HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI – Does this story has happily ever after? (25 Sept 2015)

Continued from 24th sept 2015:
I started to walk slowly and tired to escape from their sight. But one fellow in that group, blocked me with his hands. I tried my best to escape and all my efforts turned useless. One fellow spoke,” O Meera mam! Why are you feeling shy?” Why the eyes of yours always sees downwards? I am right infront of you. Please see me just one dear.” As took a chance to get out from there, another fellow tried to pull out my shawl. I was got really scared and just ran from that place to library. It was the most embarrassing situation of my life. I just sat in a corner and began to cry continously. After a while, I saw wrist had got deep nail marks. I recalled the moment boys pulling my shawl and understood it was done by that inhumans. Just then my friend Priya came and sat near me. I questioned,”How you know I will be here?”
She replied,”You created a big drama on the corridor! Today’s hot news is only you. Why do you have to run away? ” I spoke with anger,”Then what the hell should I do? They were pulling my shawl Priya. Should I stand still? I expected this one from you. Akka and you say that I’m dependent and coward. If so, then yes I’m coward and gets scared even for small things. But think as Meera atleast once to feel my pain. Bye now want to go home as soon as possible”. Priya tried to stop me but I left the college.
Sameera interrupted,” Meera I think you were such a sweet and sensitive girl.”
Meera answered,” You could say I was also bit foolish and immature.”
Meera continued,” I reached home and noticed Akka was reading a book. She saw me and got amused. She spoke with astonishment,”Meera, Why did you reach home fast today? Any issue? ”
I replied,” No Akka, It’s just that I’m not feeling well.”
“What happened?”, said Akka.
I covered up the matter saying its nothing.
At night, Akka and I sat together to have dinner. It was one of the most tasteless dinner. Green vegetable salad and mushroom soup?Unbelievable! But no option and no dareness to disobey her. Akka enquired,”Meera, Is there any problem disturbing you? I saw some sort of fear in your eyes today. I am your sister and you can share your problem with me.”
I told her,”It’s nothing as you assume Akka. My health was the disturbance and exam is also a fear factor. Dont worry everything is fine.”
She answered with low voice,” I hope so Meera. Tommorow take a leave from college. Take rest dear.”
I tried to deny but as everyone know no one can go against Agnika.

It was a lazy morning. I was all alone and don’t know whereabouts about my sister. I went to kitchen to prepare some tea. I got shocked to see some lady fully covered with wheat flour. I shouted,” Ghost! Ghost! Help me!” She kept hand in my mouth and spoke,” Aiyoo Rama! It’s me Dhanalakshmi!” I got calmed and replied,” Dhana Is that you? Hey you scared me completely. What’s all this? ”
She answered with disappointment,” As usual, I was talking flour vessel from top.” I cut her conversation and continued,” And the vessel fell on you right? Dhana firstly you fall or you make things fall down. If Akka get to know, then you are responsible.” She looked down with embarrasment. I continued,” Forget this, actually I’m very happy to see you. I’m dying to eat food prepared by you. Last two days my tongue is dead with salads and soups. Now go and prepare anything spicy.” She agreed to my request. I further spoke,” If you are here then where is Kumar? Both of you went for a leave right?” Dhana answered,” Yes, he is cleaning car parking shed.”

I came out to meet him. I shouted,” Kumar!, Come here.” He came near me in a friction of seconds. I asked,” Did you meet Akka? Did she inform anything to you?” He answered,” No! Jhansi akka did not inform anything. Before leaving, she instructed me to clean the car shed.”
After listening to this, I was puzzled.

PRECAP: Next day Meera goes to college. Boys who misbehaved her, run from that place seeing Meera. Meera becomes astonished.

Credit to: Royal Queen

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  2. Hey guyz I think they are some spelling mistakes. please forgive me 4 tat. Nxt time it will not happen. Anyways enjoy reading! hve a happy weekend

  3. Hai Queen..Nice going…i know its Meera’s akka who made the boys run on seeing Meera.Waiting to know,which hero is paired with the sisters..Introduce hero soon yaar..waiting to know what is gonna happen next..
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    1. Real hero of the story is Agni. But she needs someone to discover herself and that person will be coming soon. thanks all of them who read and appreciate my story.

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