Hey guys thanks for commenting in the intro. I think i should continue as i got some responses.

Let’s begin…..

Morning 9 am Mumbai

A building is show;

Laxmi- ramesh you have spoilt nisha. Look its 9am and your daughter is fast asleep. The world is moving and your daughter is moving in her dreams.

Ramesh- why are you behind her all the time? I am sure she had some work last night that’s why she is sleeping.

Laxmi- you always take her side. You have spoilt her. She needs to go college and she’s still sleeping?

Ramesh- relax laxmi! I will wake her up. First get me a cup of tea. I am getting late.

Laxmi- i don’t think she will be getting up by your voice. I’ll only wake her up.

Ramesh- get me tea laxmi. I’ll go na… why are you getting angry?

The door bell rings..

Laxmi- now who’s at the door?

Laxmi goes to the door…. and ….. suprised come shock to see nisha out.

Laxmi- where were you? And when did you go out? With who’s permission you went out?

Nisha- mom yaar! Chill! I am an adult now i can look after myself. So relax!

Laxmi- i know you can take care of yourself but where were you? Aren’t you supposed to go for college?

Nisha- mom i had gone for a ride. I wasn’t getting sleep at night so thought of….

Laxmi- what? You were out the entire night? And who’s sleeping in your room? Ramesh look you have given her too much freedom. Now she has began to go for nightouts.

Ramesh- nisha your mom is right this time. You can’t go out like this. We know you’re an adult but its not safe to go out like this alone.

Nisha- dad you also? And i was not out the entire night. I went out at 3 am and i was not alone. Saurab was with me. And next time I’ll inform you okay?

Laxmi- this is the first and last time you were out at night. There’s no next time. And I’ll talk to saurab about this. Even he should know. How he can leave keerti alone at night?

Ramesh- get my tea laxmi. I am getting late. Leave this topic. End it here.

Nisha- thanks dad. Love you …. bye… have a nice day….

Nisha goes to her room. She comes out in few minutes.

Laxmi- here you go your coffee. And nisha i know that you want to live your life on your rules but take care of yourself.

Nisha- i love you mom. By the way i had something for you. Here you go your favourite mogra gajra. I had got them for you but forgot. I know you are upset with me. But….

Laxmi- but you want to see me happy and live your life according to you. But after your college I’ll be searching a suitable groom for you.

Nisha- mom i am getting late. I’ll talk to you about this later. Bye. Love you..

Nisha leaves..

Saurab – hey what’s up?

Nisha: didn’t you go? Hii keerti!

Keerti: were waiting for you only. And by the way where were you yesterday after college? We were supposed to meet right?

Saurab- yeah where were you? And we were waiting for you in the night also.

Nisha- sush! Let’s go down! I’ll tell you. If mom hears… i surely dead. Come let’s go..

The trio come down and sit on their respective bikes.

Saurab- now atleast tell?

Nisha- let’s race? What say?

Keerti- i am in

Saurab- who ever looses have to treat us in the canteen. Agree?

Nisha/ keerti- agree.

They all reach the college. Nisha comes first,saurab second and keerti last.

Nisha- todays treat in keerti’s money.

Keerti- that is there! But where were you? You shushed us there and now not even telling.

Saurab- nishu… any problem?

Nisha- well if mom asks you about last night say that you were with me. I was on the beach. I wanted to be alone for sometime and was not even getting sleep. So thought of….

Saurab- and you took my name as expected. When will you stop roaming? And let me live without aunty’s lecture?

Nisha- hope that day comes soon. You’re my only friend. I can’t take keerti’s name as she’s younger to us. And i would get more shouting for that. So you’re the best option..

Saurab smiles

Keerti- you guys carry on. I am going bye. See you soon.

They bid bye to each other.

Saurab- now that you have put me in problem. You have to do something for me in return.

Nisha- whatever you say…

Saurab- see its our final year. A month remaining for college to get over. You rejected so many proposal all these years but whoever proposes you this time. You say yes to him. What say?

Nisha- i say no! I don’t want one more restrictor in my life already have two at home. And you know what today itself i avoided this topic at home. So please not again.

Saurab- come on nishu. You said yes first now its time for you to keep up to your words. By the way what topic at home?

Nisha- that same… mom’s marriage topic ..

Saurab- where’s your watch?

Nisha- huh? Shit! I think i lost it! I am totally screwed today. It was given my mom and it was her mom’s.

Saurab- it must be fallen at home or something.

Nisha- hope so. Your words are true or i am totally screwd. It was expensive yaar! Hope i get it.

Saurab- you will get it don’t worry.

A guy comes on a bike and everyone congratulates him.

Hey kabir…. congratulations man! We’ve heard to won yesterdays competition. Well done buddy! Bravo!

Kabir: thanks guys.

Zeshan ( kabir’s buddy): hey congratulations brother!

Kabir- thanks brother. Let’s go to the class?

Zeshan- please yaar! I am bored of attenting them. I m going to meet my girl. Don’t you wanna go?

Kabir smirks- where? To.meet your girl?

Zeshan- very funny! I think bro you’re not normal. So many girls will fall for you… but you? Sometimes i feel you’re that type!

Kabir- shut up before i bash your face.

Zeshan- why getting angry? Prove you’re not then…

Kabir: i don’t want to get committed now. .

Zeshan- not committed atleast for timepass.

Kabir- no need! I am happy with my life. And i think you should also go before your girlfriend bashes you.

Zeshan- forget her. I got an awesome thing for you. I am sure you won’t be able to do it.

Kabir: ohh challenging kabir? Bring it on ze!

Zeshan- propose nisha!

Kabir- seriously man?!

Zeshan- i am sure she will say no to you.

Kabir- and what if she says yes? Okay just imagine if she says yes then you will leave your girl.

Zeshan- done but only if she says yes!

Kabir- done! Challenge is on!





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  1. Omg……awsmm….i didn’t see the intro……

    Half gf is one of my fav novels nd nibir is one of my fav couples

    thanq for this

    1. Thanks dia dear. Glad you liked it. And link for the intro- https://www.tellyupdates.com/half-girlfriend-nibir-intro/

  2. Superb… 🙂

    1. Thank you neha so much…

  3. Dats awesome dr…
    Was missing nibir vry much… Thank u sweety for bringing dem back…. Updt NXT part sooooon ….k…. 🙂 🙂

  4. Can you please post. Link to its intro… I missed. It…. Plsssss

    1. Hey liya… thanks for commenting glad you liked it. And here’s the link https://www.tellyupdates.com/half-girlfriend-nibir-intro/

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  6. MishkatHolic Ammu

    It was just so superb….atlat someone wrote fav Nibir ..do cont soon and write more on. nibir

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