aaaa…

but within seconds she pulled away, at that moment his mind swam not with the heady excitement of his friendship or work but with thoughts of radhika. why after so long? perhaps her perfume was the same, maybe that was it.

radhika: i have to go…voh i am feeling sleepy. sorry.

mahit: ok sure. it’s fine besides you should sleep, you look just like a ghost.

radhika looks angry and says in a whingy angry tone: mahit! i hate you.

mahit: the feeling is mutual.

radhika: i’ll deal with you tomorrow.

she starts walking.

mahit: you will probably forget by then.

radhika: shut up.

she left the terrace and started walking to her room.

radhika’s POV:

mahit bhi na…he is so sweet. he is too cute as well. always knows what to say, so helpful, so kind, so caring and you always feel safe and relaxed around him. i feel like so different after talking to him. how come no girl is after him? i swear these girls are mad not to go after a gem!.

radhika POV ends.

she smiles and goes into her room.

meanwhile on the terrace:

mahit walked around looking at the flowers on the terrace. he picked a light blue one and smiled at it.

mahit:  there is something in the way you laugh that reminds me of my better self. there is something pure in the way you struggle to do what is right, it’s an honesty, right? you have the kind of creative brain that brings such magic and interest to life, one that enjoys the sparking of ideas. and…and seeing you makes my heart twirl. hearing your voice makes my stomach flutter. i can’t help but feel this way about you.

he puts the flower down and leaves the terrace.

precap: a new man enters


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    mahit radhika scene was so cute.hug was cute.loved their pov. please put mahit’s picture

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