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In the evening
Nisha is searching for the watch in her room. Totally messed up the room.

Laxmi- oh god! What are you searching for so miserably? Have you seen the room?

Nisha says in her mind
If she comes to know about the watch she will surely give me a lecture. To avoid this i have to do something.

Laxmi- what are you thinking? What are you searching for? I might help you in this.

Nisha- mom….. my …. pendrive…. its missing. I have to submit a project tommorow. I had saved it on the pendrive but not getting it.

Laxmi- have you checked your drawer? I am sure it will be in there. Wait let me give you.

Laxmi opens the drawer and gives the pendrive to nisha.

Laxmi- see it was here only. But you want to make things untidy.

Nisha- thanks mom. And yeah i will clean my room. Don’t worry about that.

Laxmi leaves nisha’s room

Nisha back on her search. She calls saurab.

Nisha- saurab yaar! I am not getting the watch. If it was dropped on the beach then definetly i won’t get it. I have searched the entire room. Its not here.

Saurab- why don’t you make a new one? Ask uncle to make a new one. I am sure he will help you in this.

Nisha- i could have. But don’t you know he cant hide things in his stomach. If he tells mom about this… and i also don’t have money to make a new one.

Saurab- sukku? He might help you.

Nisha- bad idea! He spends most of his salary on random girls. Dates and all that stuff! I need to do something.

Saurab- don’t worry we’ll think of something. Just make sure aunty doesn’t notice that you are not wearing the watch.

Nisha- yeah fine.

Kabir’s apartment

I have accepted zeshaan challenge though. How do i propose nisha? I mean i myself don’t want to be in a realtionship and why to drag her in this simply? But now that i have accepted this challenge. I will make sure i wont loose it. But have to find out a way to make nisha say yes. Or else i’ll loose the bet.

Next day

Ramesh- nisha please drop bunty today. I need to go early and that sukku had some important work so he also left. So you are on duty.

Nisha- yeah dad. Bye dad have a great day.

Ramesh- bye my princess!

Laxmi- nishu have your breakfast properly. This is not the way to sit. And by the way your watch.. nisha cuts in between…

Nisha- bunty are you done? Lets leave! I am waiting for you in the parking lot. Come soon. Bye mom! Love you! Nisha leaves hurridely.

Bunty- nishu di! Wait i am coming!

Laxmi- this girl! When she will grow up i dont know? Did not even have breakfast properly. Bunty take care of your self.

Bunty- yeah mom! Bye!


Saurab- you came without us today? We had gone to your place. But got to know you already left.

Nisha- yaar! All coz of that watch. Mom was about to ask me about it. Inoder to avoid it i had to come early.

Saurab- have you found out the cost of making the watch?

Nisha- yeah its around 50k. Where do i get so much of amount from? I don’t even have 10k.

Kabir over hears them and thinks
If i give nisha the amount and ask her to date me for a month she might agree. There are chances of saying yes.

Saurab- dont worry we’ll find a way. By the way what about my return gift?

Nisha- i will think about it. I’ll just check in the lost and found department. If they have found then….

Saurab- i’ll come with you.

Nisha- you attent the lecture. I’ll join you later. Nisha bids bye to saurab and heads towards the lost and found department.

To her disappointment sje doesn’t find it.

Kabir- hey nisha!

Nisha- hii?

Kabir- actually want to talk something.

Nisha- youu have something to talk to me?

Kabir- yeah. I can give you 50k for your watch and in return will you be my girlfriend for a month?

Nisha- are you stalking me or something? How could you even think of this?

Kabir- listen nisha i am not stalking you. I wanted to talk to you so i was heading towards you and i heard you speaking.

Nisha- and what about this girlfriend topic? Why me ? You can date anyone right?

Kabir- no i can’t. Actually i was dared to date you for a month. I can assure you that i won’t let this go beyond a month. And i can give you money also for the watch.

Nisha- you are so cheap and disgusting. Just for your stupid dare am i supposed to say yes to you?

Kabir- i don’t want to loose this bet and you are also in need. So why can’t we make a deal?

Nisha- no. Its really stupid! I am not intrested in your deal and not even in you.
Nisha leaves in anger.

Kabir yells- think about it nisha! Just once! Let me know tommorow!

At night nisha is in her room. Words playing scramble in her mind. About the watch and the deal.

Nisha to herself
Should i say yes to him? What great will happen in a month? Anyways the watch is my priority right now. And even i had promised saurab. I think i should keep up to my words. Even that kabir he is also in need and my need is the watch now.
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